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Scakk -> =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (4/4/2010 11:46:46)

Cross-Clan Communications: If you are from an opposing clan and you'd like to speak with diplomats from the home clan, please use this thread. WARNING: Be nice and respectful. Do not curse, flame, or antagonize one another.

Universal Rules and Clan Rules apply to each thread. Please see the Clan Rules and Information Thread for important information.


Balu -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/25/2010 14:15:48)

Wanted to say "Hi" and also "Good luck with your defending efforts". A piece of info: there is something fishy going on `cause sometimes the number next to ones clan changes suddenly with a value that is almost impossible. Often I have defended my clan doing like 200 wins per day, and in the hours I slept, the number changed for the worse by 1000 points!? Like Blue_Elite pointed out, Igneus and Nautica were a week ago very, very close to the positives and then...OMG they were at -3000k. But there are times when you don`t get attacked at all for weeks on end and you DO have time to push towards the positives. Which is nice!
On another note, every time I see a post by Ultrapowerpie, I think of this: http://i47.tinypic.com/3r7e8.jpg. I don`t know why...[sm=icon_confused.gif]

Maureu -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/28/2010 17:01:04)

Hello, my third-favorite clan. You're looking nicely dead, how's it feel? The air is wonderfully stagnant.

sacchi -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/28/2010 17:15:25)


I need to show it to the moogle NAO.

Maureu: Want some chicken? Many members are dead of inactivity, so there's free chicken for visitors! If you're fine with cannibalism, of course. Hurry up before it becomes rotten!

Riffus Maximus -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/28/2010 21:18:30)

I call for chicken wings! My favorite meal after chinese food.

Maureu -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/28/2010 21:40:22)

Ooh, ooh, I want the breast meat!
And the heart! And the gizzards! And the liver!
Ooh, ooh! can you save me the lungs? I love playing with those things, man!

Reminds me of that one time with Dryn when everybody on AS was talking about eating him...."Dryn: it's what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!"
And now that dream comes true. Mm.

Balu -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/29/2010 7:35:39)

Great job going under -200k! You really defend quickly, like you have wings in battle: http://i50.tinypic.com/zyirer.jpg

johnnyquest.aqrocks -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/29/2010 8:28:53)

@balubamboto: is that sarcasm, or was the score -300,000 for Aerodu?

Balu -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/29/2010 9:42:13)

Not sarcasm! They started defending, there even was a problem with the counters shooting up with quite a few pts, and still they managed to go under -200k quickly.

johnnyquest.aqrocks -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/29/2010 13:40:04)

I really like Maureu for his sarcasm.

Maureu -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (5/29/2010 20:59:56)

Sarcasm? What sarcasm? I was being completely serious! *chews on leg,*
Yeah, the whole being-in-the-negative-hundred-thousands-thing is kindof getting me down, but I guess Aerodu can achieve things even in this dark--er, negative hour. Dark would make it seem like we were winning.
Good luck with that.

Rohndogg1 -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/4/2010 17:43:31)

Yeah, it's sad that the once greatest clan is at this state. We're going to see if we can turn that around.

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/5/2010 0:53:54)

I suppose it all depends on how you define "greatest clan". Then again, it's all subjective.

Rohndogg1 -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/5/2010 17:38:30)

We won the first war. That's one thing for sure. We've had more total victories as well which is slightly unfair due to only three clans existing originally, but still. I meant no offense by it, just an observation. You're right though, the way I said it may not have been the best. Still, it can't be denied that we've had some major accomplishments that not every clan can boast about. (I'm an old member back from a long absence, I left before our glory days ended.)

Maureu -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/5/2010 21:01:25)

Glory days? There were glory days?
Oh right, this is Aerodu...

...Ah well, I guess it's best to remember things in a positive way.

Rohndogg1 -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/7/2010 2:22:47)

To me they were glory days. But alas, that was about three years ago. Much too long to be away. Much has changed in my absence. You're right though, much better to remember things in a positive way than in a negative way. The past matters not tough, the present is what does. On that note, how are things at Nocturu?

BlackAces -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/7/2010 8:32:35)

As is the law of nature all good things must come to an end and so our glory days cease to exist.

Maureu -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/10/2010 4:11:55)

Aces: It would be nice to see a Dark Age, at least, rather than this extinction.

Rohndogg: How is Nocturu? Max and I are the only ones left that actually come on...it seemed we got a few new members in my absence, but I haven't seen a single one of them on here since.
Sad, really.

BlackAces -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/10/2010 9:56:01)

What extinction? We still have at least 5 or more currently active members I would consider this a Dark Age. Although our definitions may differ.

johnnyquest.aqrocks -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/10/2010 23:00:38)

11 extinction. never!

jamonco -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/10/2010 23:49:50)

We aren't extinct. [:@]
We are just under some bad times, that's all.
Instant there is a new real war, Aerodu is going to rise to the top once again.
We are just war mongers who see no point in having truly high clan ranking!
It's about the trophies!

Rohndogg1 -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/11/2010 0:29:25)

Activity isn't nearly what it used to be. Many of you guys didn't even get here until after I left though, so at least there's a bit of new blood. Still, I've only seen one or two posts out of people except for like 5 people. I know what you're saying there Maureu, it feels like extinction to me too compared to what we used to be. I guess that's what I meant by glory days; to have those old times back would be great. Just having members is pointless if they won't be active.

@jamonco: I don't really think that's the way to be. I care about the rankings like everyone used to. Hell, we used to own the rankings until the new clans came out and divided the members. Trophies are nice, but the real bragging rights come from maintaining a permanent position, not some trinkets.

Incidentally, I think adding more clans is kind of what killed all of them, all the active people split and there ended up being too few for each individual clan. 30 active people split amongst three clans isn't so bad, when it's split by eight you have the way things are now. (Maybe not exactly, but you get the idea)

jamonco -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/11/2010 0:37:18)

Lol I am just trying to be positive.
I mean our clan currently looks so bad if we didn't have the trophies, we would definitely be the worst.
I think if we weren't so low people would actually be more willing to defend our clan.
Plus it doesn't help that there isn't much of a thing you get out of it except for the satisfaction that your clan is leading.
At least trophies never leave.
I doubt it will be so few active members if a new war started.
We would definitely easily lead once more.
Plus as far as I can see, there generally are like 100-200 members of Aerodu online from going to the base and looking at stats.
Just cause it is only like 30 active on forums doesn't mean there aren't those that are active outside.

BadHulk -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/22/2010 1:45:47)

I think there are more Aerodu members online each day. More likely around 400 I'm assuming?

But, as long we got die hard farmers, we can survive anyway in this 9 way war

masterwolfie -> RE: =Aerodu= Cross-Clan Communications (6/22/2010 9:29:11)

Greatest Clan is a matter of perspective. There is no denying this clan has done great things in Paxia past, but then so has every other clan. Anyway I still believe that the endless war killed Paxia; there is no end in sight or clear reward except for pride. And no matter whom you are and how great of a defender you may be. You will take a break from this endless cycle.

That is what I think killed Paxia, not the larger amount of clans as that just increased the competitive, but the losing battle we are currently fighting.

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