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8/27/2010 23:11:26   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)


Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Willowshire -> Take me there!, Timeline (Book 1) -> The Orb Saga Willowshire/The Earth Orb -> To Willowshire, Book of Lore -> Orb Saga -> Earth Orb
Requirements: Completion of Slay Gorgok!
Release Date: August 27th, 2010

Zones Accessible
Guardian Fortuna
Willowshire Guardian Tower
Hidden Blades

Quests Available
Dragon Trap!

Guardian Fortuna - The Earth Orb
Willowshire Burns!
Slay Gorgok!
Gorgok Returns!
A Rock and A Dark Place
Your Secret Is Safe
The Secret of the Thorn
The Temple of Gloom
What's Mine Is Mine
The Map Room
Race to the Key Orb
En Tropy
New Face of Entropy
Nature's Keeper
Surehunter Woes
Earth and Entropy

Guardian Flak
Guardian Fortuna
Nancy Lee

Fortuna Thanks
Jibbley's Junk
Willowshire Alley
Willowshire Thanks


Guardian: Be ever vigilant, <Class>. Although it seems calm, the Dravir lurk amongst the darkness.
Guardian: Fortuna is waiting for you in her tent to the east. You can walk if you'd like and see the damage that the dragon has wrought or I can give you a ride.

  • Quest
    Guardian: <Character>, just in time! I need your help!
    Guardian: I just received word that Bargok has finally been trapped! That beast has been terrorizing our livestock while Gorgok lays waste to the town.
    Guardian: You have to help take him down! For the safety of horses everywhere!

    Ulero: Be on your guard, this area is not safe. Unless you've brought supplies or reinforcements, you shouldn't be here.

  • Talk
    <Character>: What is going on here?
    Ulero: We are holding the line. They will NOT claim Willowshire!
    <Character>: Who are you defending the city from?
    Ulero: The Dravir. They have seized the Northwest half of the city. Ever since that cursed dragon...

  • The Dravir
    <Character>: What interest do the Dravir have with this area?
    Ulero: I wish I knew, adventurer. I wish I knew. They are a fierce race.. Whatever their motives, we must not let them have their way.

  • Can I help?
    Ulero: Talk to Guardian Fortuna, she should be in her quarters. She will know what you can do to help.

  • Battle On!
    Ulero: BATTLE ON!!
    Guardians: BATTLE ON!!
    Guardians: BATTLE ON!!
    Guardians: BATTLE ON!!

    Guardian (1): Woot! Let's kick some Dravir-butt!
    Guardian (2): Hey, watch your language. Kids play this gam-, er, *cough* uh, I mean there are kids running around!
    Guardian (1): Kids? Where? This is the battle front, if there are kids here we've got more to worse trouble.
    Guardian (2): ...
    Guardian (1): ...
    Guardian (1): Butt.

    Willowshire (Main)

    Guardian: Welcome to Willowshire... what's left of it.
    Guardian: We are battling to save what remains. The people here, they are hungry and afraid.. however they are determined to survive.

  • Be strong!
    <Character>: I am confident in the Guardians' ability. Willowshire will not be lost.
    Guardian: It is our duty to uphold justice and to protect the weak. We will prevail!

  • The town is gone
    <Character>: Willowshire is in ruins. The people here should seek refuge amongst the neighbouring towns.
    Guardian: We... We must protect them. They needs us.
    Guardian: We have fortified our defenses, they stand a better chance if they remain here.

    Jibbley's Junk

    Jibbley: Want to buy something?

  • Talk
    <Character>: What kind of stuff do you sell here?
    Jibbley: Whatever I can. I'm a scavenger, I've been picking through the ruins to help supply the Guardians and townsfolk.
    <Character>: So you just found this stuff lying around?
    Jibbley: Yup. An <Class> like you would have no fear running in and out of town, but for anyone else it's dangerous with the Dravir around.
    Jibbley: So I'm stuck. I can't run to Falconreach and Moonridge for supplies so I'm searching the ruins for junk people can use.
    <Character>: Junk?
    Jibbley: Well.. Not junk per se... More like refurbished, USEFUL junk.
    <Character>: ... But still junk though.
    Jibbley: Look. No complaining about the merchandise, bub.
    Jibbley: I'm not gonna dance the jig just to get you to buy something. Don't waste my time.

