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Pets/Guests by Element/Variant/Level/in alphabetical order

[image][/image] Fire

Location: The Bridge > Celestra > What’s going on down on Novus? > Braving a New World
L76 Odd Crat Z (Z-Token)
L76 Peculiar Crat
L91 Guardian Strange Crat (Guardian)

[image][/image] Water

Location: Hangar Deck > Stormfront > Travel > SATIREN > MISSIONS > MAWS!
L3 Slow Baby Dunc
L18 Guardian Baby Dunc (Guardian)
L33 Quick Baby Dunc
L48 Speedy Guardian Baby Dunc (Guardian)

Location: Hangar Deck > Stormfront > SATIREN > MISSIONS > ISLAND-SITTING
L15 Guardian Exobarnacle (Guardian)
L25 Exobarnacle
L40 Exobarnacle
L60 Guardian Exobarnacle (Guardian)
L78 Exceptional Glador
L100 Exobarnacle

Location: Sick Bay > Dr. Mendas > MISSIONS > EXPLORE BALEN-5
L2 Uncommon Flowering Findle
L8 Warped Flowering Findle
L28 Outre Flowering Findle
L38 Warp Outlandish Flowering Findle (Guardian)
L52 Unusual Flowering Findle
L68 Warp Rare Flowering Findle (Guardian)

Location: Engineering > Gravlax > PET SHOP
L1 Glador
L12 Warp Glador (Guardian)
L15 Extreme Glador Z (Z-Tokens)
L17 Advanced Glador
L48 Marvelous Warp Glador (Guardian)
L64 Amazing Glador
L78 Exceptional Glador

Guest Aquella
Guest Enki

[image][/image] Wind

Location: Engineering > Gravlax > PET SHOP
L7 Hill Quog
L15 WG Whistling Quog (Guardian)
L24 Ghost Quog
L38 Glass Quog
L48 WG Mallard Quog (Guardian)
L68 Painted Quog
L82 True Quog

Guest Celestra
Guest Enlil

[image][/image] Ice

Guest Bork Dodgers

[image][/image] Earth

Location: Engineering > Gravlax > PET SHOP
L3 Comet Puppy
L15 Playful WarpComet (Guardian)
L19 Lively Comet
L30 Rollicking Comet
L56 Spirited WarpComet (Guardian)
L82 Frisky Comet

Location: The Nefadon Retrenchment!
L55 Juvenile Nefadon
L75 Guardian Juvenile Nefadon
L85 Juvenile Nefadon Z
L95 Juvenile Nefadon

Location: The Bridge > Celestra > What’s going on down on Novus? > The Search for Rubia
L79 Squidephant
L79 Hungry Squidephant
L99 Ravenous Squidephant

Guest Protean / Raf-Grif
Guest Lo'Noc

[image][/image] Energy

Location: Contest Prize
L(N/A) WarpForce Moglin (Special Offer/Rare)

Location: The Bridge > Amada > MISSIONS > SCOUTSHIP
L6 cl166 Warp Droid (Guardian)
L8 cl166 Z Droid (Z-Tokens)
L18 cl166 Droid
L38 cl166 Bot
L48 cl166 Warp Bot (Guardian)
L52 cl166 Bot Z (Z-Tokens)
L58 cl166 Droneb
L70 cl166

Guest Br^Ik the Unaga Mage
Guest Trinni
Guest Yivat the Junas

[image][/image] Light

Location: WG Tower > WarpGuardian Missions > ZHOOM 6000!
L15 8A51C Model A (Guardian)
L15 8A51C Model CZ (Z-Tokens)
L27 8A51C Model B (Guardian)
L32 8A51C Model FZ (Z-Tokens)
L43 8A51C Model D (Guardian)
L53 8A51C Model E (Guardian)
L70 8A51C Model G (Guardian)

Guest Veritos

[image][/image] Darkness

Location: Sick Bay > Dr. Mendas > MISSIONS > EXPLORE GERVEL
L15 Cosmoslug
L20 Cosmoslug Z (Z-Tokens)
L40 Cosmoslug
L45 Comsoslug Z (Z-Tokens)
L60 Cosmoslug
L75 Cosmoslug

Location: Sick Bay > Dr. Mendas > MISSIONS > EXPLORE DREMIN
L10 Skitter
L20 WG Skitter (Guardian)
L35 Hairy Skitter
L45 Furry WG Skitter
L65 Bristly Skitter

Guest Arzana

[image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image] MULTIPLE

Location: Sick Bay > Dr. Mendas > MISSIONS > EXPLORE NEMEA
L15 Alien Zard
L15 Alien Zard Z (Z-Tokens)
L35 WarpGuardian Alien Zard (Guardian)
L55 Hopeful Alien Zard Z (Z-Tokens)
L55 Hopeful WarpGuardian Alien Zard (Guardian)
L75 Eager Alien Zard
L95 Enthusiastic Alien Zard

Location: Sick Bay > Dr. Mendas > MISSIONS > AID THE TRANSILVAN
L45 Defiler Spider Z (Z-Tokens)
L45 Guardian Defiler Spider (Guardian)
L65 Tiny Defiler Spider
L85 Diminuitive Defiler Spider

Location: Engineering > Gravlax > MISSIONS > FIND F10A7
L5 F10A7 Model 1
L8 F10A7 Model WG (Guardian)
L10 F10A7 Model Z (Z-Tokens)
L20 F10A7 Model 2

Guest Daian
Guest DarkSeeker Z
Guest Erith Kesai
Guest Hans Olo
Guest Lucky
Guest Temura
Guest Va'sara
Guest Vogenvuld
Guest Warlic

[image][/image] Neutral
L5 Prototype Medidroid
L10 Modified Medidroid Z (Z-Token)
L20 Basic WG Medidroid (Guardian)
L30 Experimental Medidroid Z (Z-Token)
L40 Medidroid
L60 Enhanced WG Medidroid (Guardian)
L80 Advanced Medidroid
L100 Exceptional WG Medidroid (Guardian)

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