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Vampire Fexy -> Dojo (5/27/2010 7:58:47)


Location: Planet Yokai -> Dojo (Quick Travel)

Missions Available:
  • Dojo Missions
  • Snake Assault!
  • Snake Master!
  • Crane Assault!
  • Crane Master!
  • Monkey Assault!
  • Monkey Master!
  • Mantis Assault!
  • Mantis Master!
  • Tiger Shrine!
  • Supreme Master Shrine!
  • Planet Yokai War

    Shops Available:
  • Ninja Weapons Shop
  • Ninja NG Weapons Shop
  • Master Snake Reward Shop
  • Master Snake NG Reward Shop
  • Master Crane Reward Shop
  • Master Crane NG Reward Shop
  • Master Monkey Reward Shop
  • Master Monkey NG Reward Shop
  • Master Mantis Reward Shop
  • Master Mantis NG Reward Shop
  • Master Tiger Reward Shop
  • Master Tiger NG Reward Shop
  • Supreme Master Reward Shop
  • Supreme Master NG Reward Shop
  • Miko's Mecha Shop
  • Miko's NG Mecha Shop

  • Miko

    Player Equipments/Uniforms:
  • Ninja Costume
  • Ninja Helm
  • Yokai Blade

    Miko: If you're willing to help us, we'll do whatever we can for you.

    Miko: Do you want to learn how to fight like a real Ninja? Well suit up and find out!

    Ninja Costume:
    Miko: Would you like to put on the Ninja outfit now?

    Miko: After careful studying, we managed to duplicate the Dragon Spirit mecha and the Supreme Master!

    Miko: What would you like to talk about?

    Magic Skill
    Miko: Our energy blade weapons are very special. Each one holds a different magical power.
    Miko: You can sample one of them now if you choose to equip it while wearing the Ninja uniform.
    Miko: Currently, these skills will only work with our Ninja outfits but I'm sure more will come soon.
    Miko: Be sure to check back when we have more energy blade weapons for you to try. They will be unique.

    Miko: With your technology and our skills, we can train you to be stronger and more efficient.
    Miko: Be sure to train with Tenjin over at the training grounds. Soon I will train you in the arts of sword fighting.
    Miko: Judging by your... rather primtive... style when you fought our Camp Lookout, you could use some serious help with you technique.

    Miko: 10 years ago, the one you call Jemini appeared for the first time.
    Miko: It is said that she bestowed the gift of metal technology to the gangs that used to roam here.
    Miko: Because of her, all of this has happened. I can't help but wonder what caused her to do this.
    Miko: She must not be trusted and if I ever see her again, I will personally take her out.

    Miko: Peace has finally been restored! It feels great! We couldn't have done this without you!
    Miko: Everyone can finally relax. I even picked myself out a new outfit!
    Miko: I hope you found everything you were looking for while you've been here. Feel free to visit anytime.
    Miko: We will have more things to visit as time goes by! Thank you, <Character>. We are forever in debt to you.

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