  • Shop - opens Jibbley's Junk shop.

    The Villagers

    Villager (1): The Dravir are too many! We must flee Willowshire!
    Villager (2): The Guardians are here, they will protect us.
    Villager (3): The Guardians are too few, and the battle moves closer and closer to my house every day!
    Villager (4): Friend, I understand that you fear for your family. But if we flee, we will be defenseless on the roads.
    Villager (4): If the Dravir are here to exterminate us, we would not stand a chance!
    Villager (1): They don't care about us! If we leave they will stay and continue whatever it is they are doing.
    Villager (1): We should get out of their way!
    Villager (2): It's too risky. I would rather stay and fight!
    Villager (3): Yes... perhaps that is best.
    Villager (1): No, we should run before it's too late!
    Villager (3): No, they are right. If we leave, we will surely die.
    Villager (1): I... I just.. I just want my children to be safe. I trust you, if you think we are safer here then I will stay as well.
    Villager (4): We must stay and help the Guardians however we can. They are risking their lives for our safety.
    Villager (3): Yes. I will gather a group. No more will we hide, we must hold our ground.
    Villager (3): One day, we will tell our grandchildren about our victory over the Dravir!

    Guardian with Sozo

    Sozo: Put together a team and sweep the city for Dravir. We must be sure the people are kept safe.
    Guardian: Aye. Willowshire will sleep well tonight.
    Sozo: Make it so. I am heading back to the bridge.
    *Rides off towards the entrance*

    Willowshire Inn

    Guardian Flak: Hey do you smell something? Gosh, it reeks.. I can't seem to get away from it.

    Nancy Lee: Careful, I wouldn't get too close to me. I am REALLY mad at that stupid dragon! He smashed my house!!!!

    <Character>: ...What?
    Jeff: Whooo!! Look at them go!
    Spinbad: Wow, that skele sure knows how to lay down a bassline!
    Villager: Not too often you see a travelling necro music troupe jamming with some Guardians!
    Gea: I'll say. It's so nice to hear some happy music after we come back from the front lines...
    <Character>: Note to self: Keep Artix away from this place.

    Zardlegs: Facebiscuit! What's up, ol' buddy?!

  • Talk
    <Character>: .... What did you call me?!
    Zardlegs: Face. Biscuit.
    <Character>: Why I oughta--
    Zardlegs: Whoa, hey! What? You don't remember me?
    <Character>: What? No. And you better take back th-
    Zardlegs: It's me, Zardlegs! Come on, you must remember me from Lolosia!
    <Character>: I-I've never been to Lolosia.
    Zardlegs: Oh, quit playin'. Man I miss running the seas with you n' old Captain Batgrease.
    <Character>: C-Captain Batgrease?
    Zardlegs: Yeah! How is he these days?
    <Character>: I, uh, haven't seen him...
    Zardlegs: Aww, that's too bad. I hear he finally found a cure for that unfortunate skin condition he had. Wonder what he looks like now.
    <Character>: Yeah, uh..
    Zardlegs: Say no more. He left you behind on one of his northern trips, didn't he? Good ol' Batgrease.. at least he is consistent!
    <Character>: Yeah.. *(Unlike your brain. Stop talking!)*
    Zardlegs: Well, I need to get back to work, but let me know if there's anything I can do for ya! Nice seeing you again!
    <Character>: *(Oh thank goodness..)*
    <Character>: Yeah, thanks. I guess.

  • Rest
    Zardlegs: A bed for the night? Anything for you, ol' pal. It's on the house!
    • Rest - fully replenishes HP and MP.
    • Nevermind

  • Set Hometown
    Zardlegs: Want a room for a while? Well.. I'm not supposed to reserve rooms right now, but I guess I could do that for you. Free, of course.
    • Yes
    • No
    Guardian (3): Hey guys... *snicker* This morning, Maj and I played a little joke on Flak.
    Guardian (4): Hahaha, yeah!
    Guardian (1): Oh?
    Guardian (3): We both took turns passing gas into his helmet while he was sleeping!
    Guardian (1): HAHAHAHAA!
    Guardian (2): Hah!
    Guardian (4): He's been trying to figure out where the smell is coming from all day! HAHAH!
    Guardian (2): Hahahaha!
    Guardian (1): Hahahahaa!
    Guardian (3): He goes: "Hey do you smell something?" hAAhaaAhaaha!

