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The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part V - Us vs. Regeirk!

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5/13/2010 16:02:49   
Times Silent Keeper

The Bizarre Flecks Saga
Us vs. Regeirk!

Location: Travel Map » Bizarre Flecks » 5: Bizarre Flecks

An analog of our own Ryuusei Cartwright was traveling through the multiverse looking for our own version of Lore in order to verify if our own version of Ryuusei was alive. Unfortunately for this Ryuusei, he stumbled upon a dark and twisted mirror of Lore.

This is a Lore where much of all life has been enslaved as undead by a villainous alter-ego of our own Artix Krieger: a necromancer of considerable power and darkness called Xitra Regeirk.

Meanwhile, in the depths of space, agents of the Autarch Dark Madder have incompletely uncreated the planet known locally as Coren/Corus on Lorian star charts. This uncreation has created an asteroid field of uncreated matter which has begun a collision course with Lore across the timelines, and rendered travel through realities much more difficult.

The necromancer Xitra Regeirk abducted and imprisoned Gaiden Cartwright, the son of the two Ryuuseis: our own by blood, time, and circumstance, and the analog by blood and being raised by him. Regeirk then followed the alternate Ryuusei to our Lore: he wanted to bring him back to his own reality to witness Gaiden's corruption via the Bizarre Flecks, pieces of those meteors with the ability to twist normal matter and corrupt the will of the living.

You helped to defeat Xitra Regeirk and drive him off, but he still had Gaiden Cartwright. Early attempts to rescue Gaiden were twisted by the meteor storm which sent you to a bizarre reality where Lore was not even HEARD of, although it had much in common with our own Lore.

With the help of our own Ryuusei, a master of working with uncreation energy, you were able to traverse the worlds to the Dark Lore and take the fight to Xitra Regeirk and his army! You helped rescue Gaiden, but Xitra Regeirk escaped as the Ryuuseis, Diviara and Amilara broke his corrupting hold. Now Xitra Regeirk prepares for the final battle...

«You can skip the cutscene at anytime.»

«Scene: Battleon»

Galanoth: Have they returned yet?
Warlic: I'm afraid not, Dragonslayer.
Artix: I'm a necromancer?!
Warlic: Still stuck on that, is he?
Galanoth: Well... It is, probably, pretty shocking.
Artix: It all makes me wonder just how different the choices people made must have been to make the Other Lore so different...

«The Mirror of the Wyk appears, but fades in and out constantly, being unable to stabilize.»

Warlic: Something is interfering with the mirror getting through. Let me see if I can stabilize it.

«The Mirror begins to glow brightly until it fills the whole scene with light.»

Galanoth: !!!
Artix: ...........
Warlic: I cant believe it...
Galanoth: So the dream was true.
Galanoth 2: My friends, I have little time to explain! The mirror is destabilizing! I cannot make it through to your world and still have you make it back to mine. You must come through!
Artix: Why should we trust you?! My own alternate is a nasty necromancer!
Galanoth 2: That is a problem. It is no easier for me to accept that you are a paladin and servant of the light, and that MY counterpart is a dragonSLAYER.
Galanoth 2: Nonetheless, Cartwright and «You» assured me you could aid us.
Artix: Hmmmm...
Galanoth 2: Ryuusei and Diviara have been captured. Xitra Regeirk has enslaved much of the world and soon plans to attack Deren.
Artix: What does he--
Galanoth: Enough, Artix. My analog clearly is right even... even if he is riding on the back of a... fire dragon... is... is that...?
Galanoth 2: This is my friend and confidant, Akriloth. I really have no time to explain - can you help us, Dragonslayer and Paladin of the other Lore?
Galanoth: You've GOT to be kidding me.
Warlic: I do not understand. The last reports indicated they had been successful at defeating Xitra Regeirk.
Galanoth 2: Oh no! I am under attack... you must decide quickly.... it is imperative that...

