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Alina's Mana Potion Shop

Access Point: Falconreach -> Left -> Alina's Mana Potion Shop
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 9, 2010

Quests Available
Mana Reagent Search
Rolith's Question
Alina's Answer


Alina's Helm Shop

Alina: Hello, I’m Alina, and I’d like to welcome you to my Potion Shop! I can refill your potions or train you in the art of Alchemy and Potion-crafting!

  • Talk

    Alina: My student, Reens, wrote me a letter a while back and said that there were NO mana alchemists in Falconreach!
    Alina: Normally I work in Swordhaven, as King Alteon’s Royal Alchemist, but I couldn’t let the heroes of Lore here go without mana potions!
    Alina: I began studying alchemy as a very young girl. It’s fascinating to take objects and, using the magic of science, transmute them into entirely NEW things!
    Alina: You can train Health alchemy with Reens next door or train your Mana alchemy skills here, with me!
    Alina: Reens has been an excellent student. I’m sure you’ll be just as adept, once you start your training. As you get better, so will your potions!
    Alina: As a Royal Alchemist, I’m qualified to train not just potion-making, but to train people as full-fledged Alchemists!
    Alina: Maybe someday I’ll expand my School of Alchemy here, and train YOU as an Alchemist, too!

  • Refill Potions

    Alina: There you go, fully re-stocked potions! These potions won’t spoil, but they’re tasty enough that you might want to drink them outside of battle!

  • What is Alchemy?

    Alina: Alchemy, as my teachers always said, and as I say to my student, is not just one thing but a whole FIELD of mystical sciences!
    Alina: In my book, “Alchemy: The Changing Science of Magical Science”, I explained what Alchemy IS, both today and in the past
    Alina: Alchemy deals with changing one or more materials into something else entirely, which is called transmutation
    Alina: You can learn basic Alchemy under my tutelage or Reens, but there are other kinds, like changing objects into gold or other materials
    Alina: Mana Alchemy uses the building blocks of Lore because when you’re using it in battle, you’re tapping into the heart of Magic of Lore
    Alina: The special potion bottles Reens has devised will let you upgrade the bottles themselves instead of making more potions
    Alina: We’re making more advances in Alchemy every day! It is an exciting time to be an Alchemist!

    Alina: Are you ready to continue your alchemy training?

  • Train Alchemy!

    Alina: You have learned everything that I have to teach you, <Character>! Would you like to keep your skills sharp and test some more?

    Alina: So, you’re ready to begin training your alchemy skill! This is so exciting…opening a new mind to the miracles of modern alchemy!
    Alina: Now, let’s begin working your skills by training your Mana Potions
    Alina: As you level up and start using more skills, these potions will make all the difference in a hard fought battle!
    Alina: Ready to get started?

    Alina: Great! There are basically 2 sides of potion-making:
    Alina: The first is gathering materials that you will need for your transmutation. We call those materials ”Reagents”
    Alina: The second part is performing the transmutation using the Transmutation Circle
    Alina: To begin with, I will give you a list of reagents that you will have to gather from the woods. All of the reagents will appear in your temporary inventory
    Alina: The reagent list will look like this:
    Alina: The reagents that you will need to gather will appear in RED
    Alina: Once you have gathered the reagents, they will appear in GREEN, like this
    Alina: In this example, you still need to find the Gelf. Once you have all the required reagents, it will look like…
    Alina: …like THIS! Once you have gathered the reagents that you need, then I will test your knowledge of the Transmutation Circle
    Alina: Ready to try a sample test?
    Alina: THIS is the Transmutation Circle
    Alina: You have until your focus fails to pass the test and get your alchemy skill to the next level. The blue bar shows your focus
    Alina: If you don’t pass the test by the time you’re out of focus, you will have to gather new reagents and try again
    Alina: This is where you can see your current skill level, how much your potions currently recover your mana…
    Alina: … and how much your improved mana potions will recover for you after you pass the test
    Alina: The Transmutation tests will get harder and harder as you level up
    Alina: Each of these smaller circles represents a single Transmutation. Once you draw it correctly, you will get a check mark…
    Alina: …like THIS! That means “one down, three to go”
    Alina: Here comes the REALLY fun part. Let’s see how well you use the Transmutation Circle itself!
    Alina: The gem you want to start at will glow, click it, then drag your mouse to the next glowing gem
    Alina: Completing the pattern will earn you a check mark!
    Alina: I’ll give you the reagents you need for your first attempt, let’s give it a try!

    Alina: Wow! You might have a natural gift for alchemy! You passed the first test, and your alchemy skill is now level 6!
    Alina: Great job. Come back anytime that you want to continue your training!

    Alina: This time you will need to gather these reagents. Those monsters are tricky. Be sure to watch out for AMBUSHES.

    Alina: Sorry. I can't give you the alchemy test until you gather the necessary reagents. Those are the rules.

  • Buy Helms

    Alina: Wonderful, <Character>! You're now high ranked enough for me to sell one of my magical helms to you!

  • Quests

    Alina: A short time ago I got asked a VERY surprising question by a VERY knightly man.

  • Reach Skill Level 40 in Mana Alchemy training to unlock Mana Potion Mastery badge

    Thanks to
    -- Baron Dante for additional quests.
    -- Peachii for corrections.

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