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Hunter's Paradise

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4/22/2010 23:29:36   
King Desoato

Hunter's Paradise

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Hunter's Paradise -> Take me there!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 30th, 2010

Quests Available
Rhoddhu Hunt
Golden Cabit Hunt
Nautiloid Hunt
Scorpiarc Hunt

Merchant Siyan
Sir Norre
Sir Tain
Smugglin' Sam

Locked Chest
New Dawn
Resource Shop
Teral's Gear


Labrusca: Hello, adventurer! Welcome to Hunter's Paradise! Why don't you go in, grab a milkshake, and make yourself at home? *smile*

The New Dawn

Karina: Hi there!

  • Talk
    Karina: My name is Karina, I represent the New Dawn.
    Karina: We're a group of scholars who gather information about monster threats, and make it available to adventurers like yourself who are willing to help.
    Karina: We are able to pay you for your service by buying their pelts from you, and in turn selling it to merchants who craft items from them to sell.
    Karina: We're sorry that we can't pay you without first receiving the pelts. The income we get from selling them is how we stay in business.
    Karina: You look like a seasoned <Class>, Would you help us out?

  • Danger?
    Karina: Is it dangerous? Well of course, hun.
    Karina: That's why you don't see me downtown Falconreach offering these jobs to regular townsfolk.
    Karina: We need tough adventurers like yourself to take down beasts like these.

  • Robina?
    Karina: Oh, Robina! Of course I know her, she used to be a regular here.
    Karina: Next time you see her, tell her to come visit.

  • Jobs?
    Karina: These fiends are terrorizing the good people of Lore. I'll take all the help I can get!
    • Rhoddhu
      Karina: The Rhoddhu is indigenous to the snow fields of Ameron, north of Dragesvard where the terrain is quite dangerous.
      Karina: These furry monsters have been terrorizing the different tribes for years, but their fur pelts make for excellent material for fashioning clothes and supplies.
      Karina: If you're up for it, I'll pay you for every Rhoddhu fur you bring me.

    • Golden Cabit Hunt
      Karina: Cabits are fairly common creatures in the mountains to the north-east, and normally have dark fur.
      Karina: But if they live above a certain age, they become very adept at using magic and their fur changes into a beautiful golden color.
      Karina: At this point, they become very dangerous so don't be fooled by its cute exterior.
      Karina: If you can take them down, New Dawn will pay you handsomely for their hide.

    • Troglomite
      Karina: Troglomites are cave-dwelling monsters. They are a danger to miners, and we are forever getting requests to thin them out.
      Karina: They are very tough to catch, so I hope you have some tracking skills.
      Karina: New Dawn will supply you with a ration of torches and a proper map for this particular cave system.

    • Nautiloid
      Karina: Nautiloids are aquatic creatures with large, beautiful rainbow shells who often attack merchant ships.
      Karina: Recently we have lost many brave sailors to these beasts. The towns need their supplies, so we have to make the waters safe.
      Karina: The nautiloids are very hard to find, but their shells have potent magical properties that make them highly sought-after on the open market.
      Karina: You'll want to charter a boat. We'll cover the cost of that, however. I'll mark on your map where we've seen them recently.
      Karina: I am prepared to pay you a good deal of gold for every shell you bring back.

    • Scorpiarc
      Karina: Reports are coming from the far west. Somewhere near Popsprocket, in the Shaal forest thrives a creature called a Scorpiarc.
      Karina: These monsters are very hard to find because of their camouflage, so be careful not to get caught by surprise.
      Karina: Their venom is extremely deadly so most monster hunters choose not to pursue this one, making its hide a rare commodity.
      Karina: So <Character>, up for the challenge?

    • Barrat
      Karina: This is a bad one.. There is a beast that dwells deep in the Sandsea that has been causing havoc recently.
      Karina: Barrats are luring the villagers out into the harsh desert with their hypnotic cries.
      Karina: At night, the creatures sing to them in their dreams and cause them to wander into the wastes where the hungry Barrats await them!
      Karina: The people of the Sandsea need your help!
  • Shop
    Karina: Did you bring back any pelts to sell to me? This is how New Dawn pays you for your service.


    This shop is empty, but you can sell the monster hides from Karina's quests here.

    You might be able to find someone to forge them into equipment for you if that is what you want.

