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Final Fight with Hugh

Location: Advanced Combat Theory 101
Objective: You defeated the Shadowscythe agent! You've saved GEARS U. from some serious headaches ... srsly
Requirements: Completion of Mecha Combos 101
Release Date: -

  • Hugh Munn

  • Hugh Munn
  • Anastasia

    Class #19: Hugh Munn (Shadowscythe Mech Battle, then Energy Blade Battle)
    Annihilate the impostor!: Eliminate Hugh Munn!! He is an undercover Shadowscythe!

    Anastasia: We have discovered that Hugh Munn is a Shadowscythe Assassin. He must be taken out!

    Hugh Munn: Ok, so you don’t like my beard...
    Hugh Munn: You don’t like my favorite song...
    Hugh Munn: And you’re just too smart for my own good. Oops my bad - I said ”good” lol. There’s nothing good about me...
    Hugh Munn: I know you know about me. My cover is blown and it’s all your fault! I’ll make sure I at least kill you.
    Hugh Munn: I’ll find a way to over-Shadow that “luck” that always “shines upon you...”
    Hugh Munn: ...and we will fight until you say, Blarg im DED!

    Hugh Munn: I can’t lose to you!! You won’t be the one that stops me!!! Prepare yourself!!

    Anastasia: That Hugh guy was on a mission to assimilate Dean Warlic.
    Anastasia: I guess he was trying to get close by being the top student.
    Anastasia: Which means you were in his way. But you did great and the threat is resolved. He will be in detention for years...
    Anastasia: Thank you, «You». Enjoy your grade.

    Rewards Shop:

    Thanks to Archmagus Orodalf for info!

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