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Vul’Khar Ridge

Location: Alamonia Town Hall -> Roy Silver -> Vul'Khar Ridge
Objective: Search for Firemane through the sea of sand!
Requirements: Completion of Khaeldron Prophecy!
Release Date: -

  • Vul’Kharim
  • Wrangler
  • Firemane

  • Vul’Khar Guard
  • Scraw
  • Firemane

    Prior to obtaining 10 Vul'Kharim Feathers from Ruffled Feathers:

    Skraw: Outlander! Unless you are a true warrior, you must leave here at once! You have been warned.

    Vul’Khar Guard: Squawk! You took one of my feathers! The shame…

    Scraw: You do not hold enough feathers to seek my counsel. Begone!

    Scraw: You hold 10 feathers from our honored warriors. You have earned the right to speak
    Scraw: We know of she who wears a crown of fire. To find her, you must endure the endless Sandsea beyond the ridge
    Scraw: Listen carefully, outlander… Travel East 3 days. Then turn South. After 2 days, head to the East again
    Scraw: On the third day, turn North and travel for 4 days. Then, head West one day. Your destination lies 2 days to the North
    Scraw: Go now, outlander. Seek the path…


    Directions to the oasis:
  • Travel East 3 Days
  • Travel South 2 Days
  • Travel East 3 Days
  • Travel North 4 Days
  • Travel West 1 Day
  • Travel North 2 Days

  • Firemane: How dare you trespass here! I have done nothing to you. Why are you pestering me?
    Character: I have a warrant for your arrest! You and your partner, J6, are charged with kidnapping!
    Firemane: What are you talking about? Partner…J6?! I’ve been hiding from that guy for months! Lucky for me, he seems to have bigger fish to fry
    Firemane: Trust me, if he didn’t have bigger things to do, I’d be toast! He’s one of the only things I fear in this galaxy…
    Firemane: Anyways, the ambassadors to Khaeldron and Alamonia are missing? Why am I suspected? Who sent you?
    Character: Are you not the infamous bandit, Firemane? Isn’t that reason enough? I am here on the authority of the mayor of Alamonia himself!
    Firemane: Oh, Roy again…I think I understand what this is about. Please let me see that warrant.
    Character: Of course. Here you go…
    Firemane: Bwahahaha! I’m sorry, <Character>, but this has been a complete waste of your time! Here read this…

    Character: Oh…Oh boy…how embarrassing. Look, I’m sorry. The warrant was sealed, I never read it. I obviously can’t honor that…
    Firemane: That Roy…he never gives up! This is one of those times that persistence is NOT a good quality
    Firemane: Hmmm…this may not have been a complete waste of your time. Perhaps fate has caused our paths to cross
    Firemane: I will do what I can to assist your search for the missing ambassadors if you agree to help me with a delivery to the Vul’Kharim
    Character: Alright. It’s a deal!

    Rewards Shop:

    Thanks to ArchMagus Olodalf for dialogue!

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