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Ryuusei's Chill Staff
Also see Ryuusei's Cool Staff, Ryuusei's Chill Staff Z, Ryuusei's Guardian Staff, Ryuusei's Frosty Staff, Ryuusei's Frigid Staff, Ryuusei's Arctic Staff, Ryuusei's Guardian Freezing Staff

Level: 52
Power Level: 52
Price: 12,500 822
Sellback: 6,250 411
Location: The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part V - Us vs. Regeirk!

Element: Ice
Type: Magic
Damage: 7-20
BTH: 7%

Hits: 1
Element: Ice
Type: Magic
Damage: 231% Base and Random
BTH: +22%
Rate: 20%

When the special occurs, it attempts to Freeze the enemy. The Special receives a *=0.38 multiplier to the listed numbers to compensate for the Freeze effect (this has been taken to account in the entry). The enemy gets a bonus 25 - (IceResist - 100)/10 to its save. Ice-Element monsters are immune to this.

Level: 52 vs MonsterLevel
Major: 120 vs MonsterEND
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

In thanks for rescuing his son, Ryussei has commissioned copies of his staff.


Write-up thanks to Blue Revenge. Numbers thanks to Everest. Description, Name, and Image thanks to arcangelgabrel. Correction thanks to Trans21. Save roll thanks to In Media Res, notification thanks to Khimera.

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