«The screen fills with darkness. A flashback occurs, back to a fortnight ago on Alternate Lore. Galanoth 2 hides behind the trees, blocking his face as Amilara, Gaiden, the alternate Ryuusei and you converse.»

Amilara: ...I am certain. Xitra Regeirk has our fathers imprisoned in the remains of the Prison Tower at New Battleon. With my wing injured there is no way we can get in to use the mirror and seek help.
Galanoth: Xitra Regeirk has enslaved Good King Drakath and his childhood friend and Chancellor Lord Alteon and replaced them with his puppet governors! Soon he will control all of this world.
«You»: And we know where he is heading next. He needs to be stopped. We need help from my own world. We need to get to that tower and use the Mirror to get aid.
Galanoth: I can fly there on the backs of my friends. But I must approach slowly so my movements are not seen. If I am captured it is all done.
«You»: And once there move very quickly.
Amilara: That could take a month.
«You»: We have two weeks until the new moon... That is when Xitra Regeirk plans to take the Cor-Dem gate and attack King Draynor in Deren. I just hope we are soon enough.

«The scene fades to black, switching to our Lore, on the present day. The Mirror of the Wyk has stabilized.»

Galanoth: They appear to have shot him down.
Artix: This is not good.
Warlic: Your analog was correct, we must go. If the necromancer defeats Deren, then he gains control of The Deep at K'eld Ne'r.... then...
Artix: What?
Warlic: That is primal creation, or at least it was in our world.
Galanoth: What would that mean?
Warlic: If he can twist that creation energy with the Bizarre Flecks he could warp all Lores!
Artix: Let's go. I am sworn to uphold truth and to free the imprisoned. If the undead of this alternate world are enslaved by my analog... well, then... then I need to liberate them.
  • War!

    «The Mirror of the Wyk opens up, and Galanoth, Warlic and Artix enter. Switching over to Battleon in the Alternate Lore, the ruins of the Guardian tower can be seen in the background, with Bizarre Flecks traveling constantly across the night skies....»

    Bizarre Flecks!
    Although you've rescued Gaiden Cartwright, the necromancer Xitra Regeirk escaped! While you were searching for him, he captured Diviara and our Ryuusei and is mustering his remaining undead armies to assault Deren through the Cor-Dem Gate! If he wins, he'll be able to corrupt ALL Lores with the Bizarre Flecks, just like this one! Reinforcements from home have arrived... it's time to battle on!
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: That bad necromancer Regeirk is up to some shenanigans!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Artix is here to help you fight... FOR the undead?
    Warlic will aid you against the vile Xitra Regeirk!
    Gaiden, young katana expert and son of Ryuusei Cartwright.
    Amilara, a Brilhado necromancer and son of Diviara.
    Galanoth will help you save... a Dracomancer and a dragon?
    Potion Bag: Refills your potions if you have less than 6 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Gaiden
  • Artix
  • Galanoth
  • Amilara
  • Warlic
  • Twilly
  • By yourself

    Regardless of choice
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «After the defeat of 100% of Regeirk's forces...»
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «You may skip the cutscene at anytime.»

    «In the forest, Xitra Regeirk speaks to Galanoth 2, who hides his face behind a tree.»

    Xitra Regeirk: Your resistance is strong, Dracomancer, but soon you too shall serve the ranks of my teeming undead. None can save you now...
    Galanoth: You have killed my childhood friend and raised him as a Dracolich and yet he still refuses to serve you. I will refuse as well.
    Xitra Regeirk: Once I use the Bizarre Flecks on him, Akriloth WILL serve me... and so will you.

    «Our Lore's Artix and Galanoth enter the scene. Regeirk retreats slightly in shock.»

