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Location: No Gain Without Loss, Face Your Destiny, Know Your Nature, A Bridge Forms, The Test, The Navigator

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No Gain Without Loss

Elucidas: Ahem. Thank you, young priestess, for bringing her. You've done exactly right in bringing this one here.

Elucidas: Easy, child, easy. You are in a restful place; anger and impatience have no place here.

Elucidas: As Elysia said, this is Clarionwood,and we are the Creatioux.
Elucidas: I am the Eldest, Elucidas.
Elucidas: We are a species of Void dragons, and, as such, are the perfect creatures to assist you in your search.

Elucidas: You can sense it, your magics, can't you?

Elucidas: If you are here and seeking knowledge, then the time has come to tell you of them.

Elucidas: Don't be overhasty, dragon-child. Hear what I have to say before celebrating.
Elucidas: Your Dragon and Void magics- and you have plenty of both, which I am sure you can sense buried inside of you- have been locked away.

Elucidas: Be that as it may-

Elucidas: Not exactly, little one. Warlic, great as he is, must have received misinformation in his travels.
Elucidas: The Void, though element-related, is not AN element. The Void, as a place, LACKS all elements. It is indeed a Void.
Elucidas: But there ARE mysterious forces in the Void. It is these forces you will wield with your magic.
Elucidas: You were kept from the knowledge because you have the potential to be...
Elucidas: ... one of the greatest mages of our world, as great as Warlic...
Elucidas: ... If your path is guided correctly.
Elucidas: So, you see, we HAD to block your knowledge and access to your magic until you were of an age to understand and respect the power you'll control.

Face Your Destiny

Elucidas: It is good that you are back, child. We worried.

Elucidas: I am gladdened by your words, young one. And you make a fair point.
Elucidas: You can't become what you are destined to be if you are kept completely restricted from your magic.
Elucidas: So we will begins slowly lifting the restrictions that bind you, allowing you time to grow into your new powers.
Elucidas: The dragon blood inside you yearns to be used. Embrace it now!

Elucidas: It is important, though, for you to know what you face in working with us. I should explain about the Decadere.

Elucidas: They are Void dragons as WE, the Creatioux, are Void dragons.
Elucidas: They are our brethren and they are not. They reside inside the Void, and it has twisted them.
Elucidas: Touching the Void, as the Creatioux do, and as you will, does not warp a creature.
Elucidas: It is only after continually being immersed in the energies of the Void that one becomes as they are.
Elucidas: And, twisted by the Void, they have aligned themselves with one of its negative aspects: Entropy.
Elucidas: We, the Creatioux, have attuned ourselves to that of Creation. We give life, we nurture and nourish.
Elucidas: That is what it means to be Creatioux. And the Decadere hate us for it.
Elucidas: But you... when you were born, it was foretold that you would be the Saviour of our race.
Elucidas: We are not sure how that will be possible, as the Decadere will only want to use you and twist you for their own corrupted ends.
Elucidas: But somehow you will save us. We shall have to wait and see how that comes about.

Elucidas: Your enthusiasm is reassuring. We do not doubt you will succeed.
Elucidas: It is only the manner which your success will take that we do not comprehend.

Know Your Nature

Elucidas: Easy, youngling. The dragon-child is safe, thanks to you. Your mistress would be proud, and so am I.
Elucidas: In saving Nythera, you have done the Creatioux a great service.

Elucidas: *ahem*
Elucidas: Young one, you saved Nythera. Your magic acted as you needed it to, WHEN you needed it to the most. That is a good start.
Elucidas: Nythera, child. You have realized that your powers are not enough- YET- to enable you to face the Decadere.
Elucidas: It is my thought that you must... align... your dragon nature with your human nature more fully...
Elucidas: ... now that you have awakened the first of your new powers.

Elucidas: We shall send you to the DragonLords.
Elucidas: They are well-versed in Dragon-kin, and by talking with them, you will learn how ordinary humans view those touched by Dragons.
Elucidas: Elysia will go with you. She can introduce you to her parents; they will help you, I have no doubt.
Elucidas: I believe they are staying in Falconreach at present.

