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Merchant Siyan

Location: Hunter's Paradise, Moonridge

Quests given

Shops owned


Hunter's Paradise

Merchant Siyan: Hello There.
Merchant Siyan: I am Siyan, a merchant. I am traveling from the West on my to Moonridge, a town on the North-East edge of this forest.
Merchant Siyan: Mostly supplies and equipment to aid the townsfolk in their daily lives. I don't normally travel this way, however.
Merchant Siyan: Actually the path between Falconreach and Moonridge is cut off at the moment. The Moonridge knights allow no one access.
Merchant Siyan: I suspect they are dealing with another outbreak of Undead. Doomwood is full of them.
Merchant Siyan: The Moonridge knights are not terribly adept at keeping them under control yet. Hopefully the DragonLords will assist them.
Merchant Siyan: Yes. Dragonlord Vilamat and his enclave are stationed there to train the knights to properly defend the town.
Merchant Siyan: They are trying to make Moonridge a safe haven for travelers. The town resides beside the large trade route that connects the north and south.
Merchant Siyan: Since so many merchants like me carry goods and supplies along it, it is important that it is kept safe or all the towns would suffer.


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