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Irwin Dundee / Zardhunter

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8/11/2010 21:01:37   

Irwin Dundee / Zardhunter

Location: Falconreach (Books 1 and 2 Day Time), Friday the 13th Invasion Invasive Species, Mogloween 2010, Experiment Storage, Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Chapter 5, Monstercize

Zones permitted
Monster Zoo

Quests given
Friday the 13th Invasion
Zard Trap
Catapult Assault
Boss Fight!
Top Secret

Mogloween 2010
Resident Sneevil: Outbreak
Resident Sneevil: Genesis
Resident Sneevil: Parasol Chronicles
Resident Sneevil: Revelations
Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!
Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE
Resident Sneevil: Uprising
Tricks or Treats 10'

Shops owned


Irwin Dundee: 'Oy there! <Character>! Crikey! Have you been to the Zoo yet?

  • Talk
    Irwin Dundee: You need to go explore and learn all about the monsters there and, then, maybe, if you feel up to it, you can help me get 'em some monstercize!

    (Besides FalconsNest Grove)
    Irwin Dundee: 'Oy there! <Character>! Crikey! I hear the Guardians are working on fixing the Zoo up!

    Irwin Dundee: 'Oy there! <Character>! Crikey! Want to find out about rare and elusive monsters?!

  • Talk
    Irwin Dundee: Have you seen the fantastic FalconsNest Monster Zoo? They have turducken!

    (Moonridge Opening)
    Irwin Dundee: 'Ey mate! I'm trying to find my way to the town of Moonridge.
    Irwin Dundee: I hear the wildlife in Doomwood is gee-whizz fan-tastic! I can't wait to get out there and see all the rare and dangerous animals!

    Friday 13th Invasion

    At War Camp:
    Irwin Dundee: 'Oy there! Crikey! The woods near Moonridge have been invaded by the fierce and elusive Zard! They've never been seen this far north before!
  • Talk
    Irwin Dundee: Zardhunter 'ere! Wildlife expert and trapper whiz, visiting from the south! I've never seen anythin' like this zard outbreak!
    • What Are Zards?
      Irwin Dundee: Zards are an ancient species that can be found in the wilds far south of 'ere.
      Irwin Dundee: There are twenty-three known species of zards, seventeen of which are exceedingly rare.
      Irwin Dundee: I've never seen anythin' like what we have 'ere though! It's a zard explosion! Never 'ave I seen such a rapid invasion!
      Irwin Dundee: While there are several known types of Zards among those attacking, there also seems to be a new type of proto-zard among them!

    • Different Kinds?
      Irwin Dundee: Aye! It's very strange to see so many types in one place.
      Irwin Dundee: The bulk 'ere seem to be your basic frogzard. A reptilian monster with a basic nature attack, they're fascinated by small, dark places.
      Irwin Dundee: We also seem to have a good number of crimson zards, which are very aggressive and attack with fire!
      Irwin Dundee: Hyper Zards have been spotted. These beauties have very powerful leg muscles, run faster than a speedin' horse and attack with wind power!
      Irwin Dundee: We also have Tasters. These water-based zards are incredibly agile and incredibly dangerous!
      Irwin Dundee: In addition to these, there's a whole new type of zard! It appears to be a proto-zard, which means it might be a missing link in zard evolution!
      Irwin Dundee: 'Ey, maybe we can call 'em <Character>-zards if ya catch me one?

    • What Should I Do?
      Irwin Dundee: Well, mate, this many zards entering the ecosystem so rapidly is not good.
      Irwin Dundee: Combined with the fact that all these zards are incredibly aggressive... well, we need to clear them out before they overtake us all!

    • How Did They Get Here?
      Irwin Dundee: No idea, mate! All of the sudden we were surrounded! The woods are fulla these little fellas!
      Irwin Dundee: As I understand it, waves of dangerous foes are nothin' new to the guards 'ere, but they're used to 'em bein' undead.

    • What About The Undead?
      Irwin Dundee: The Moonridge Knights have those covered, though they don't have the resources to deal with this zard invasion too!
      Irwin Dundee: If you want to help with the undead, just head over to the DragonFang Inn and you can report to Viamat there for the normal patrol.

  • Heal - refills your HP, MP and potions.
  • Leave - exits to war camp.

    The Yaw

    Irwin Dundee: 'Oy...<Character>...somethin'...somethin' different is attackin' now. I don't even know what to call it!

    Irwin Dundee: It's a...a...a huuuuuuge snake! It just came outta nowhere!
    Irwin Dundee: Be really careful, <Character>, whatever is making the Zards super aggressive is doin' the same to this snake...
    Irwin Dundee: Ya gotta take it down, <Character>. This Yaw needs to be stopped!

    Irwin Dundee: Stop the Yaw, <Character>!

    Zard Trap

    Irwin Dundee: 'Ey, mate! We're gonna set us up a zard trap!
    Irwin Dundee: These zards are incredibly smart. For days now, boxes of supplies have been disappearin' from the town and from my camp.
    Irwin Dundee: We suspect that the zards might be behind it and a few of the Moonridge Knights are gonna help us corner one.
    Irwin Dundee: You direct 'em on where to go and once that zard is cornered you can take it out.
    Irwin Dundee: We've set up a nice stack of supply boxes to lure a zard out. Jokes on them though, those boxes are empty!
    Irwin Dundee: The mayor and shopkeeps have provided a nice gold reward for every zard ya get out of commission too!
    Irwin Dundee: Good luck, mate, and be careful!

