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Planet Yokai

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5/27/2010 6:12:41   
Vampire Fexy

Planet Yokai

Location: Dean Warlic's Office
Directions: Soluna City >> GEARS University >> Elevator >> Dean Warlic's Office >> Char >> Missions >> Wormholes >> Yokai

Locations available:
  • Dojo
  • Hazuko's Dojo
  • Miso's Barber Shop
  • Sake's Shop (Location)

    Missions Available:
  • Capture the Dojo
  • Help
  • Tenjin Training

    Shops Available:
  • Help NG Shop
  • Help SC Shop
  • Ninja Weapons Shop
  • Ninja NG Weapons Shop
  • Yokai Training Shop
  • Yokai NG Training Shop

  • Char
  • Miko
  • Sys-Zero
  • Tenjin
  • Yue

    Intro Cutscene

    A wormhole opens, and Jemini tumbles out of it.

    Jemini: Well, I guess in exchange for my life, I could do without this...
    Jemini: Catch!

    Jemini throws the mystery vial.

    After 10 Years

    Char: <Character>, Jemini has to be around here somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled.
    Unkown Person: Hey! What are you doing here!?
    Sys-Zero: I guess that natives aren't peaceful...
    Character: I'll take care of this.

    (Energy Blade battle)

    Miko: Who are you people!? And why are you beating up on my solider?!
    Miko: He can hardly fight. It's no surprise you beat him but you didn't have to be so tough on him!
    Miko: Jemini? That purple-haired woman!? If you're on her side, then I'm going to destroy you personally!
    Miko: It's said that the witch travelled here to give the gangs their power which caused them to take over the city!
    Miko: .... Oh.... So you're after her too, then. And she stole the Metal Element from you?
    Miko: Then it seems we're on the same side. However we are unfortunately unable to be much help to you.
    Miko: The gang that inhabits the city outnumbers us by a long shot. Your technology, Though...
    Miko: ..Well... It's much more advanced than ours... Maybe we can still help, though... We can train you to fight against them...
    Miko: Either way, you seem like a good person and i will make sure everyone here knows you're with us.
    Miko: I would be careful going into the town if you do choose to go. They're not very welcoming...
    Miko: It sounds like we can work together, then. I won't hold you here any longer.
    Miko: Welcome to our camp! I'll let everyone ehre know that you are honorary member of the Resistance.

    Chasing Jemini: You successfully made it to the planet!

    • Move to Refugee
        Refugee: Many of our families live in hiding. The rest of us run the camp to throw off any of the Gangmemebers.
        Refugee: Hopefully we won't have to live like this much longer.

      • After Supreme Master is defeated
        Refugee: You did it! Now our families can start moving back into the town once again!
        Refugee: Thank goodness you showed up when you did. Things were starting to look very bleak.
        Refugee: I think Iíll stay in the woods though. Nature without the threat of being attacked by gangs is quite comforting.

    • Move to Char
      Char: It seems we would be helping these people by completeing our mission. That's fortunate.
      • Talk Before capturing the Dojo
        Char: It's weird, According to Miko, Jemini appeared 10 years ago.
        Char: It must have been a glitch in my scanner. I'll make sure I fix it so this doesn't happen in future warps.
        Char: In any case we should definitely work with Miko to help get us inside the town.
        Char: Right now, this place is pretty brutal...

      • Talk After capturing the Dojo
        Char: Now that you're capturing the dojo, the gang seems more hostile than ever.
        Char: Hopefully it won't take long before we can complete our mission here.
        Char: Oh. And if you're looking for Miko, She's at the Dojo at the far end of the town now.

      • After Supreme Master is defeated
        Char: We got one of the weapon parts back! This is great news!
        Char: It looks like we completed our objective here and helped out Miko and her people.
        Char: Technically weíre done here but you can go ahead and come back and explore later if youíd like.
        Char: Well done and letís move on to the next!

      • Exit
        Char: Are you sure you want to exit back to GEARs University?

    • Move to Miko
      Miko: If you're willing to help us, we'll do whatever we can for you.
      • Ninja
        Miko: Do you want to learn how to fight like a real Ninja? Well suit up and find out!

        Ninja Custom
        Miko: Would you like to put on the Ninja outfit now?

      • Shop
        Miko: You can buy various weapons here! Keep checking back because i will get more.

      • Talk
        Miko: What would you like to talk about?

        Magic Skill
        Miko: Our energy balde weapons are very special. Each one holds a different magical power.
        Miko: You can sample one of them now if you choose to equip it while wearing the Ninja uniform.
        Miko: Currently, these skill will only work with our ninja outfits but i'm sure more will come soon.
        Miko: Be sure to check back when we have more energy blade weapons for you try. They will be unique.

        Miko: With our technology and our skills, we can train you to be stronger and more efficient.
        Miko: Be sure to train with Tenjin over at the training grounds. Soon I will train you in the arts of sword fighting.
        Miko: Judging by your... rather primtive... style when you fought our Camp Lookout, you could use some serious help with you technique.

        Miko: 10 years ago, the one you call Jemini appeared for the first time.
        Miko: It is said that she bestowed the gift of metal technology to the gangs that used to roam here.
        Miko: Because of her, all of this has happened. I can't help but wonder what caused her to do this.
        Miko: She must not be trusted and if I ever see her again, I will personally take her out.

        Miko: This is our decoy camp. We try to hold off any wandering gang memebers.
        Miko: If they manage to get through our forces and take us down, they still won't find the rest of us.
        Miko: One day we will return to the town and we'll restore the peace and order.

    • Move to Tenjin
      Tenjin: Good afternoon, <Character name>. Miko has asked me to help you any way I can. How can I help you?
      • Shop
        Tenjin: If your skill level is high enough, you're welcome to buy some of our weapons.

      • Talk
        Tenjin: So you came from another world, huh? Your technology must be incredible.
        Tenjin: We only recently acquired all of this technology. I'm sure Miko told you about the purple haired girl.
        Tenjin: So her name is Jemini? Nowe we know who to blame for all of this.
        Tenjin: I used to help run the Dojo before that Gang took over.
        Tenjin: I think if I train you a little, you might be able to help us regain control of the town.
        Tenjin: So what are you waiting for? Get training!

      • After Supreme Master is defeated
        Tenjin: I hear we got the town back under control! Iíll keep training our soldiers here to ensure our future.
        Tenjin:Iím happy to hear that the gangs have been defeated. Iím sure peace will be preserved now.
        Tenjin: Just in case it isnít, Iíll make sure I keep training our soldiers so weíre better prepared in the future.
        (After completion of Bug Infestation)
        Tenjin: Thank you also helping my brother. I hope it wasnít too much trouble.
        Tenjin: I wish you luck on your future adventures as well, and thanks for everything.

    Other Information:
  • You need to finish the previous Dragonoid Saga quests to access this planet.

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