A Bridge Forms

Elucidas: I received your message, child. I trust your meeting with the DragonLords went well?

Elucidas: I do not mean to be rude, little one. But... you battled a full-grown Decadere. On your own? And without your full powers?

Elucidas: Aaah. Now it becomes clear.

Elucidas: That is our hope. that is what we will work towards. But tell me, did anything happen when you slew the young Decadere?

Elucidas: Oh? Oh my. That DOES change things. I can see... I must think... yes. Yes, that will work!

Elucidas: Stand still, child.

Elucidas: *sigh* Calm yourself, young one. I was testing something, and I've been proven correct.
Elucidas: You have taken into yourself the essence of a Decadere Void dragon by absorbing the sparks your saw.
Elucidas: This will make it possible for you to act as a bridge between the Creatioux and our wayward brethren.

You shall unite us.

You shall save us.

Our salvation lies within you!

Elucidas: It might be a BIT harder than you expe-

Elucidas: *chuckle* Whether or not Warlic approves of you, I do, and as your Guardianship has been given over to us...
Elucidas: ... WE will decide when you are ready to assume the rest of your powers.

Elucidas: And I would say that time has come.

Elucidas: There is one impediment, however. To be taught the intricacies of Void magic, you must learn from one of your own blood.
Elucidas: I will lift the restriction on your Void magic enough so that you will be able to learn from your ancestor, but not use it until after you've been taught.
Elucidas: Once you've undergone your lessons, your new magic will become available to you.

Elucidas: That is not possible. Like sings to like. The Void magic in your veins will only recognize another of your bloodline.
Elucidas: If there is no one living to teach you, you must journey to the land of the Dead, and find one of your kin there.
Elucidas: Hmmm. ... Perhaps ... If I recall correctly, you had an ancestor, Azhura... MANY years gone. She wielded Void magic.
Elucidas: A mighty dragoness, she was. An innovator, an explorer, and her sacrifice saved us all, though few know about it.
Elucidas: You should seek her out. She will, I am sure, instruct you.
Elucidas: You will feel drawn to her spirit; you will know when you come upon her.

The Test

Elucidas: *chuckle* Slowly, child, slowly. You have only just regained all of your powers.
Elucidas: You are still young, and the powers new. You must have patience.
Elucidas: I am glad you are happy, dragon-child. It has been long since such exuberance was witnessed in this glade.
Elucidas: But I fear I am about to dampen your emotions.
Elucidas: Before we can loose you on the world- before you can take on the Decadere...
Elucidas: ... You must prove to us that you can handle your powers with finesse and responsibilty.
Elucidas: We cannot have you go running off and taking on the powers of Creation... as a random example.
Elucidas: A man- or woman- shows their true mettle in battle. Their real personality and being come to the front.
Elucidas: So. We will test you in battle, and see what we shall see.
Elucidas: You will run a gauntlet of my best warriors, and finally... ME.
Elucidas: If you can defeat us with honor, then we will know that you are ready to take on anyone- or thing- that you might need to face.

Elucidas: You have done well, child. There is one more battle before you.
Elucidas: I won't be TOO hard on you, young one!

Elucidas: Child, I have never been happier to lose a battle. You have done well.
Elucidas: Yes, and I think you're ready to take on the Decadere.
Elucidas: We must leave that up to you; we cannot fight them ourselves.
Elucidas: If we turn on our brethren, misguided through they are, there will never be a reconciliation.
Elucidas: A dragon's pride would not allow it.
Elucidas: So you see, you are our only hope.
Elucidas: *small smile* I wouldn't be at all surprised by that, child.
Elucidas: Then I think it is time you go.
Elucidas: You have shown that you can handle victory with grace.
Elucidas: I think you have grown much since we first met.
Elucidas: You are ready. Do what only YOU can do!
Elucidas: Find the Decadere, and convince them that they must return to us, that we must reunite for the good of our kind!

The Navigator

Elucidas: You'll find Decadere around the edges of the Void but no Creatioux or Decadere has dared to venture into the Deep Void...
Elucidas: ... at least none that have ever returned.

Elucidas: Rumors?

Elucidas: Bah, hunters...

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