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Surewould Forest (All Versions)

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5/31/2006 1:36:43   
Noob Killer

Surewould Forest (Books 1 and 2)

Other name: Surewood Forest

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Surewould Forest -> Take me there!, Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) -> 3 Right -> Up Right, Timeline (Book 1) -> The Orb Saga To Surewould Forest! -> To Surewould Forest
Requirements: None
Release Date: June 2nd, 2006

Quests Available
A Golden Opportunity
Give Until It Hurts
Opening the Black Box
Defeat Gananana!

Forest Cave (Books 1 and 2)
Bandit Camp
Save The Mill!
Sneevil Box Fort
The Root of All Sneevil
Watery Exploration



Robina and Sneevil
(before Opening the Black Box)

Upon approaching Robina for the first time:

*The Sneevil, carrying the Black Dragon Box, runs across the scene, only be ensnared by Robina's trap; the Sneevil flies up hung upside-down by his leg and drops the Black Dragon Box.*

Robina: This is too easy...
Sneevil: My Box!
Sneevil: My Box!
Sneevil: My Box!
Sneevil: Gimme back my box!
Robina: Sorry, these boxes are now rightful property of Robina the Hood and her Band of Merry Women.
Sneevil: *Snort* When I get down from here I'll... I'll...
Robina: ...bring me some more boxes, right?
Sneevil: *Snort* HEY! ALL of those are my boxes!

After watching the cutscene:
Robina: Robina the Hood at your service. Steal from the rich, give to the.... cute little cuddly wuddly forest creatures!

  • Quests
    Robina: Lets make the forest a better place for everyone!
    • Golden Opportunity
      Robina: A Golden Opportunity! Time to steal from the Rich... specifically, Richard the Vile, one of the bandits who robbed one of King Alteons caravans!
      • Quest! - begins A Golden Opportunity quest.
      • More
        Robina: A reliable source informed me that the gold was to be a birthday gift for one of King's three daughters.

    • Give till' it hurts...
      Robina: Give until it hurts!
      Robina: You did great taking that chest of gold from the bandits! Now we're going to GIVE IT ALL AWAY!
      Robina: Go knock out some random forest creatures and put that gold on them! What, you didn't think I was serious?
      Robina: Where did you think all those monsters got gold from in the first place?

    • Quad-Force - complete Give Until It Hurts quest to unlock this option.
      Robina: The Quad-Force
      Robina: Good work! The box is yours. When you are done with the box, I could use help with one more... special quest!
  • The Black Dragon Box
    Before completing Give Until It Hurts:
    Robina: Oh, this black box is yours you say?
    Sneevil: NO! My precious.... my preshuuuuuuuuuuus!
    Robina: Sneevils really do like their boxes!, Sneevil: Mine! It is mine! I stole it fair and square!
    Robina: I will make you a deal. If you help me with my Quests here in the forest, I will let you have the box.... agreed?,
    Sneevil: Say no!
    Sneevil: Say no!
    Sneevil: Say Nooooooo!
    • Yes!
    • No

      The End!
      By refusing to help Robina you go on your way living a normal and boring life until one day the world was destroyed and the sad part is... you never even got to find out why. (Super Secret Game Hint: Maybe you should say YES!)

    After completing Give Until It Hurts:
    Robina: Alright, a deal is a deal!
  • Bounty Hunting
    Robina: Bounty hunting is great work and can earn you piles of gold! Would you like the official Most Wanted list?

  • Talk
    Robina: You have questions? Sure, what would you like to know?
    • Quad-Force
      Robina: The Quad-Force is the legendary object, that when assembled, will open a doorway to teleport a hero to defeat Gananana!

    • Sneevils
      Robina: Sneevils? They are evil little goblins with a serious box collecting obsession.
      Sneevil: BOXES RULE!!!!! (and so does Evil!)
      Robina: Actually, now that I think of it, they like all containers. Their society seems to be based on collecting containers.
      Sneevil: *Snorts loudly... so loudly it looked like it hurt* You stinky humans have no idea what boxes good for!
      Robina: There is a serious box shortage due to the Sneevils thievery. The locals are paying good gold for any box.
      Robina: There is a Sneevil Treebox fort to the east. Have fun, and remember, you owe me a favor for telling you about it.

    • Drakath
      Robina: Drakath? Oh my... yes, I know who that is.
      Robina: His story began not too long ago in a nearby Kingdom ruled by an evil tyrant. The ambitious tyrant devised plans to conquer the country side.
      Robina: A great war began. In the end, the good King Alteon defeated the evil tyrant and returned peace to the land.
      Robina: What does Drakath have to do with this, you ask?
      Robina: Why, Drakath is the defeated Tyrant's only son.... an exiled Prince., Sneevil: Dunn.... dunn... dunn!
      Robina: Drakath is bent on revenge and will not stop until he reclaims the throne which he believes is rightfully his!

