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Nova Knight Buckler

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  • Weapons: Machete Z, Cleaver, Machete, Guardian Broadsword, Kilij, Falchion
  • Armors: Hauberk Z, Cuirass, Hauberk, Guardian Mail, Light Plate, Plate
  • Shields: Shield Z, Shield, Guardian Heater Shield, Ward, Aegis
  • Misc: Bascinet Z, Sallet, Bascinet, Guardian Armet, Helm, Great Helm

    Level: 10
    Power Level: 10
    Price: 500 36
    Sellback: 250 18
    Location: The Nova Knight
    Element: Fire

    Melee: +2
    Ranged: +4
    Magic: -4

    Fire: -3%
    Water: 0%
    Wind: +10%
    Ice: +10%
    Earth: -2%
    Energy: 0%
    Light: 0%
    Darkness: 0%

    This is the shield of a Nova Knight, an order from Lore's future sworn to defend endangered creatures! It offers ranged and melee defense and protection from Earth and Fire.


    Numbers from JMill. Image thanks to balubamboto. Descriptions from AVA. Write-up by devbhargava.

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