    Road to Tower

    <Character>: What's going on here?
    Orvin: Sorry friend, the Guardian tower is not safe at the moment. If you want to go in you'll have to talk to Guardian Fortuna.
    Orvin: The Dravir are relentless.. We need to start gaining ground or I fear we may lose more than we are wiling to part with.


    Ina: ...

  • Talk
    Ina: The library has been destroyed. All the books within have been ruined by war and fire.
    Ina: All except one. How unfortunate.

  • Which one?
    Ina: Just some nonsense gossip thing. Hardly worth keeping... Why, want to read it?
    • Yes - opens "Gossip Ga-Lore!" book.

    • No
      Ina: Heh.. can't blame you.


    Andazoth: Our house was spared! Thank you for fighting for our town!
    Andazoth: I apologize, but I have nothing to offer you for your bravery.. But please.. understand that I am eternally grateful.
    Villager: Oh.. but what about--
    Andazoth: That's right! Yes, please accept this gift.
    Andazoth: This necklace has been handed down through my family for generations, it is a precious heirloom to me, but I want you to have it.
    Andazoth: I won't take no for an answer, either. Thank you, hero!

  • Alright. - opens Willowshire Thanks shop.

    Alley Before Tent

    Kolanor: There is not much left, but we will rebuild. Thank you, <Character>.

    Lexalia: Come on Sazalea. We can do this. We'll return Willowshire to its former glory one step at a time!

    Guardian Fortuna's Tent
    (before Memory-Demons)

    Guardian Fortuna: Hail, <Character>. The Dragon's army has been driven back, thanks to you. But there is still work to be done...

  • Talk
    Guardian Fortuna: Gorgok was defeated and most of the town was saved! It's unbelievable that you beat him.
    Guardian Fortuna: Even though the Dravir continue besiege the town I will continue to fight for Willowshire.
    Guardian Fortuna: I will not rest until the town has been retaken and the Green Dragon's minions are defeated.
    Guardian Fortuna: I will not rest until the town is ours once again!

    Guardian Fortuna's Tent
    (after Memory-Demons)

    As original dialogue, with additional options:
  • The Dravir?
    Guardian Fortuna: After Gorgok's last defeat it flew away while its Dravir kept attacking anyone they could find.
    Guardian Fortuna: They burned our fields and our homes and set up a camp in our old town square. Most of the survivors went into hiding.
    Guardian Fortuna: Those of us who refused to run set up a resistance movement.
    Guardian Fortuna: We've been holding out for King Alteon to send us reinforcements but the Dravir have stopped every messenger that we have sent to Swordhaven.
    Guardian Fortuna: It took some time but we discovered that Gorgok was in a healing sleep in the hills near here.
    Guardian Fortuna: The dragon is heavily guarded by Dravir while it sleeps... not that we could hope to kill it even in its sleep.
    Guardian Fortuna: We heard that you were showing up and the Priestess sent us a magic message telling us about you and your dragon, <Dragon>.
    Guardian Fortuna: Her magic must be too subtle or too strong for the Dravir to block her messages to us.
    Guardian Fortuna: We believe that you have the power to defeat Gorgok or at least put it back into its healing coma. Will you help us?
    • Gorgok? - see 'Gorgok?' dialogue
  • Gorgok?
    Guardian Fortuna: I hoped that I would never see the day, but Gorgok has returned.
    Guardian Fortuna: We've been trying to rebuild since the dragon's first attack but the Dravir that it controls destroy things as fast as we can build them.
    Guardian Fortuna: Its wounds from the last battle have healed. It has grown too strong for an average hero or even a guardian to defeat...
    Guardian Fortuna: ...and it is preparing to finish Willowshire off with its renewed strength.
    Guardian Fortuna: We will never find peace until Gorgok is destroyed!
    Guardian Fortuna: It will be a hard fight but even if you don't finish Gorgok, any small defeat will cause the Dravir to fall back.
    Guardian Fortuna: That will give us some hope of taking our town and our Guardian Tower back! Will you help us?
  • How can I help?
    Guardian Fortuna: Fight with us, <Character>. With your help we may take back more of the town.

