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Location: DragonFang Inn -> 2 Left -> Left Up -> 2 Right

Quests given
Moonridge Patrol
Bombing Run

Shops owned

Viamat: Hail, <Class>! I am DragonLord Viamat, and I run this outpost. Please, make yourself at home.

  • Quests!
    Viamat: I admire your courage, and your willingness to further our cause, my friend. I do have some tasks with which I could use your help.
    • Patrols
      Viamat: If you are up for it, we can always use an extra blade or spell on our patrols. One should be leaving shortly if you would like to join them.

    • Defensive Unit
      Viamat: The town would benefit greatly from your aid. Would you help the Moonridge Knights fend off the undead?
  • Talk
    Viamat: DragonGrasp has posted us here to aid the people of Moonridge.
    Viamat: We have organized patrols of DragonLords around this area, but much danger still lies inside DoomWood.
    Viamat: This cursed forest will one day cease to be a thorn in my side, I swear it!

    Viamat: Aye, itís not easy to gain ground in such a corrupted place. But at the very least, we serve to make the immediate area around Moonridge safer.
    Viamat: This town is very important, it serves as a haven to merchants who supply the northern towns with food and equipment.

    Viamat: The work we do here has repercussions throughout Lore, and we do not take it lightly.

  • Moonridge Knights
    Viamat: Our defensive unit was hit hard in the recent months...
    Viamat: We have suffered a great many losses and have enlisted the help of the local citizens and some mercenaries to protect the town.
    Viamat: Mayor Dolan has agreed to cover the costs of outfitting them with equipment, and we have been training them to fight.
    Viamat: Thus, we have witnessed the birth of the Moonridge Knights.
    Viamat: They are not yet able to stand alone, but one day they will, and we will be able to focus our efforts elsewhere.

    Viamat: They guard the perimeter of the town, and its streets. I run patrols throughout the surrounding area and manage the supply routes.
    Viamat: If the town were to ever come under attack, we'd have an army of DragonLords coming in to flank the enemy.

  • Artix?
    Viamat: Yes, I am aware that Artix is leading the frontal assault against the Necromancers in DoomWood.
    Viamat: Hahaha, yes that sounds like him. The Paladins and DragonLords here share common goals, I only hope our work in DoomWood is not in vain.
    Viamat: Part of our duties is to ensure that they obtain adequate supplies. They have helped us many times, it is the least we can do.


    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith for image and corrections.

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