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Location: Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2) -> Captain Rolith -> Talk -> Oaklore Keep Quests! -> Pactogonal-tastic, Oaklore Keep (Book 3) -> Maya -> Talk -> Oaklore Keep Quests! -> Pactogonal-tastic
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 10
Release Date: June 11th, 2010

Objective: Face the same challenge all Knights face before earning their Pactoginal Badges...
Objective completed: You might not be a Knight, but you have earned their respect!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Blueberry
(1) Cherry
(1) Orange
(1) Schnozzberry


Blueberry Ghost-Tog
Cherry Ghost-Tog
Orange Ghost-Tog
Schnozzberry Ghost-Tog

Temporary Items
Blue Power Pellet
Jar of Flies
Orange Power Pellet
Pink Power Pellet
Red Power Pellet

In Books 1 and 2 Oaklore:
Captain Rolith: Have you ever wondered what a prospective Pactogonal Knight must go through to join our ranks?

In Book 3 Oaklore:
Maya: Have you ever wondered what a prospective Pactogonal Knight must go through to join their ranks?

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    <Character>: Hmm... score bar? That's new.
    <Character>: Oh! I get it! I wonder what happens when I press ENTER...
    <Character>: NICE! I thought that'd work....How about if I type LOOK?
    <Character>: ...And now press ENTER again....

    A note comes to screen, saying:

    A Small Clearing
    A Simple forest clearing. The Path you followed into the woods fades as the last cobblestones disapear into the dirt. There is an exit East Press RETURN to input commands. HELP For a command list!

    <Character>: Alright, so it's an old-school text parsing adventure... The commands should be fairly simple.
    <Character>: I bet typing HELP will lead to a list of every command I'll need.
    <Character>: Let's get started then. I should be sure to try to LOOK at everything that could be important!
    <Character>: And once I get some items, using them ON other things in different rooms will be needed too!

    Highlight to see (press and hold and drag the mouse over the white space or click: Ctrl + A at the same time):


    1. Walk up to the stump on the second screen and type in "take crank"
    2. In the screen directly above, go up to the rock and type in "look rock"
    3. Type in "take orange pellet"
    4. Go left and go near to the cannonball, type in "take cannonball"
    5. On the next screen to the left, go up to the well and type in, "use crank on well"
    6. Go all the way back to the right and up one screen. You will see a blue tog, type in "use blue pellet on ghost". Defeat it.
    7. Go left and up to the cannon, type in "use cannonball on cannon"
    8. Go left again and up to the pink gem, type in "take gem"
    9. Return back to where the well is and go one screen left
    10. Type in, "use pink pellet on ghost". Defeat it.
    11. Go up and type in, "use orange pellet on ghost". Defeat it.
    12. Go up to the jar and type in, "take jar"
    13. Go all the way down and turn right at the red ghost.
    14. Go up to the lake and type in, "use jar on lake"
    15. A frog will appear, he will give you a red power pellet.
    16. Go back left and type in, "use red pellet on ghost". Defeat it and you win.

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for corrections.
    -- Latedog for solving the problem.
    -- Eventus for a correction.
    -- Blue Knightmare for corrections.
    -- His Randomness for new level requirement.
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Sagrym for corrections.

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