    Inn (Middle)

    Milkior: Welcome, friend!
    Sir Tain: So, as I was saying... Sir Ano seems more confident than he used to be. The lad took me by surprise..
    Grubbs: Hahaha! He always was a bit wet behind the ears! Glad to see he's doing alright for himself, then.
    Grubbs: ...Hey, you guys heard about Rat & Dirk?
    Sir Tain: Hah! What did those two get themselves into this time?
    Grubbs: Well, for all the burn luck they've had, I figured they'd never make anything for themselves...
    Grubbs: But I haven't heard from them in a while. They took off on some great expedition they were bragging about, and no-one's heard of em' since!
    Milkior: Aww, I'm gonna miss their antics.
    Sir Tain: Aye.. but this worries me. Dirk has a knack for getting into more trouble than he can handle...
    Milkior: Oh, don't worry about them y'ol bump on a log. Maybe they found their calling.
    Grubbs: Like what. Comedic relief?
    Milkior: AAhahahaha!
    Milkior: Wait, that wasn't even funny.

    Bjorn: Hey <Character>! Norsk and I heard about this place and decided to check it out.
    Bjorn: If you're going to grab a bite, try the roasted swamp turkey! OM NOM NOM!

    Gordy: What on Lore am I eating?!
    Gordy: I wonder if they accidentally cook a piece of furniture...

    Inn (Left)

    Sir Norre: ..cheese curds. zZzzz....
    Sir Norre: ..zZz.. Jacques, that water is gross, dude. I ain't drinking it. Zzzzz....

    Lukei: Talok! Good to see you, old friend! Let's go have a seat and catch up. Are you hungry? I'm buying.
    Talok: Lukei! I'm sorry, I'm really just passing through. I heard there was another paladin out this way who could use a hand.
    Lukei: I see. Well, please return soon... It's been years since I've seen you, my friend.
    Talok: Aye. And I believe that you still owe me a good deal of gold...
    Lukei: Ohhhh... Uhh... I - wow. You have a good memory!
    Talok: Haha, don't sweat it. You know I wouldn't hold it to you.
    Lukei: *whew*
    Talok: I'll just blackmail you into setting me up on a date with your sister.
    Lukei: WHAT?!

    Crystal: Welcome to Hunter's Paradise. Would you like to rent a room for the night, or perhaps something more permanent?

    Ketra: Hmm...
    Ketra: Oh, hey there. Sorry, *(blush)* I was deep in thought.
    <Character>: That's all right. Anything I can help with?
    Ketra: Well.. I am trying to read this terrible old map. It seems to have as many inaccuracies as it does smudges.
    <Character>: Ouch. I hear you. I often get some pretty wonky directions when taking quests.
    Ketra: Heh. I just wish I knew what this one word is. Here, let me read it to you and maybe you know what it should say...
    Ketra: "Buried beneath the sand along the _______ shore, a timeworn passage to a power forgotten."
    <Character>: Hmm... Allow me to think for a moment.



  • Is that it?
    If you answer correctly:
    Ketra: Let's see... Oh! That fits with the rest!
    Ketra: "Buried beneath the sand along the <answer> shore, a timeworn passage to a power forgotten."
    Ketra: I wonder what it could mean. Oh I am so excited now! I can't wait until Frez wakes up! Thank you!
    <Character>: My pleasure. Hey, where did you get that map, anyways?
    Ketra: Huh? Oh, I found it in some old chest when Frez and I were in the southern region.
    Ketra: We were visiting a town called Krovesport and bought some supplies from some shady guys, and found this amongst the older stuff.
    <Character>: Oh wow, what luck! Never know what you might get when dealing with 're-purposers'.
    Ketra: Hehe, agreed. The rest of the contents of the chest were absolute junk, but we decided to see if we could solve this riddle.
    Ketra: Maybe it won't be a total loss after all!

    If you answer incorrectly:
    Ketra: Ummm..
    Ketra: Nope, that's not it. Nice try though.

  • I don't know.
    <Character>: Yeah, I've no idea. Sorry!
    Ketra: No problem. Thanks anyways, <Class>.

    Ned: Hey, you don't happen to have an air freshener do you?

    Smugglin' Sam: Ye best be gettin' on, landlubber. I've got way too much work ta do ta be puttin' up wit de likes of youse.

    Terra: Please.. I just want to be alone.

    The Chronicles of the Midnight Bandits!