    Xitra Regeirk: !!!
    Galanoth: Stay strong, brother. Do not let his words sway you.
    Galanoth 2: I will.
    Artix: We are nearly ready.
    Xitra Regeirk: You shall fall as well, off-worlders, and even YOU, my own pathetic mirror, shall serve as undead.
    Galanoth: I don't think so.
    Artix: Xitra Regeirk, as a Paladin and protector of Lore I find you guilty of vast crimes against the citizens of Lore. You will answer for your villainy.
    Artix: Do it NOW, «You»!!

    «Several flashes appear around the destroyed Guardian Tower. Diviara and both Ryuuseis appears at Dark Lore's town square and meets up with everyone else, except Galanoth 2.»

    «You»: Two jailbreaks, right on schedule. That should've taken out the last meteorite too. Good timing on that short-hop teleport, Ryuusei.
    «You»: Even fancy-schmancy magic prisons break when the rubble with their sigils is destroyed, Xitra von Facialhair. The gig is up!
    Xitra Regeirk: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You shall pay for your insolence!
    «You»: We already are, Regeirk, by having to listen to you whine. That's a fate worse than a billion undeaths. Now, my friends from both Lores, let's finish this -- for both Lores!«Artix confronts Regeirk.»

    Xitra Regeirk: You shall pay. You shall all pay.
    «You»: That's enough! You're done, Regeirk!

    «Just as Regeirk heads forward, ready to strike Artix, a stray Bizarre Fleck strikes Regeirk and transforms him into an exact duplicate of Artix.»

    «You»: He-- he's been-- REVERSED! A stray Bizarre Fleck ... RE-CREATED him!
    Xitra Regeirk: I can't believe what I've done... what I planned to do! From now on I will uphold the honorable ways of the Paladin in this land.

    «Regeirk leaves the scene. Artix places his axe on his back, exiting his battle stance.»

    «You»: Ryuusei, what will you do now?
    Gaiden: My father and I have much to discuss with his analog, and no place else to turn. Our own world is not much safer than this alternate Lore.
    «You»: You'll come to our Lore, then?
    Ryuusei: We will indeed.
    «You»: Something about this still bothers me.
    Cartwright: What might that be, «You»?
    «You»: How did Xitra Regeirk even know what the meteors were capable of? He seemed to know before they even began. He had to get that knowledge somewhere...
    Cartwright: Now that the Flecks have changed him we may never know.
    «You»: Nor what choices could have lead him there.
    Diviara: It is very strange. This world has always had many many undead. But when we were here before... there was no Necromancer ruling over them.
    Ryuusei: Let's not focus on that now. Gaiden is free and the meteor storm is over. That field will keep him a long time. Let's not worry about what we cannot alter.

    «Galanoth enters along with Galanoth 2, hidden behind his bulky armor.»

    Galanoth: It is amazing how much we have in common, brother.
    Galanoth 2: Both of us lost Demento.
    Galanoth: I was fortunate to have him much longer than you. It is ironic... that...
    Galanoth 2: That the one who cost you our brother is the one who tried to save him here. Yes, I know.
    Galanoth: We still have more in common than we have different.
    Galanoth 2: Just different situations, different worlds.
    Ryuusei: Come my friends, it is time for us to go now.

    «The Mirror of the Wyk appears.»

    «You»: Let's go home...
    Galanoth: Goodbye, brother. Take care of your Lore.
    Galanoth 2: Goodbye, brother. I will. Someone must make sure Xitra Regeirk remains good.

    «Artix and Galanoth enter the Mirror. As the Mirror shatters into pieces and closes up, Galanoth 2's face is finally revealed, only for a split second, before the scene fades off, switching back to Battleon on our Lore. Captain G'hup and Minister Bree-ha enter.»

    Captain G'hup: Minister, are you sure about this?
    Minister Bree-ha: I am sure. The key is to find someone who seeks vengeance who we can manipulate to our cause.
    Minister Bree-ha: The universe is vast, G'hup. If Cartwright refuses to serve, we shall simply take the call elsewhere.
    Captain G'hup: The Order's technology is online now, Minister.
    Minister Bree-ha: And so the journey begins... One to stream, G'hup.

