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Grenwog Festival 2010!

Event Button > Grenwog Festival!

Logging out of the game will cause the egg counter to drop to 0, and you will have to recollect all eggs in order to access the Egg Trade shop again.

Grenwog Festival!
The time has come for the yearly Grenwog Festival, when eggs are hidden throughout town. Collect as many as you can and trade them in for special things! If you save up over 20,000 eggs you can open a hidden shop!
  • Egg Hunt!
  • Egg Trade!
  • Eat Some Eggs
  • Bun-Bit War!
  • Food Chain Quest
  • Egghead Quest
  • Back to town...

    «All basic Grenwog Festival information is the same as that from Grenwog Festival 2009
    Bun-Bit War!

    Long, long ago, an elder faerie archmage named Zeniel formed a close bond with her favorite pet, a rabbit named Naven. Zeniel was sure she could hear her pet's thoughts, though no one else could. And so Zeniel cast a spell upon Naven, so that all could hear the rabbit's wise and lyrical voice. But while the spell succeeded, Naven soon grew weary of being little more than Zeniel's pet, destined to living the rest of her years in captivity, peaceful and safe as it was...

    So Naven left her master's home and ventured deep into Everlee Wood, not far from Fairwind Spring. Over time, Naven came to found a nation of intelligent rabbits, calling themselves the Bun-Bit. Elvenkind knew of their existence, but no other races ever came into contact with them. When war among the larger intelligent racers became more widespread only a few decades ago, the Bun-Bit retreated entirely to their underground burrows, only surfacing in the most unseen reaches of the wood or at night.

    Until now.

    «Scene: Everlee Wood»

    «A secret trapdoor opens and four Bun-Bits come out from it.»

    Bun-Baron: My Queen! The way is clear for you to rise!

    «The Queen Bun-Bit exits from the trapdoor.»

    Queen Bun-Bit: The day is calm and bright! The leaves thick, the scent of lilac in the air, the trees aflutter with birds.
    Queen Bun-Bit: I declare this day to be the day of the Bun-Bit! I claim this land for our realm. My fellow Bun-Bit, go forth and display our might!
    Queen Bun-Bit: We shall regain our rightful place in the world, and more. We shall avenge the injustice done to my great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandmother, Queen Naven!

    «Brontus enters the scene.»

    Brontus: !!!! Cute little bunnies!
    Queen Bun-Bit: Strike down the invading goblin!
    Brontus: Hey, I'm an orc, not a goblin! And why do you want to strike me down? That's not a nice way to introduce yourselves.
    Queen Bun-Bit: Pardon my manners. We are the Bun-Bit, and I am Queen of the Bun-Bit realm. Now, my subjects, STRIKE DOWN THE ORC!
    Brontus: How about we talk this through? I really don't want to hurt a bunch of little bunnies--

    «Three Bun-Bits pounce and attack Brontus

    Brontus: Ow.

    «A few other Bun-Bits exit the trapdoor and strike Brontus off the screen.»

    Bun-Baron: Your way seems to be Orc-free at the moment, my Queen.
    Queen Bun-Bit: It is a perfect Spring for a war, Baron Cottontail!
    Bun-Baron: Huzzah!

    Bun-Bits Unbound
    For many years, a civilization of intelligent rabbits has lived beneath the surface of Lore: the Bun-Bits! Now, their new Queen has decided to reclaim the surface from the other warmongering races in order to allow the Bun-Bit people to rise again! The only catch is that it will take a war to do so!
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Oh noes! Those Bun-Buns are too much like Moglins! That scares me!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    The Huntress is making a new life with the WarpForce, and while visiting for Grenwog Festival only found more
    Brontus is the warlord of the Orcs on the side of Unity!
    Robina Hood the ranger doesn't like the idea of fighting bunnies, but she will anyway!
    Lavistria is one of the greatest Elven hunters!
    Potion Bag: Refills your potions if you have less than 5 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    To Battle!

  • With Brontus
  • With Lavistria
  • With Robina
  • With the Huntress
  • By yourself

    Regardless of choice
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      1 BATTLE

      Monster List below
    «After 100% of the Bun-Bit army were defeated...»
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
    «You»: Queen! Your Bun-Bits have caused a lot of trouble. There has to be a better way to work out our differences than fighting!
    Bun-Baron: Your Highness-- Hide in the Royal Burrow whilst I turn this invader back!
    Queen: Indeed, Baron Cottontail. Defend me with your life!
    «You»: This is ridiculous! Give peace a chance, Bun-Bits!

    «The Queen Bun-Bit hides in the Royal Burrow.»

    Bun-Baron: Now, prepare to be taught a lesson by a master of fisticuffs!

    «Bun-Baron bounces and strikes you, dealing no damage at all.»

    «You»: Did you just hit me with a HANDKERCHIEF?
    Bun-Baron: For your information, it is a Bun-Bandana. And yes, I hit you with it! Now you know the meaning of the word defeat, do you not?!?
    «You»: No, sorry. Now go away before I whollop you with your own powdered wig.
    Bun-Baron: Touché.

    «The Bun-Baron leaves the area.»

  • Down the rabbit hole!