  • Watch part 1
    Rat: Hey boss, somebody's hiring freelance monster hunters.
    Dirk: Oh?
    Rat: Yeah.. that'd be fun, don't you think? Let's go to Falconreach and buy some gear!
    Dirk: But we have no money. Find something that has no startup cost.
    Rat: Oh, right. Hmm, Maybe we shouldn't have blown all our gold on these cool outfits.
    Dirk: No way, we are the Midnight Bandits! We can't be running around in normal clothes.
    Dirk: We needed to work on our image.
    Dirk: Now we just need a bit more gold and we can start making a name for ourselves.
    Rat: ...Cause the ladies like 'bad boys', right?
    Dirk: Now you're catching on!

  • Watch part 2
    Dirk: Hey, what gives? You were supposed to find a gig for us.
    Rat: I know, boss, but everything I find requires us to equip ourselves with our own gear.
    Dirk: Look, don't gimme that. If you can't handle this then maybe you aren't cut out to be a Midnight Bandit!
    Rat: I can't pull jobs out of the air, boss. I told you we should've spent the gold on weapons.
    Dirk: Ok, ok. Looks like we're gonna have to McEYE-ver us some gear out of what we have.
    Rat: Ok.
    Rat: What do we have?
    Dirk: Let's see... We've got 3 paperclips, a stick, a can of schnozzber-
    Rat: I drank that.
    Dirk: ...an empty can of schnozzberry juice, a rusty fork, and two tickets to the Falconreach Monster Zoo.
    Rat: It's hopeless, boss.
    Dirk: Don't give up so easily. *(cracks knuckles)* Time to shine, baby! Watch me work!

  • Watch part 3
    Rat: ...You built THAT out of all that junk?!
    Dirk: Build? Who said anything about building something?
    Rat: I thought you were gonna create some weapons out of the garbage we were carrying around.
    Dirk: How in the world am I supposed to do that?! I said I was gonna McEYEver something.
    Dirk: There was a guy out back who's into recycling, so I sold him all that junk.
    Rat: I don't get it.
    Dirk: McEyever is the name of his business.
    Dirk: I used that money to buy this axe off some other guy.
    Rat: ...
    Dirk: He said he found it just lying around.. But I'm thinking it was lying around amongst somebody's belongings if ya know what I mean.
    Rat: So you bought stolen goods?
    Dirk: Well.. yeah. We're bandits.
    Rat: I thought we were just gonna dress up with these cool outfits and try to get girls to like us.
    Dirk: You're hopeless.
    Rat: So.. if that's yours, then what am I gonna use?
    Dirk: This.
    Rat: That?! That looks kinda.. unhealthy. Where'd you get it?
    Dirk: In the garbage. Can you believe they were just gonna throw it away?
    Rat: ... Yes.
    Dirk: You'll be fine. Just don't cut yourself.
    Dirk: Anyways, let's go. I have a plan.
    Rat: This is a bad idea.

  • (Info)

    Follow the not-so-heroic adventures of Dirk and Rat across Lore! As you explore Dragonfable, look for hidden cutscenes like this one. You can find them on your own or ask for help on the forums.
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  • Inn (Right)

    Jonesy: I love exploring! So much of Lore is yet to be discovered, who knows what's out there...
    Jonesy: Well, for example... did you know that there's some old ruin near here? You can see it from the guard towers in Moonridge.
    Jonesy: Nobody seems to know anything about it. It's old though, and it's way up in the mountains.

    Tarezea: Feels good to get out and explore, doesn't it?
    Tarezea: Well.. there is an amazing beach to the North of the Sandsea. There is a settlement there also; Aika Village.
    Tarezea: Well.. there's sand, and .. some water. And the people are great. Most travelers catch a ride to Sho'Nuff from there.
    Tarezea: Argh, I have to stop talking about it. I'm getting all nostalgic.

    Rapina: For the last time, NO, THE FOOD IS NOT FREE. Gosh, you're so cheap!

    Steve: *(Hehehe, we made a lot of gold on that last run! SUCKER!)*

    Alta: Hey, I saw you back in Falconreach. Hows it going?

