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Location: Monster Zoo, Breakout At the Zoo!

Quests Given
Zoo Breakout

Shops Owned

Monster Zoo (Rare)

Anoril: Aren't they glorious? Gorillaphants. Simply magnificent!

Breakout At the Zoo!

Anoril: <Class>, you wouldn't happen to be <Character>, would you?

Anoril: I- I am Anoril, Chief Gorillaphant Wrangler and Head of Zoo Security. I need your help!
Anoril: The monsters in Enclosures 1 and 3 have escaped!
Anoril: We're still not sure how, but i'll be investigating it as soon as you make it safe!

Anoril: Why, this is wonderful! All the monsters that escaped have been rounded up, and we'll get them back in their cages.
Anoril: I feared the townspeople would be too afraid to visit anymore if the monsters were running loose!
Anoril: You saved the Zoo! You're- you're a HERO!

Anoril: Even though you spend most of your time hunting and slaying them? You're a better person than i thought!

Anoril: ....What's a screen shot?

Anoril: Hmmm. We should invest in one for the Zoo, don't you think?
Anoril: People would love to have a souvenir of themselves with their favorite monster!
Anoril: And speaking of souvenirs...
Anoril: Feel free to shop our souvenir stand! You'll get a discount of 10% for saving the Zoo! Generous, huh?
Anoril: This nifty Gorillaphant Mask is one of my favorite items! But we have a wide range of other monster-themed offerings!

Anoril: I've- uh- got to go bathe the Gorillaphants. You wouldn't BELIEVE how matted their fur gets when they roll in the mud. Thanks again!

Monster Zoo

Anoril: The mighty Gorillaphant! Have you ever seen a more glorious creature? Such strength, grace, such... pungency!
Anoril: They are my favorite od all the animals that I care for in the Zoo!

  • Gorillahpi Facts
    Anoril: Their favorite food is the bananut!
    • More
      Anoril: The official plural of gorillaphant is Gorillaphi, many people don't know this and say "gorillaphants".

    • More
      Anoril: A group of gorillaphi is called a Schnozz.

    • More
      Anoril: They're scared to death of Furrmen, one furrmen can make an entire Schnozz of gorillaphi go on a rampage.

    • More
      Anoril: They can't jump, however legend tells that once gorillaphi could fly using their ears! what? The ears were bigger at that time!

    • More
      Anoril: They're known to take the nests of vultragons, harpies and even dragons to sleep in them for the night.

    • More
      Anoril: Gorillaphi are normally very gentle creatures, but if you enter its territory or try to use it as a rug it will try to hurt you!

    • More
      Anoril: It can use it's muscular arms to sling its own stool with an amazing speed, it usually does this to mark its territory by hitting unaware heroes!

    • More
      Anoril: A baby gorillaphant is called an Apecalf.

    Zoo Breakout

    Anoril: Hero, there have been reports of the elemental runes failing in some parts of the zoo... I need your help to stop the breakouts!

    Alternative Image

    Also See: Anoril (forum user)

  • Anoril was named after the forum member, who researched the Gorillaphants over the last few years.

    Thanks to
    -- Niki for the old alternative image.
    -- Stephen Nix for the missing banner.
    -- Peachii for locations, links and corrections.
    -- Highlord Sendai for a link.
    -- Voodoo Master for image.

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