    Resident Sneevil: Outbreak

    Zardhunter: 'Oy! You're right, Aria! Three toes! Well I'll be a gorillaphant's uncle!
    Zardhunter: You sure are a smart one, kiddo!
    Zardhunter: Ahh!
    Zardhunter: <Character>! Ah, well yes....
    Zardhunter: Right-o, yes! I was teaching little Aria here all I know about Zards! Which is a lot, since I'm a leadin' Zard expert and all that....
    Zardhunter: 'Ave I told ya about all the different types o' Zards there are?
    Zardhunter: Twenty-three! Seventeen of which are exceedingly rare!
    Zardhunter: Well, uh, we 'aven't made too much progress on that front, mate. There are just too many right now to really detect the source.
    Zardhunter: ...
    Zardhunter: Crikey, almost done. 'Ey, did you 'ear that?
    Zardhunter: CRIKEY!!!
    Zardhunter: GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!!!
    Zardhunter: Oh yeah, mate! Definently!
    Zardhunter: These buggers are super fast and Aria and me 'aven't had much luck trappin' one ourselves...
    Zardhunter: See if ya can find out where they're nestin'! any information' ya can bring back woulb be a-mazin'!

    Resident Sneevil: Genesis

    Zardhunter: Are ya sure, mate? I mean, crikey, I've never heard of these sneevils...it has to be some sorta strange magic changin' 'em!
    Zardhunter: That's not how it works though...
    Zardhunter: Zards are defiantly a highly adaptive species, but to suggest... that... that... one can just change into another instantly?
    Zardhunter: That just isn't good science...
    Zardhunter: Twenty...three!
    Zardhunter: We need you to go into the field and catalogue the new types of monsters showin' up, mate.
    Zardhunter: We 'ave to figure out where they're all comin' from and stop it! Almost all the native species in the woods 'ere 'ave disappeared.
    Zardhunter: The Zards were bad enough, but with new, highly aggressive species appearing, all the towns in the area in great danger.
    Zardhunter: No idea, mate. It's always looked empty and foreboding to me.

    Resident Sneevil: Parasol Chronicles

    Zardhunter: Eep! Anotha monster!

    Resident Sneevil: Revelations

    Zardhunter: Corporation?
    Zardhunter: 'Oy... this is facinatin' and all... but... I think somethin' is comin'....
    Zardhunter: It's a zard! One of twenty-three different spec...
    Zardhunter: We've been trying to figure out how the zards got into the area, Mr. Zorbak. They're usually only found far to the south.
    Zardhunter: If they weren't part of ya research... well, then I guess were back ta square one.
    Zardhunter: !!!
    Zardhunter: Well 'ello there ladies!
    Zardhunter: !!!!!!!

    Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!

    Irwin Dundee: So... where do we even start?

  • Where to start?
    Irwin Dundee: Well, let's try to cover as much ground as we can then. Who do you want to go with, <Character>?

  • Take Irwin!
    Irwin is added to your party in Slot A
    Irwin Dundee: I attack with nature!

    Experiment Storage

    Zardhunter: You and me both, mate....

    Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE

    Zardhunter: Who...wha...what are you?

    Zardhunter: *(Muffled screams)*
    Zardhunter: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zardhunter: 'Oy... I think... I think we all made it....

    Resident Sneevil: Uprising

  • Talk
    Irwin Dundee: The sisters are working on a cure for the Z-Virus, but until then we have to 'ead off all the attacks!
    • Where are they attacking?
      Irwin Dundee: The infected are attacking Doomwood right now!

    • What is infecting the monsters?
      Irwin Dundee: Bites from infected zard, and the other experimental monsters that have escaped The Beehive are very dangerous!

    • How do we stop SALL-IE?
      Irwin Dundee: We just gotta hold off those infected long enough for the Sisters to get their cure ready.

    • What if the infected win?
      Irwin Dundee: Crikey! I don't even want to think about that!

  • Heal - refills your HP, MP and potions.

  • Southern Cuisine
    Irwin Dundee: Oh boy! Ya'll have been doin' great at taken out those zards. It's given me a chance to do some good ol' southern cookin'!
    • Zard Tartare
      Irwin Dundee: Zard Tartare is finely chopped zard meat. It's said to make ya very fierce just like the zard it came from and increase your damage!
    • Fried Zard Legs
      Irwin Dundee: Fried Zard Legs are delicious and fillin'! These'll boost your crit in battle!
    • Zard Burgers
      Irwin Dundee: Zard Burgers are good for those of ya that like to remain wary! These'll increase your defenses.
    • Zardcakes
      Irwin Dundee: Zardcakes are a great dish for those who want to roll the dice! They'll increase your Luck!
    • Zard-kebobs
      Irwin Dundee: These Zard-Kebobs are great for those of ya that want a little extra accuracy. The skewers are said to be to be deadly!

    Mogloween Storybook

    Irwin Dundee: 'Ey there, <Character>! It's time to figure out where alla these zards are comin' from!


    Irwin Dundee: Oi there, <Character>! Visiting the zoo is great, and all, but these animals need exercise!
    Irwin Dundee: Wanna 'elp me whip 'em into shape? They're riled up and ready for a challenge!

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image and corrections.
  • Silver Xoven and Voodoo Master for location links and additional dialogue.
  • Stephen Nix for additional dialogue and corrections.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf and Highlord Sendai for additional dialogue.

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