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Stephen Nix -> Zard Trap (8/13/2010 16:52:20)

[image][/image]Zard Trap

Location: Falconreach -> Friday the 13th Invasion Invasive Species! -> Special Mission! Zard Trap!, Resident Sneevil Mogloween -> Chapter 5 -> Irwin Dundee -> Uprising -> Special Mission! Zard Trap!
Level/Quest/Items required: DA
Release Date: August 13th, 2010

Objective: Corner that Zard!
Objective completed: You got him! Always remember though, don't grab them by the teeth!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) HyperZard - Boss

Irwin Dundee

Defender's Medal

Irwin Dundee: 'Ey, mate! We're gonna set us up a zard trap!
Irwin Dundee: These zards are incredibly smart. For days now, boxes of supplies have been disappearin' from the town and from my camp.
Irwin Dundee: We suspect that the zards might be behind it and a few of the Moonridge Knights are gonna help us corner one.
Irwin Dundee: You direct 'em on where to go and once that zard is cornered you can take it out.
Irwin Dundee: We've set up a nice stack of supply boxes to lure a zard out. Jokes on them though, those boxes are empty!
Irwin Dundee: The mayor and shopkeeps have provided a nice gold reward for every zard ya get out of commission too!
Irwin Dundee: Good luck, mate, and be careful!

  • You have up to five rounds, at the end of each round you can choose either to fight a boss or end the quest. With each round the boss gets stronger.

    Thanks to Voodoo Master for correction.

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