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Scakk -> Cripple (7/8/2010 0:33:47)


Crippled: -«Level»
Both Strength and Dexterity are lowered.

While in effect, the monster's STR and DEX are decreased by the displayed Level.

If the monster is Crippled a second time, then the new Level is added to the old one.

In addition, there may be a limit to the number of times a monster can be Crippled by an effect - see the individual entries for the limits.


Thanks to fenmeisterkronos.

Scakk -> RE: Cripple (7/8/2010 0:34:06)

Things that Cripple:

  • DragonSlayer Class armours ( DragonSlayer / Elite Dragon Slayer / Golden Dragonslayer / Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse )

    Things that Cripple Players:

  • Ryn the Undying

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