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Alamonia Town Hall

Location: Alamonia
Directions: Alamonia > Town Hall

Locations available:
  • Oasis

    Missions Available:
  • Catch a Thief!
  • Vul’Khar Ridge

    Shops Available:
  • ZEUS Arms
  • ZEUS Uniform

  • Roy Silver

    Roy Silver: <Character>! In the interest of diplomacy, I’d like you to go to Khaeldron and help out at the Research Labs. Return here when you are finished

    Roy Silver: <Character>! I believe that a notorious bandit named Firemane is behind the kidnapping of the ambassadors! I’d like you to arrest her

    Post-Vul’Khar Ridge:
    Roy Silver: <Character>! Have you found Firemane yet? Keep me posted, buddy! Oh…The mane of fire. It burns, burns, burns…

  • Catch a Thief!
    Roy Silver: I wonder if this thief is behind the recent mine shortages. Please ride the train and see if you can catch him in the act...

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