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Other name: The Rescue

Location: The Locker -> Aquella / Quest Chest -> Quests -> The Rescue
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of As You Lie Dreaming...
Release Date: April 2nd, 2010

Objective: That's it! No more pouring through books and maps! You're an action hero... it's time for action!
Objective completed: You've saved Aquella but Davey has escaped!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) No-Beard the Pirate
(3) Undead Bonny Lass
(3) Undead Buccaneer
(2) Unicoral
(1) Captain Davey - Boss

Captain Davey

Jellyfish Tentacle
Sharkskin Belt
Belt of the Sea
Diver's Belt
Island Survival Belt

Aquella: Thank you so much for coming to save me!

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    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Ok, that's it.
    <Character>: I have no idea where his dumb locker is and I'm not his lost and found.
    <Character>: I'm going to go get Aquella!

    Captain Davey: Jus' what do ye think ye be doing, landlubber?
    Captain Davey: I told ye, bring me my key and locker or blue ears here be facin' the consequences.
    <Character>: I don't know where your locker is, bonehead, and I'm keeping your key.
    <Character>: Hand over Aquella now or I'll show you consequences.
    Captain Davey: Hahahaha, ye remind of me meself, back when I was younger and crazier.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Crazier?
    Captain Davey: If ye think ye have any chance against me, then come on.
    Captain Davey: I be warning ye though, best be beating me quickly if ye think can...
    <Character>: Oh, I can.
    Captain Davey: Cause there not be much air left in little blue ears bubble...

    *Aquella's bubble starts to glow red.*

    Captain Davey: Hahahahaha!
    <Character>: AQUELLA!!!

    *Fight your way through Davey's ship. Loads Aquella as Guest A before battling Davey.*

    Captain Davey: No. NO!

    *Aquella is freed from the bubble.*

    Captain Davey: Ye foolish kids! You don't know what ye have done...

    *Davey runs away and stands next to his statue.*

    Captain Davey: ...
    Captain Davey: Arr! For now, we flee.

    Aquella: *sniff* I... thank you, <Character>. I don't deserve to be saved though. It's all... *sniff* It's all my fault.
    <Character>: What is? Aquella, it's not your fault for being kidnapped.
    Aquella: No, there's only me left. I'm the only one left who can protect the water and... and... I don't know how! It's all my fault the water elves are gone.
    Aquella: I made them disappear!

    *Davey kneels in front of the statue.*

    Captain Davey: I tried!
    Captain Davey: I had the girl! I wanted me locker! I know he/she has it! Ye should have helped me...
    Captain Davey: No!!
    Captain Davey: No... Please!!

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: Deserted

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for correction.
    -- Edwardvulture for correction.
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for additional dialog.
    -- SalvationXI for coloring and corrections.

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