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[image][/image]Training Exhibition

Location: Dragonsgrasp -> Knox -> Quests -> Training Exhibition
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet
Release Date: June 4th, 2010

Objective: Defeat the boss illusions and show off your skills!
Objective completed: The guards cheer you as you defeat the illusion of your past nemesis. Will you fight another?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

You select one of the following monsters to fight. Some of them are available in Extreme or Meltface Mode:
(1) Brakenberry
(1) Corrupted Captain Davey
(1) D-4Q1
(1) Deadwood Destroyer
(1) Noxus
(1) Sek-Duat
(1) Xanta Claus


Reforged Spectrus Sword
Reforged Notas

Reforged Warlord's Scepter

Reforged Spectrus Staff
Reforged Boreas

Reforged Magelord's Scepter

Reforged Spectrus Dagger
Reforged Zephyrus
Reforged Prince's Dagger

Time in a Bottle

Knox: Your exploits on the battlefield are well known, <Character>. Many aspiring DragonLords here wish to follow in your footsteps.
Knox: Would you be willing to display your fighting prowess to them? Jonath can create illusions of your past conquests for you to fight.

  • Fight!
  • Done

    Jonath: The recruits eagerly await your demonstration, <Character>.
    Jonath: I can create illusions of several monsters from the past that you have defeated. Though not all will be perfect, they should be close.
    Jonath: There's even a very small chance that, through the power of the illusion, a reforged version of past prizes will come into being.
    Jonath: You just have to choose the monster you wish to fight again.

  • Deadwood (X)
  • Xanta Claus
  • Sek-Duat (X)
  • Noxus (X)
  • Brakenberry
  • D-4Q1
  • Davey (X) (MF)
  • Heal
  • Quit

    Note: Each boss, except for Deadwood Destroyer and Xanta Claus, must have been fought before in their respective quest chain in order to challenge their illusions in this quest.

    Thanks to
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Stephen Nix for correction.

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