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Scakk -> Dragon Fear (7/7/2010 23:45:25)

Dragon Fear

Dragon Fear: The terrifying presence of the dragon strikes its opponents with such fear they may be unable to act until they gather themselves.

Dragon Fear is inflicted by the monster onto itself. The player makes the Save Roll, and if it fails, the monster is inflicted with Dragon Fear.

Immediately after the monster gains Dragon Fear, the player makes three more saves: one to resist Paralysis, one to resist Pet Paralysis, and one to resist Guest Paralysis. See the individual entries for more details.


Resist Dragon Fear: +
Those who wear the armor of the DragonSlayer and carry the title with pride are made of hardy stuff.

Used in resisting the above status. Whenever making a save against Dragon Fear, you gain the listed bonus to the save.


Scakk -> RE: Dragon Fear (7/7/2010 23:46:29)

Things that Inspire Dragon Fear:

  • Akriloth the Fire Dragon (War Boss Version)
  • Jaraka-Nuth
  • Eclipse Dragon

    Things that Resist Dragon Fear

  • DragonSlayer Class armours ( DragonSlayer / Elite Dragon Slayer / Golden Dragonslayer / Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse )

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