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forumlogin -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/18/2010 19:38:23)

I believe it was sometime around February or so.

stealthwings -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/18/2010 19:41:07)

What about the GG edition HMs?

forumlogin -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/18/2010 20:06:38)

Hah, that?
That was one of the reasons one of my characters was stuck.

stealthwings -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/18/2010 20:24:47)

Everyone else called them good.

forumlogin -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/18/2010 20:27:20)

Maybe at the higher levels, and maybe for the ones not using the Gears WB.
I'd call it decent at best. The shoulders were its saving grace and really the only useful weps on it.

raff -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/18/2010 20:59:27)

Changing sides on the monthly rares now. Staff need to rest and focus on the story line or else the to do list will increase.

Terosin -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/19/2010 4:49:52)

Ya know - Ya may stop postin here and create a new thread once the current one reaches page 10 ..hihi..
Ya don't have to wait till somebody locks it.

In case ya have more things you want to add, ya can recreate it.
Please don't just recreate it to create a thread..

Page 10? - Strange Lockage!

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