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Bridge Forms, A

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8/6/2010 16:43:10   
ArchMagus Orodalf

A Bridge Forms

Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quests -> Rise of the DragonMage -> A Bridge Forms
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Know Your Nature
Release Date: August 6th, 2010

Objective: After absorbing the essence of the baby Decadere, it's VERY important that you talk to Elucidas! He's sure to have some vital information for you!
Objective completed: It was GOOD to meet your great-great-grandmother. In fact, it was GREAT!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Grrrberus
(3) Necroslime
(1) Red Spectre
(3) Shadowhound


Karon's Blade (I, II, III)
Karon's Dagger (I, II, III)
Karon's Paddle (I, II, III)

Nythera: Oooh, I feel... funny! That little Decadere couldn't have hurt me, but I feel WEIRD now!

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    * Loads Elemental Nythera *

    Elucidas: I received your message, child. I trust your meeting with the DragonLords went well?
    Nythera: Oh, they talked to me alright. That father of Elysia's can talk for HOURS!
    Nythera: He went on and on about how wonderful dragons are -- which is true...
    Nythera: And how majestic they look -- which we do...
    Nythera: And how by cultivating relationships with dragons, mankind can better the world - which makes sense.
    Nythera: But we didn't do any of that until AFTER I took on a Decadere dragon on my own. And won!
    Elucidas: I do not mean to be rude, little one. But... you battled a full-grown Decadere. On your own? And without your full powers?
    Nythera: Well... hmmph. It was a SMALL one.
    Nythera: It might have been a baby.
    Elucidas: Aaah. Now it becomes clear.
    Nythera: But it was STILL a Decadere! And I beat it! Which means that once I have my ALL my powers, I'll be able to take on an adult and win!
    Elucidas: That is our hope. that is what we will work towards. But tell me, did anything happen when you slew the young Decadere?
    Nythera: Now that you mentioned it... Yes!
    Nythera: It exploded into a shower of sparks, which flew around me and then INTO me. Void dragon sparks tickle.
    Elucidas: Oh? Oh my. That DOES change things. I can see... I must think... yes. Yes, that will work!
    Nythera: What ARE you talking about?
    Elucidas: Stand still, child.
    Nythera: Why did you do THAT? Your breath smells like fire and pickled fish.
    Nythera: Gross!
    Elucidas: *sigh* Calm yourself, young one. I was testing something, and I've been proven correct.
    Elucidas: You have taken into yourself the essence of a Decadere Void dragon by absorbing the sparks your saw.
    Elucidas: This will make it possible for you to act as a bridge between the Creatioux and our wayward brethren.

    You shall unite us.

    You shall save us.

    Our salvation lies within you!

    Nythera: Next time WARN me before breathing into my face, alright?
    Nythera: But good to know about the bridge thing. I wondered how I was going to save you.
    Nythera: Oh, I knew I'd come up with something- I always do. But this seems easy enough.
    Elucidas: It might be a BIT harder than you expe-
    Nythera: So, does this mean you'll give me my Void magic, too?
    Nythera: I should really have that if I'm going to confront the Decadere again.
    Nythera: Which I'm going to need to do if I'm going to unite the two of you.
    Nythera: I think I've been doing well so far, don't you?
    Nythera: I'm sure Warlic would agree.
    Elucidas: *chuckle* Whether or not Warlic approves of you, I do, and as your Guardianship has been given over to us...
    Elucidas: ... WE will decide when you are ready to assume the rest of your powers.
    Nythera: But! --
    Elucidas: And I would say that time has come.
    Nythera: Oh. Well. Good! I completely agree!
    Elucidas: There is one impediment, however. To be taught the intricacies of Void magic, you must learn from one of your own blood.
    Elucidas: I will lift the restriction on your Void magic enough so that you will be able to learn from your ancestor, but not use it until after you've been taught.
    Elucidas: Once you've undergone your lessons, your new magic will become available to you.
    Nythera: But my mother doesn't HAVE Void magic, and my father is a human!
    Nythera: I CAN'T learn from my parents! You'll have to teach me!
    Elucidas: That is not possible. Like sings to like. The Void magic in your veins will only recognize another of your bloodline.
    Elucidas: If there is no one living to teach you, you must journey to the land of the Dead, and find one of your kin there.
    Elucidas: Hmmm. ... Perhaps ... If I recall correctly, you had an ancestor, Azhura... MANY years gone. She wielded Void magic.
    Elucidas: A mighty dragoness, she was. An innovator, an explorer, and her sacrifice saved us all, though few know about it.
    Elucidas: You should seek her out. She will, I am sure, instruct you.
    Elucidas: You will feel drawn to her spirit; you will know when you come upon her.

