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Location: Alamonia
Directions: Alamonia Town Hall > Oasis

Locations available:
  • EvilCorp Space Station

    Missions Available:
  • Delivery!

    Shops Available:

  • Firemane

    Firemane: Hello, <Character>! You may rest here anytime! Would you be interested in helping me out with a delivery?

  • Delivery!
    Firemane: Alright, I have 2 tons of Crystallized Dragon's Breath that I'd like you to smug... er...deliver to Vul'Khar Ridge.
    Firemane: Their complete supply of Dragon's Breath disappeared recently. They are suffering from this lack of fuel.
    Firemane: This mission may also help you find a clue to the whereabouts of the missing ambassadors...
    Firemane: They were on a diplomatic mission to Vul'Khar Ridge when they disappeared.
    Firemane: There have been some strange lights in the sky in this area. The Vul'Kharim see this as a very ominous sign.
    Firemane: They believe that the ambassadors were literally swallowed by the stars...
    Firemane: Please careful, <Character>. Something insidious is happening out there!

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