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Stephen Nix -> Dirk (4/30/2010 22:27:09)


Location: Hunter's Paradise -> Up -> Left -> Up -> Click the bag -> Watch part 1/2/3, Evening Falconreach -> Right -> Click the bag beside Cysero's Orb -> watch part 4

Quests given

Shops owned

Hunter's Paradise

  • Watch part 1
    Dirk: Oh?

    Dirk: But we have no money. Find something that has no startup cost.

    Dirk: No way, we are the Midnight Bandits! We can't be running around in normal clothes.
    Dirk: We needed to work on our image.
    Dirk: Now we just need a bit more gold and we can start making a name for ourselves.

    Dirk: Now you're catching on!

  • Watch part 2
    Dirk: Hey, what gives? You were supposed to find a gig for us.

    Dirk: Look, don't gimme that. If you can't handle this then maybe you aren't cut out to be a Midnight Bandit!

    Dirk: Ok, ok. Looks like we're gonna have to McEYE-ver us some gear out of what we have.

    Dirk: Let's see... We've got 3 paperclips, a stick, a can of schnozzber-

    Dirk: ...an empty can of schnozzberry juice, a rusty fork, and two tickets to the Falconreach Monster Zoo.

    Dirk: Don't give up so easily. *(cracks knuckles)* Time to shine, baby! Watch me work!

  • Watch part 3
    Dirk: Build? Who said anything about building something?

    Dirk: How in the world am I supposed to do that?! I said I was gonna McEYEver something.
    Dirk: There was a guy out back who's into recycling, so I sold him all that junk.

    Dirk: McEyever is the name of his business.
    Dirk: I used that money to buy this axe off some other guy.

    Dirk: He said he found it just lying around.. But I'm thinking it was lying around amongst somebody's belongings if ya know what I mean.

    Dirk: Well.. yeah. We're bandits.

    Dirk: You're hopeless.

    Dirk: This.

    Dirk: In the garbage. Can you believe they were just gonna throw it away?

    Dirk: You'll be fine. Just don't cut yourself.
    Dirk: Anyways, let's go. I have a plan.

    Evening Falconreach

  • watch part 4
    Dirk: *sigh* What are we going to do now, Rat?

    Dirk: *glare*

    Dirk: First, you drop all of our gold into the river, and make us waste the entire day snorkeling for it.. only to discover that it has washed away...
    Dirk: And then you almost drown me when you fell in!

    Dirk: My underpants are still soggy!

    Dirk: I SQUISH when I walk!!!
    Dirk: Ok, ok.. At least we've still got our weapons.. but now that we don't have any gold that kinda puts a kink in my plan...

    Dirk: Nah, too much work.
    Dirk: Gosh, this was supposed to be so easy.

    Dirk: Rat, focus! Hmm, wait a sec... This gives me an idea.

    Dirk: Hehe..

    Dirk: *grin*

    Dirk: Ok, new plan: Let's see what we can sell and use that money to buy something pretty at the auction house.

    Dirk: Because cute girls that work at banks like pretty things. Hehehehe.

    Dirk: Don't worry, it's easy! Tomorrow we'll just sell our weapons, buy some jewellery, con the girl at the bank, rob the bank...
    Dirk: ...And then we get rich, buy even better weapons, and pick up where we left off!


    Thanks to
  • Jay for image.
  • Peachii for location link and additional dialogue.

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