    «Scene: Inside the Royal Burrow»

    Queen: Don't come any closer, or I will be forced to fight you!
    «You»: I wouldn't dream of fighting a Queen. Unless it's Queen Safiria. And she's trying to bite my neck.
    «You»: I only want to talk. I want there to be a peace treaty between the Bun-Bit realm and the surface dwellers.
    «You»: It's been more than a bit disturbing fighting Bun-Bits. We're all very uncomfortable bashing bunnies all over the place.
    Queen: You think we're disturbing!?! How rude of you!! You cannot call us disturbing and get away with it!
  • Fight!«You»: Look, Your Highness, there has to be a way for us to come to an understanding.
    Queen: My ancestor, the very first Queen Bun-Bit named Naven, had a dream that one day Bun-Bits would live side by side with the other races of Lore--
    Queen: --in a world of mutual respect and cooperation. But -- all of you continued to fight among yourselves, threatening our homes as well as your own. So we hid.
    Queen: Over time, we grew to resent your kind for forcing us out of the sun. Under my leadership, we formed an army with which to retake our rightful place!
    «You»: Right, you did. But as you've seen, we're much better at this whole WAR thing than you are. Lots of practice and all.
    Queen: If there was a way we could be given our own land, a place on the surface we could call our own-- a place safe from wars fought among the other surface-dwellers...
    «You»: Hmmm... Well, until the Bun-Bit Realm started war HERE, this place was peaceful, and had never been touched by war. It's called Everlee Wood.
    «You»: Could you make this part of your home?
    Queen: Why, yes! Yes, indeed! I can see it now: Thatched nest-huts rustling in the breeze as children frolic among the carrot gardens.
    Queen: It will be splendidly beautiful! But I need a promise-- a promise that you will keep Everlee safe from war-- from now on.
    «You»: I promise, Queen. I promise. Now, let's start enjoying our new, Everlee-lasting peace, shall we?

  • Bun-Brawler's Sword
  • Bun-Bozo's Wand
  • Bun-Fighter's Sword
  • Bun-Clown's Wand
  • Bun-Battler's Sword

  • Bun-Squire's Sword Z
  • Bun-Jack's Wand
  • Bun-Buffoon's Wand Z
  • Bun-Warrior's Sword
  • Bun-Joker's Wand

  • Bun-Soldier's Sword
  • Bun-Knight's Sword Z
  • Bun-Knave's Wand
  • Bun-Fool's Wand Z
  • Guardian Bun-Guard's Sword

  • Guardian Bun-Jester's Wand
  • Bun-Madcap's Wand
  • Bun-Warden's Sword
  • Bun-Pierrot's Wand
  • Bun-Bouncer's Sword

  • Bun-Baton
  • Bun-Blade

  • Bun-Bozo Z
  • Bun-Bozo
  • Bun-Battler
  • Bun-Battler Z
  • Bun-Bowman Z

  • Bun-Bowman
  • Bun-Brain
  • Bun-Brain Z
  • Guardian Bun-Brain
  • Guardian Bun-Bowman

  • Bun-Bozo
  • Bun-Battler
  • Bun-Bowman
  • Guardian Bun-Battler
  • Guardian Bun-Bozo

  • Bun-Brain
  • Bun-Bozo
  • Bun-Bowman
  • Bun-Battler
  • Bun-Brain

  • Bun-Brain
  • Bun-Brain Z
  • Bun-Battler
  • Bun-Battler Z
  • Bun-Bowman

  • Bun-Bowman Z
  • Bun-Bozo
  • Bun-Bozo Z
  • Bun-Bozo
  • Bun-Bowman

  • Bun-Battler
  • Bun-Brain
  • Bun-Brain
  • Bun-Battler
  • Bun-Bowman

  • Bun-Bozo
  • Bun-Bowman
  • Bun-Brain
  • Bun-Battler
  • Bun-Bozo

  • Guardian Bun-Bozo
  • Guardian Bun-Battler
  • Guardian Bun-Brain
  • Guardian Bun-Bowman

  • Replay
  • Return Home
    Monster List
    Level 0-25
    Bun-Bard (15)
    Bun-Battler (15)
    Bun-Bowman (15)
    Bun-Bozo (15)
    Bun-Brain (15)
    Bun-Brawler (15)
    Bun-Broiler (15)
    Bun-Bully (15)
    Bun-Bumpkin (15)
    Bun-Summoner (15)

    Level 26-45
    Bun-Bard (35)
    Bun-Battler (35)
    Bun-Bowman (35)
    Bun-Bozo (35)
    Bun-Brain (35)
    Bun-Brawler (35)
    Bun-Broiler (35)
    Bun-Bully (35)
    Bun-Bumpkin (35)
    Bun-Summoner (35)

    Level 46-65
    Bun-Bard (55)
    Bun-Battler (55)
    Bun-Bowman (55)
    Bun-Bozo (55)
    Bun-Brain (55)
    Bun-Brawler (55)
    Bun-Broiler (55)
    Bun-Bully (55)
    Bun-Bumpkin (55)
    Bun-Summoner (55)

    Level 66-85
    Bun-Bard (75)
    Bun-Battler (75)
    Bun-Bowman (75)
    Bun-Bozo (75)
    Bun-Brain (75)
    Bun-Brawler (75)
    Bun-Broiler (75)
    Bun-Bully (75)
    Bun-Bumpkin (75)
    Bun-Summoner (75)

    Level 86-105
    Bun-Bard (95)
    Bun-Battler (95)
    Bun-Bowman (95)
    Bun-Bozo (95)
    Bun-Brain (95)
    Bun-Brawler (95)
    Bun-Broiler (95)
    Bun-Bully (95)
    Bun-Bumpkin (95)
    Bun-Summoner (95)

    Level 106+
    Bun-Bard (115)
    Bun-Battler (115)
    Bun-Bowman (115)
    Bun-Bozo (115)
    Bun-Brain (115)
    Bun-Brawler (115)
    Bun-Broiler (115)
    Bun-Bully (115)
    Bun-Bumpkin (115)
    Bun-Summoner (115)

    Monster lists by In Media Res.

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