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The Test

Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quest -> Rise of the DragonMage -> The Test
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Bridge Forms
Release Date: August 20th, 2010

Objective: Elucidas wants to make sure you can handle your newfound powers in battle. Run a friendly gauntlet of the Creatioux to demonstrate that you can be powerful AND merciful!
Objective completed: Elucidas thinks you're ready!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Clawkin Wanderer
(2) Earth Elemental
(1) Jungle Fury
(5) Young Creatioux
(1) Creatioux Eldest, (1) Elucidas - Boss


Tiny Fireflies
Bright Fireflies
Glowing Fireflies
Shining Fireflies

Nythera: I feel AMAZING! I can feel the power pulsing through me! I can take on ANYthing!

  • Quest!
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    * Loads Elemental Nythera *

    Nythera: I am myself again! I didn't know that such a large part of me was missing, but after talking to Azhura...
    Nythera: After her lessons, I felt SOMEthing snap into place. It was like having a broken bone set all of a sudden.
    Nythera: A pain I never knew I felt was suddenly GONE! I feel wonderful! Like I could do anything!
    Nythera: And I WILL!
    Elucidas: *chuckle* Slowly, child, slowly. You have only just regained all of your powers.
    Elucidas: You are still young, and the powers new. You must have patience.
    Nythera: But I want to use them NOW! The electricity coursing through my veins...
    Nythera: ... it feels like grabbing ahold of purple lightning and drinking it up.
    Nythera: ... That makes no sense. But it's how I feel.
    Elucidas: I am glad you are happy, dragon-child. It has been long since such exuberance was witnessed in this glade.
    Elucidas: But I fear I am about to dampen your emotions.
    Elucidas: Before we can loose you on the world- before you can take on the Decadere...
    Elucidas: ... You must prove to us that you can handle your powers with finesse and responsibilty.
    Elucidas: We cannot have you go running off and taking on the powers of Creation... as a random example.
    Nythera: I will NEVER live that down!
    Nythera: I understand, Elucidas. But... how can I prove myself to you?
    Nythera: I am me. I don't know how to be anyone else.
    Elucidas: A man- or woman- shows their true mettle in battle. Their real personality and being come to the front.
    Elucidas: So. We will test you in battle, and see what we shall see.
    Elucidas: You will run a gauntlet of my best warriors, and finally... ME.
    Elucidas: If you can defeat us with honor, then we will know that you are ready to take on anyone- or thing- that you might need to face.
    Nythera: Use my new powers in battle? Let's GO!

  • Heal
  • Run Gauntlet

    Elucidas: You have done well, child. There is one more battle before you.
    Elucidas: I won't be TOO hard on you, young one!
    Nythera: And I'll show you that I shouldn't be underestimated!

  • Heal
  • Battle!
  • Extreme!

    Elucidas: Child, I have never been happier to lose a battle. You have done well.
    Nythera: I- ... Thank you.
    Nythera: It feels RIGHT to use my magic. I feel whole.
    Elucidas: Yes, and I think you're ready to take on the Decadere.
    Elucidas: We must leave that up to you; we cannot fight them ourselves.
    Elucidas: If we turn on our brethren, misguided through they are, there will never be a reconciliation.
    Elucidas: A dragon's pride would not allow it.
    Elucidas: So you see, you are our only hope.
    Nythera: I understand. I think... maybe... a lot of MY pride comes from my dragon-half.
    Elucidas: *small smile* I wouldn't be at all surprised by that, child.
    Elucidas: Then I think it is time you go.
    Elucidas: You have shown that you can handle victory with grace.
    Elucidas: I think you have grown much since we first met.
    Elucidas: You are ready. Do what only YOU can do!
    Elucidas: Find the Decadere, and convince them that they must return to us, that we must reunite for the good of our kind!

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Stephen Nix for correction.

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