  • The Earth Orb
    Guardian Fortuna: There is more work to be done, <Character>.
    • Dravir Siege - see 'Talk' dialogue.

    • Gorgok? - see 'Gorgok?' dialogue.

    • Guardian Tower?
      Guardian Fortuna: Gorgok may have been defeated but he still lives. Many of his minions rushed into the Guardian Tower during the battle.
      Guardian Fortuna: Whatever they're after must still be down there...and maybe they haven't found it yet.
      <Character>: ...All this destruction for something hidden in the tower? It must be amazingly valuable...or powerful.
      Guardian Fortuna: I hate to ask you this after all you've done for us already..but I think you're the only one who can get this job done...
      Guardian Fortuna: Please <Character>, Go into our Guardian Tower and find what those Dravirs are after before they get it. Who knows what could happen if they get it first!

    • A Dark Place
      Guardian Fortuna: Valorus?!

    • Secret
      Guardian Fortuna: Whatever happens, <Character>, make sure the Secret of the Thorn is safe!

    • The Whole Truth
      Guardian Fortuna: <Character>, you've returned! What happened?

    • The Temple
      Guardian Fortuna: The Earth Orb is in two halves?! How will we ever find the Nature Orb after so long!?

    • What's Mine Is Mine
      Guardian Fortuna: Follow the Rare Item Hunters, <Character>. If we have any hope of finding the lost half... it's with them.

    • The Map Room
      Guardian Fortuna: Find out any information you can, <Character>! I've learned even the strangest things can yield information to a quest.

    • Key Orb
      Guardian Fortuna: Work quickly, <Character>... the closer you come to finding the Nature half of the Orb...
      Guardian Fortuna: The more likely you are to draw attention to your quest. Be on the lookout for the minions of our enemies.
      Guardian Fortuna: Be safe as you look for the adopted guardian of the Key to the Earth Orb!

    • Reanimated
      Guardian Fortuna: Who knows what the full power of the Earth Orb might unlock?

    • EnTropy
      Guardian Fortuna: I fear what would happen if Gorgok had the Orb's full power.
      Guardian Fortuna: If the stone dragon combines forces... what is already a difficult battle would be, I fear, impossible.

    • Reforged
      Guardian Fortuna: The full power of the Earth Orb could be devastating in the wrong hands.

    • Entropy Strikes
      Guardian Fortuna: What has happened, <Character>?

    • Nature's Keeper
      Guardian Fortuna: Where has the Nature Orb been all this time?

    • Surehunter Woes
      Guardian Fortuna: Do what you have to get the Earth Orb back, <Character>! Before Gorgok... before the Entropy Dragon can get it's claw on it!

    • Earth and Entropy
      Guardian Fortuna: Who knows what the treasure hunter can do with the power of the Earth Orb! You have to recover it before the Entropy Dragon!

    • Hidden Blades - teleports player to Hidden Blades.

    • Thank you!
      Guardian Fortuna: Thank you, <Character>. Even through the Earth Orb is lost, we still have our town.
      Guardian Fortuna: Lord Valorus worked hard with our weaponsmith to craft these special weapons in thanks.
    Other information
  • Ina, Andazoth, and Alley before Tent become accessible after completion of Earth and Entropy.
  • After completion of Earth and Entropy, Guardian Fortuna's 'The Earth Orb' button is replaced by 'Quests!' and 'How can I help?' dialogue is placed below it; Slay Gorgok! quest also become inaccessible.
  • 'The Earth Orb' quest chain became locked under completion of Memory-Demons on September 15th, 2023.

    Thanks to
  • Peachii and Jay for corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for dialogue.
  • Dread97 for link.
  • Slayer Zach for additional dialogue and corrections.

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