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The Obelisk of Darkness: Continued - Morgul's Quest Part III

Prerequisite: Completed Morgul's Quest Part II

Event Button > Morgul's Quests! > Speak to Morgul OR Travel Map > Granemor -> Boog's Tavern -> Speak to Morgul

Morgul: Ahhh... So Balthor is unable to destroy the Obelisk? Fortunately, my master has foreseen this.
Morgul: She says that you are to search Greenguard forest for 3 things: one Snayl mole, one Mantik antenna, and one Deadwood leaf. Take those items to Balthor--
Morgul: --tell him to make an ointment from them and put it on the Obelisk. It will weaken the Obelisk so that it can be destroyed. Once that is done, my master's plan will be complete!!!
  • Collect the items in Greenguard!
    Greenguard Forest awaits you! Plunder all the forest's resources until you find all 3 of the items you need: one Snayl mole, one Mantik antenna, and one Deadwood leaf!
  • Continue

    «You start off with one forest battle. Afterwards, there is an equal chance of each of the following:
  • One forest battle
  • Two forest battles
  • One Mantik battle
  • One Snayl battle
  • One Demon Tree battle

    You receive a Full Heal after every battle and you repeat the equal chance part until you get all three pieces.»
    You return to No Man's Land, and the Obelisk of Darkness, with your special items to present to Blathor the Slaxe...
  • Continue

    «Scene: No Man's Land, near the Obelisk of Darkness»

    «You»: Balthor! I'm here with a Snayl mole, Mantik antenna and a Deadwood leaf!

    «Balthor enters»

    Balthor: Oh! It's just YOU again, «You». For a second there I thought you might be the postman with my NetFlix.
    «You»: Yeah... no. Morgul back in Granemor said that you should make an ointment from these icky things and put it on the Obelisk to weaken it.
    Balthor: Right! I should have thought of that. I guess that's why we Slaxe are usually just the muscle of the operation...
    Balthor: Morgul wants me to make Shadow Glaze, which-- sort of weakens things that are not normally weak. Hmmmmm... NOW I remember how it works. Okay--
    Balthor: --I'll make it, and then you put it on the Obelisk. Trust me, making the stuff is the hard part. All you have to do is put it on. Deal?
    «You»: You said "Trust me". It's usually not a sign of trustworthiness when someone says that.
    Balthor: ...Well, um. In SOME circles I am known for my trustworthiness. I even won the "Most Honest Slaxe" award from the National Necromancers' Foundation two years in a row!
    «You»: Welllll.... okay. I'll put the Shadow Glaze on the Obelisk.

    And so Balthor makes the Shadow Glaze. You carefully rub the glaze on the Obelisk of Darkness, and wait for something-- anything-- to happen...
  • Continue«You»: Balthor! That Shadow Glaze made the Obelisk come to life and attack me!!
    Balthor: And look what happened-- You busted it up into a million pieces! Morgul and our Master will be so proud of me!
    «You»: Why did the glaze make the Obelisk come to life?!?
    Balthor: That's what Shadow Glaze does! It takes things that are immortal and makes them mortal!! How ELSE did you think it was going to WEAKEN the Obelisk??
    «You»: That would have been a nice thing to TELL ME BEFORE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. But okay... the Obelisk is destroyed. Now what?
    Balthor: Now what? Now, my job is finished. I don't know exactly what destroying the Obelisk was supposed to do. Maybe Morgul knows....
    Balthor: I was due for a vacation anyway. Maybe now I can spend some time on a nice beach somewhere, chasing after Sunrays and Lightzards.

    «Balthor exits»

    «You»: Morgul had better know what's going on... I am not liking the feeling of being used by the forces of Darkness.... *grumble*
    Slaxe 2

  • Obelisk of Darkness (L. 10)
  • Guardian Obelisk of Darkness (L. 25)
  • Obelisk of Darkness (L. 45)
  • Obelisk of Darkness Z (L. 50)
  • Obelisk of Darkness (L. 70)
  • Obelisk of Darkness Z (L. 70)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave - Returns you to Boog's Tavern

    Morgul: Hahaha! So Balthor tricked you into actually destroying the Obelisk! How cunning of him. I suppose you are wondering what importance destroying the Obelisk had?
  • Yes!

    Morgul: Luckily, my Master is here to explain to you personally...
  • !!!

    «Obsidia enters»

    Obsidia: As Morgul, my dear ghoul, as already said: You have done well.
    Obsidia: I created the Obelisk years ago as a focus point for Dark power, allowing me to keep control over many Undead of Lore. When the Devourer arrived and was finally driven away, the "scar" he left behind -- No Man's Land-- surrounded my Obelisk.
    Obsidia: The new, otherworldly power of No Man's Land became fused with my Obelisk. The creatures there began to drain my own power through the Obelisk... In effect-- killing me.
    Obsidia: I had no choice but to set Morgul here to the task of finding someone worthy of the task of helping me. That someone -- was YOU!
    Squee: *facepalm*
    Obsidia: I sincerely thank you, as do the many undead that I will create in the future!
  • Retrieve the Orb of Dark Power!
  • Deliver the Message to Balthor the Slaxe!
  • Collect the items in Greenguard!
  • Necromancer Class Training!

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Monster lists credits to In Media Res.

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