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Stephen Nix -> Friday the 13th Invasion - Invasive Species! (8/13/2010 17:17:11)

Friday the 13th Invasion Invasive Species!

Other names: Friday the 13th WAR, Zard Invasion!

Location: Mogloween 2010 -> Irwin Dundee -> Zard Invasion
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 13th, 2010

Objective: They're everywhere!
Objective completed: Where are all of these zards coming from?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

War Meter

Wave 1: (3) Frogzard, (1) HyperZard, (1) Taster
Wave 2: (1) HyperZard, (3) Frogzard, (1) Taster
Wave 3: (3) Frogzard, (1) CrimsonZard, (1) HyperZard
Wave 4: (3) Frogzard, (1) HyperZard, (1) Taster
Wave 5: (1) Taster, (1) CrimsonZard, (3) Frogzard
Wave 6: (2) Frogzard, (1) HyperZard, (1) Taster, (1) CrimsonZard
Wave 7: (2) CrimsonZard, (2) Frogzard, (1) HyperZard
Wave 8: (2) CrimsonZard, (1) Taster, (2) Frogzard
Joke Wave: 0 Monsters, a cutscene....see bottom

Side Note: Protozard replaced an extra frogzard on a few waves at 50%

Irwin Dundee
Frogzard 1, 2, and 3

Defender's Medal
Unlucky Doom Essence

Side Quests
Zard Trap
Nitroglycerin Sponge Catapault
At 100%: Security Footage

Encountering a Joke Wave

Frogzard 1: *Growl*
<Character>: Pff.. This wave is a joke!
Frogzard 1: ???

Leans back and barks loud....


More zards appear

<Character>: Aww...
Frogzard 2: ???
Frogzard 3: !!!

You see a zard with a box on its head as it rams into the other zards unaware of its fellow comrades...

<Character>: ...
<Character>: Right. Because this Friday the 13th wasn't weird enough...
<Character>: Ok, here he comes...
Boxzar: *muffled roar*

The zard quickly runs into a falls flat on his stomach

<Character>: ...
<Character>: Hey, you ok lil' guy?
Boxzar: zZzzz
<Character>: Uh... I'm just gonna leave.

You run away and claim your reward.

War Camp (No longer available, see notes below)

Irwin Dundee: 'Oy there! Crikey! The woods near Moonridge have been invaded by the fierce and elusive Zard! They've never been seen this far north before!
  • Talk
    Irwin Dundee: Zardhunter 'ere! Wildlife expert and trapper whiz, visiting from the south! I've never seen anythin' like this zard outbreak!
    • What Are Zards?
      Irwin Dundee: Zards are an ancient species that can be found in the wilds far south of 'ere.
      Irwin Dundee: There are twenty-three known species of zards, seventeen of which are exceedingly rare.
      Irwin Dundee: I've never seen anythin' like what we have 'ere though! It's a zard explosion! Never 'ave I seen such a rapid invasion!
      Irwin Dundee: While there are several known types of Zards among those attacking, there also seems to be a new type of proto-zard among them!

    • Different Kinds?
      Irwin Dundee: Aye! It's very strange to see so many types in one place.
      Irwin Dundee: The bulk 'ere seem to be your basic frogzard. A reptilian monster with a basic nature attack, they're fascinated by small, dark places.
      Irwin Dundee: We also seem to have a good number of crimson zards, which are very aggressive and attack with fire!
      Irwin Dundee: Hyper Zards have been spotted. These beauties have very powerful leg muscles, run faster than a speedin' horse and attack with wind power!
      Irwin Dundee: We also have Tasters. These water-based zards are incredibly agile and incredibly dangerous!
      Irwin Dundee: In addition to these, there's a whole new type of zard! It appears to be a proto-zard, which means it might be a missing link in zard evolution!
      Irwin Dundee: 'Ey, maybe we can call 'em <Character>-zards if ya catch me one?

    • What Should I Do?
      Irwin Dundee: Well, mate, this many zards entering the ecosystem so rapidly is not good.
      Irwin Dundee: Combined with the fact that all these zards are incredibly aggressive... well, we need to clear them out before they overtake us all!

    • How Did They Get Here?
      Irwin Dundee: No idea, mate! All of the sudden we were surrounded! The woods are fulla these little fellas!
      Irwin Dundee: As I understand it, waves of dangerous foes are nothin' new to the guards 'ere, but they're used to 'em bein' undead.

    • What About The Undead?
      Irwin Dundee: The Moonridge Knights have those covered, though they don't have the resources to deal with this zard invasion too!
      Irwin Dundee: If you want to help with the undead, just head over to the DragonFang Inn and you can report to Viamat there for the normal patrol.

  • Heal - refills your HP, MP and potions.

  • Southern Cuisine
    Irwin Dundee: Oh boy! Ya'll have been doin' great at taken out those zards. It's given me a chance to do some good ol' southern cookin'!
    • Zard Tartare
      Irwin Dundee: Zard Tartare is finely chopped zard meat. It's said to make ya very fierce just like the zard it came from and increase your damage!
    • Fried Zard Legs
      Irwin Dundee: Fried Zard Legs are delicious and fillin'! These'll boost your crit in battle!
    • Zard Burgers
      Irwin Dundee: Zard Burgers are good for those of ya that like to remain wary! These'll increase your defenses.
    • Zardcakes
      Irwin Dundee: Zardcakes are a great dish for those who want to roll the dice! They'll increase your Luck!
    • Zard-kebobs
      Irwin Dundee: These Zard-Kebobs are great for those of ya that want a little extra accuracy. The skewers are said to be to be deadly!
  • Leave - exits to war camp.

    ZardSlayer Shop

  • You gain 100 Gold and 20 XP when completing a joke wave.
  • At 50% war meter, Protozard was added to the war waves, in addition to a new trinket and food items for purchase.
  • The actual war waves are still available after the war ended, while the original camp site was converted to the main hub for Mogloween 2010.

    Boss Fight: The Yaw

    Thanks to
    -- Silver Xoven for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections.
    -- Jay for corrections.

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