    Death: Halt! Who are you to invade my Realm? To disturb the Peace of the Grave?
    Nythera: I am Nythera, Dragonmage Extraordinaire. Or, well, I WILL be! And I NEED to speak to one of your subjects.
    Death: The dead are beyond the concerns of the living. No one approaches them save with my permission!
    Nythera: I see. Well. Hmmm.
    Nythera: *thinking* He OBVIOUSLY expects me to challenge him. But I'm far too crafty for that!
    Nythera: May- may I HAVE your permission to pass and seek my great-great-great-grandmother?
    Death: .......
    Death: Heroes don't usually ASK permission.
    Death: I've never had the chance to just say "yes" or "no." It's always "STAND ASIDE, DEATH" or "I'LL VANQUISH YOU, DEATH!"
    Death: Heroes never stop to think that maybe I don't WANT to battle them. That maybe I do favors because Death can be kind.
    Nythera: I almost died once. I don't remember you; all I remember is struggling to stay alive.
    Death: Yes, child. If you ever have the opportunity to resist, do not go gentle into that good knight.
    Death: Sir Vival is a wonderful administrator of the Underworld, but he's not very kind to the newly dead.
    Death: But I digress. WHY is it that you must venture into my Realm? Whom do you seek?
    Nythera: My ancestor. I need her! She is the only one I know who can teach me how to use my powers.
    Nythera: Without her, I have no chance of reuniting the Creatioux and Decadere.
    Nythera: The Creatioux have been so good to me. I- I would like to help them, to say thank you.
    Death: Helping others is a noble cause. I commend you. I will grant your request.
    Death: Look inside yourself. Blood calls to blood. Blood is and was, and ever will be. You are connected to your kin.
    Death: Sense her, and she will appear. Go now, and find her. You will be welcome in my Realm, young one.

    Nythera: Are... are you Azhura? You feel... FAMILIAR somehow.
    Azhura: That I am! It's been centuries since someone sought me out. You. Purple-hair. You're a descendant of mine.
    Azhura: Which one are you, now? I've so many, it's hard to keep track.
    Nythera: I am Nythera. I'll probably be the most famous of your descendants by the time I'm done.
    Azhura: Haha, I like you, little one. You remind me of me at your age.
    Azhura: Hmmm... I sense... Void magic inside of you, but muted. They blocked you, didn't they?
    Nythera: Yes! But I suppose it was necessary. Everyone else seems to think so, anyway.
    Nythera: Elucidas -- he's a Creatioux dragon-
    Azhura: Oh yes, yes I know of him. Quite the charmer, isn't he?
    Nythera: Um... I guess so. If you like smelly old-
    Azhura: Finish your thought dear. Keeping in mind, of course, that Elucidas and I are old, OLD friends. *smile*
    Nythera: Er- ah- nevermind.
    Nythera: I'll be allowed to have my magic back, though. If you'll teach me how to use it, that is.
    Azhura: Oh my, yes. We'd better teach you how to use it! If we don't, you're apt to destroy yourself.
    Azhura: *thinking* May she never endure what I have!
    Azhura: The Void is a deadly place, and the element that infuses it is both addictive and powerful.
    Azhura: Come here, dear. We will begin without delay!
    Azhura: Well! THAT was certainly the way to do it!
    Azhura: You've done well. Yes, beyond my expectations.
    Azhura: I do believe you're ready to handle the raw stuff of the Void.
    Azhura: Your finesse will grow with your experience.
    Azhura: I can teach you no more.
    Azhura: You are ready to grasp as much of your power as you can hold, my dear.

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: The Test

    Thanks to
    -- Peachii for additional information.
    -- Dwelling Dragonlord for correction.
    -- Voodoo Master for correction.

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