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Stephen Nix -> Sneevil (9/9/2010 21:49:05)


Location: Surewould Forest -> 2 Right, The Black Dragon Box, Opening the Black Box

Quests given

Shops owned

Surewould Forest

First Time entering the forest:
Sneevil: My Box! My Box! My Box! Gimme back my box!

Sneevil: *Snort* When I get down from here I'll... I'll...

Sneevil: *Snort* HEY! ALL of those are my boxes!

After the first time:
Sneevil: NO! My precious.... my preshuuuuuuuus!

Sneevil: Mine! It is mine! I stole it fair and square!

Sneevil: Say no! Say no! Say Nooooooo!

Sneevil: BOXES RULE!!!!! (and so does Evil!)

Sneevil: *Snorts loudly... so loudly it looked like it hurt* You stinky humans have no idea what boxes good for!

Sneevil: Dunn.... dunn... dunn!

The Black Dragon Box

Sneevil (thinking): *Snort* Oooooh box!

Opening the Black Box

Sneevil: YES! EMPTY! Give me back my beautiful empty box! Already dumped out useless thing in box.
Sneevil: Sneevil Dump Site, of course!


Also See: Sneegol

Thanks to
-- Peachii for dialog, location and previous image.
-- Highlord Sendai for dialog and location.
-- Voodoo Master for Also See.

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