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Lagos Invaded! - SC GTS

Location: Lagos Invaded! - Shadowscythe Attack! -> Braddock Steele -> Missions -> SC GTS
Objective: Hijack a Shadowscythe Starship! It's Grand Theft Starship! 4 enemies!
Requirements: None
Release Date: April 23th, 2010

  • Decimator
  • Shadow E1
  • Shadow E2
  • Shadow E3
  • Shadow Techdorah
  • Shadow Behemoth
  • Shadowscythe Trog
  • Shadowscythe Hound
  • Shadowrock
  • ShS Devastator
  • ShS Insecromancer
  • ShS Jawseph
  • Diptera
  • Orbo

  • Braddock Steele

    Braddock Steele: I have a raelly fun mission for you, <Character>. We're gonna steal a Shadowscythe Ship!
    Braddock Steele: If you want to do it, just step on the launch pad. It'll be a blast!

    If you press "No Thanks":
    Braddock Steele: Poor form, <Character>. Poor form.

    After every battle:
    Braddock Steele: Keep fighting like this and we'll own this ship in no time.
    Braddock Steele: You're doing great, <Character Name>. I knew this quest was just right for you!
    Braddock Steele: Great work! I can't wait until it's under our control!
    Braddock Steele: Hurry up and take out the commanding Shadowscythe that remain!

    If you win the battle:
    Braddock Steele: Great work, <Character Name>! Now that you've taken out the commanders, the Shadowscythe are leaving the ship.
    Braddock Steele: Now, Soluna is asking me to keep any salvage and this counts as a big chuk of a salvage but...
    Braddock Steele: Let's just say i wouldn't be offended if we lost this ship due to an unfortunate control glitch..
    Braddock Steele: What'll it be?

    Deliver it
    Braddock Steele: Good form, <Character Name>. I wonder what they want to use this stuff for anyway.

    Crash it
    Braddock Steele: Alright! More fireworks for us! This is gonna be awesome. Just tilt her nose down and let gravity do the rest.

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