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Willowshire Guardian(s)

Location: Willowshire, Willowshire -> Right, Willowshire -> 2 Right, Willowshire -> 2 Right -> Enter inn -> Left -> 2 Up Left

Quests given
Dragon Trap!

Shops owned

Guardians at the entrance (left to right):
Guardian: Be ever vigilant, <Class>. Although it seems calm, the Dravir lurk amongst the darkness.
Guardian: Fortuna is waiting for you in her tent to the east. You can walk if you'd like and see the damage that the dragon has wrought or I can give you a ride.

Guardian: <Character>, just in time! I need your help!
Guardian: I just received word that Bargok has finally been trapped! That beast has been terrorizing our livestock while Gorgok lays waste to the town.
Guardian: You have to help take him down! For the safety of horses everywhere!

Guardians: BATTLE ON!!
Guardians: BATTLE ON!!
Guardians: BATTLE ON!!

Guardian (1): Woot! Let's kick some Dravir-butt!
Guardian (2): Hey, watch your language. Kids play this gam-, er, *cough* uh, I mean there are kids running around!
Guardian (1): Kids? Where? This is the battle front, if there are kids here we've got more to worse trouble.
Guardian (2): ...
Guardian (1): ...
Guardian (1): Butt.

Guardian in town:
Guardian: Welcome to Willowshire... what's left of it.
Guardian: We are battling to save what remains. The people here, they are hungry and afraid.. however they are determined to survive.
  • Be strong!
    Guardian: It is our duty to uphold justice and to protect the weak. We will prevail!

  • The town is gone
    Guardian: We... We must protect them. They needs us.
    Guardian: We have fortified our defenses, they stand a better chance if they remain here.
Guardian with Sozo:
Guardian: Aye. Willowshire will sleep well tonight.

Guardians in inn:
Guardian (3): Hey guys... *snicker* This morning, Maj and I played a little joke on Flak.
Guardian (4): Hahaha, yeah!
Guardian (1): Oh?
Guardian (3): We both took turns passing gas into his helmet while he was sleeping!
Guardian (1): HAHAHAHAA!
Guardian (2): Hah!
Guardian (4): He's been trying to figure out where the smell is coming from all day! HAHAH!
Guardian (2): Hahahaha!
Guardian (1): Hahahahaa!
Guardian (3): He goes: "Hey do you smell something?" hAAhaaAhaaha!


Thanks to Slayer Zach for correction.

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