    «Bree-ha beams away from the scene. The scene switches to Battleon, on Dark Lore. A final Bizarre Fleck soars through the sky, landing into the background.»

    The End

    «Zooming into the Guardian Tower ruins, the last Bizarre Fleck stays there, ever so silently....»

    The End?

    Bizarre Flecks 5

  • Ryussei's Cool Staff
  • Ryussei's Chill Staff Z
  • Ryussei's Guardian Staff
  • Ryussei's Chill Staff
  • Ryussei's Frosty Staff
  • Ryussei's Frigid Staff
  • Ryussei's Arctic Staff
  • Ryussei's Guardian Freezing Staff

  • Summon Gaiden I
  • Summon Gaiden II Z
  • Summon Gaiden III
  • Summon Gaiden IV
  • Guardian Summon Gaiden V

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Pre-boss dialogue by Rhowena.

    War Battle Monsters

    Undead Knight (1)
    Tenuous Banshee (3)
    Undead Soldier (5)
    Undead Archer (5)
    Undead Dragon (6)
    Undead Paladin (6)
    Undead Mage (7)
    Krie-Guardian Mage (10)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (10)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (10)
    Undead Elf (10)
    Undead Ninja (10)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (10)
    Undead Wounded (13)
    Undead Mage (14)
    Undead Paladin (15)
    Undead Moglin Knight (15)
    Undead Dragon (19)
    Undead Braken (20)
    Undead Frog (20)
    Ghost (20)
    Banshee (23)
    Undead Paladin (23)
    Bone Knight (25)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (25)
    Undead Freak (25)
    Krie-Guardian Mage (30)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (30)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (30)
    Undead Elf (30)
    Skull Swarm (30)
    Undead Commander (31)
    Draegan Avenger (32)
    Undead Paladin (35)
    Undead Knight (35)
    Undead Giant (35)
    Mummicane (36)
    Undead Skuller (38)
    Undead Dragon (39)
    Undead Frog (40)
    Undead Skull Ape (40)
    Undead Paladin (42)
    Insubstantial Banshee (43)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (45)
    Krie-Guardian Mage (50)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (50)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (50)
    Undead Ninja (50)
    Undead Paladin (50)
    Lich (undead) (50)
    Pile o' Bones (Undead) (50)
    Skull Swarm (50)
    Ghost (53)
    Undead Basher (58)
    Undead Moglin Demon (58)
    Undead Elf (60)
    Undead Braken (60)
    Undead Skull Ape (60)
    Undead Wolf Master (61)
    Undead Giant Moglin (62)
    Undead Warlord (63)
    Immaterial Banshee (63)
    Undead Paladin (65)
    Giant Mummy (65)
    Undead Horse (68)
    Krie-Guardian Mage (70)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (70)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (70)
    Undead Dragon (71)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (72)
    Undead Paladin (75)
    Dracolich Rider (75)
    Wispy Banshee (83)
    Undead Paladin (85)
    Krie-Guardian Mage (90)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (90)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (90)
    Undead Skull Ape (90)
    Undead Dragon (91)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (92)
    Undead Braken (100)
    Incorporeal Banshee (103)
    Krie-Guardian Mage (110)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (110)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (110)
    Ethereal Banshee (123)

    After all waves are completed, the last four battles before Regeirk are:

    Level 0-20
    Krie-Guardian Mage (10)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (10)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (10)

    Level 21-40
    Krie-Guardian Mage (30)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (30)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (30)

    Level 41-60
    Krie-Guardian Mage (50)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (50)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (50)

    Level 61-80
    Krie-Guardian Mage (70)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (70)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (70)

    Level 81-100
    Krie-Guardian Mage (90)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (90)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (90)

    Level 101+
    Krie-Guardian Mage (110)
    Krie-Guardian Rogue (110)
    Krie-Guardian Warrior (110)

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