    Teral: *(Stares into the fire)*

    Teral: Oh, heh.. hello there.
    Teral: I was just enjoying the campfire. Heh, it takes me back to my younger years, roaming the world looking for adventure.
    Teral: Yes I--
    Teral: Well I--
    Teral: *(snoring softly)*

    Teral: I'm a retired monster hunter. I opened up this here inn so that adventurers can have a place to go to get away from it all.
    Teral: ...And I figured what better place for rough & tough lifestyle than Doomwood Forest?
    Teral: Heh, I think you'll find it quite a different atmosphere here than in most of the towns.
    Teral: Heh! Yep, we get lots of adventurin' types like you. We get the odd trader or merchant too, being close to Falconreach and Amityvale.
    Teral: And Moonridge ain't that far away. I've met a few of their patrols wanderin' around.
    Teral: HAHaaa! Got me there, I guess. I craft weapons and gear out of the stuff you folks bring back from your adventurers.
    Teral: Pelts, hides, tusks, you name it and I can make somethin' useful out of it. Living off the land is a lifestyle, not just a hobby.

    Teral: Well, I grew up in the Sandsea. In my youth, I got involved with a bad crowd and before I knew it I was part of a gang of thieves.
    Teral: Heh, hoodlums more like.
    Teral: These were a sign of membership.
    Teral: Hehe, the mark of a good storyteller is when you are left wanting to hear more.
    Teral: I do! Hahahaha!

    Teral: Eh? No, if I was a little more spry I might take you up on that. But thanks all the same, I'm retired and for good reason.
    Teral: Besides, I like this life.
    Teral: Sure I don't get the adrenaline rush of taking down giant beasts anymore, if my heart could even take it...
    Teral: ...But I get to help properly equip youngsters like you to better survive an encounter like that.
    Teral: At my age I can do more good here than you out there. I just wish..
    Teral: ...
    Teral: Nah.

    Teral: Let's see what you got for materials.. maybe I can make you some new gear.

    Scribbles: What?!

    Scribbles: Can't you see i'm busy?
    Scribbles: Scribe. I'm a scribe.
    Scribbles: No.

    Scribbles: Scribes research and document important historical information, although currently i'm working on something a bit more... interesting.
    Scribbles: There are many scribe guilds all across Lore, but i am from Swordhaven.
    Scribbles: I was sent here to document the strange occurrences of Doomwood and it's surrounding area.
    Scribbles: Particularly the Necromancers and how they function as a society.
    Scribbles: Heh, oh well thank you for that invaluable input, i guess i can just go back to Swordhaven now...
    Scribbles: ...
    Scribbles: Yes.

    Scribbles: No, we are not hiring. You look like the adventuring type, do you really want sit hunched over a desk all day?
    Scribbles: Anyway, you'd need to go to Swordhaven and ask Scribe Yolan, but he is a grumpy old bean so good luck with that.

    Scribbles: Yes, i know of the King. I have not dealt with him directly, though i understand him to be a kind and righteous ruler.
    Scribbles: The king is too busy to invest in dialogue with a scribe, and we are too busy to come running whenever he needs something.
    Scribbles: That's what his chief advisors are for. HAH! flatterers and sycophants.

    Scribbles: No, Teral doesn't mind me using this as an office.
    Scribbles: He understands that it serves an important purpose, and respects my work greatly.
    Scribbles: And i also pay him a lot of gold.

    Scribbles: Yes, but only if you cease pestering me with your relentless questions and allow me to get back to work.

    Rare NPCs

    Taros: This is a great place for entrepreneurs like us to sell our goods. Want to buy a watch?

    ???: Occupied.

    Tank: If you go hunting Rhoddhu, don't forget to bring a jacket. It's too cold for me, I think I'll try something else.

    Merchant Siyan: Hello There.
    Merchant Siyan: I am Siyan, a merchant. I am traveling from the West on my to Moonridge, a town on the North-East edge of this forest.
    Merchant Siyan: Mostly supplies and equipment to aid the townsfolk in their daily lives. I don't normally travel this way, however.
    Merchant Siyan: Actually the path between Falconreach and Moonridge is cut off at the moment. The Moonridge knights allow no one access.
    Merchant Siyan: I suspect they are dealing with another outbreak of Undead. Doomwood is full of them.
    Merchant Siyan: The Moonridge knights are not terribly adept at keeping them under control yet. Hopefully the DragonLords will assist them.
    Merchant Siyan: Yes. Dragonlord Vilamat and his enclave are stationed there to train the knights to properly defend the town.
    Merchant Siyan: They are trying to make Moonridge a safe haven for travelers. The town resides beside the large trade route that connects the north and south.
    Merchant Siyan: Since so many merchants like me carry goods and supplies along it, it is important that it is kept safe or all the towns would suffer.

    Thanks to
  • Razmos for entry reformat.
  • The Dragon33 for additional information.
  • SalvationXI and Voodoo Master for corrections.

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