    • Merry Woman?
      Robina: Oh, so you have heard the legends? Robina the Hood and her band of MarriedWoman!
      Robina: Oh... they are merry, not married. Actually, they are all single, cute, and very well drawn. Lets see there is...
      Robina: Little Joan -- she is actually not that little and no one can beat her with quarter-staff... or a nickle, dime, or penny staff!
      Robina: Fryer Tuck - Originally a Friar, she unlocked her hidden Frying pan skills at level 25 and never went back.
      Robina: Butler Merrian - *sigh* The only boy in the group... he is pretty much just there for eye candy and doing the laundry.
      Robina: Maybe one day we can go to the secret camp.... until then, there is a lot of work to be done here!

    • Rumors
      Robina: There are two places here in Surewood that are blocked by some sort of magic barrier. There are supposed to be amazing items inside.

  • Invite
    Robina: I would love to join you in your adventures. Would you like to come with me?
    • ...as Friend A - Robina joins you as Guest A.
      ...as Friend B - Robina joins you as Guest B.
      Univite (Removes all friends)
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    Robina and Sneevil
    (after Opening the Black Box)

    As original dialogue, with 'The Black Dragon Box' option replaced by 'Quad Force':
  • Quad Force

  • See Quad-Force for more information.

    Robina: The Quad-Force is the legendary object, that when assembled, will open a doorway to teleport a hero to defeat Gananana!


    Zorbak: Mehehehe, I prefer Doomwood... but until those lazy devs open it I'm going to cause some trouble here. Have any Doom weapons?
    Zorbak: Meheheh, I prefer Doomwood... but causing some trouble here is almost as fun. Have any Doom weapons?

  • Doomwood?
    Zorbak: Ah, stinkering fetid home sweet home. Full of liches, skeletons, zombies and if you get bored there are wimpy Paladins to beat up.

  • Doom Weapons?
    Zorbak: Yeah, Doom weapons are pretty good... if you are insane, demented, psychotic and have no conscience or moral bearing.

  • Invite (Pet) - Invites Zorbak as a temporary pet.
    If you are under level 6:
    Zorbak: So, you want to cause some trouble together? Get to level 6 and you can be my pet.

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    12/2/2012 15:07:41   
    Voodoo Master

    Surewould Forest (Book 3)

    Access Point: Maguswood Region -> Surewould Forest -> Travel, Falconreach (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Up Right, Timeline (Book 3) -> The End of Magic Cinquefoil's Request -> To Surewould Forest
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: December 1st, 2012

    Quests Available
    Forest Cave (Book 3)
    Manahunter Camp
    Monster Mill
    Secret Waterfall Cave

    Life Finds A Way
    Face of Death
    Sands of Eternity




    When approaching Cinquefoil before approaching Ash and selecting 'That's everything!':
    Pop-up: This individual doesn't seem to want to talk to you. Maybe you should check in with Ash in Falconreach first.

    When approaching Cinquefoil after approaching Ash and selecting 'That's everything!' for the first time:
    Cinquefoil: <Character>?! I... Ahem! Halt, intruder! You're entering Rose territory!
    Cinquefoil: Let's keep it quiet, we don't know who may be nearby.
    • Are you a member of the Rose?
      Cinquefoil: I am, although my situation is... complicated. You should be more worried about yourself, though!
      Cinquefoil: Since you've made it to Falconreach, it won't be long before Jaania hears that you're free.
      Cinquefoil: And once word reaches Swordhaven, all of The Rose will be out to find you.

      • So... are you going to turn me in?
        Cinquefoil: No. Quite the opposite, actually. I think there's a lot we can do to help each other out here.
        Cinquefoil: While I wear the colors of The Rose, I don't necessarily agree with their goals or methods.
        Cinquefoil: But at the same time, I've met plenty of Rose members who seem to have good intentions.
        Cinquefoil: Thankfully you ran into me and not some other scout!

        • What do you want from me?
          Cinquefoil: As a member of The Rose myself, there's a lot of places within The Rose that I would look suspicious were I to investigate too closely.
          Cinquefoil: But you.. you're just a rogue adventurer as far as The Rose is concerned at the moment.
          Cinquefoil: You can go where I cannot, and use force if necessary.
          Cinquefoil: I want to know what The Rose is planning.
          Cinquefoil: I'm sure there have been increased sightings of Rose activity near Falconreach recently, and for good reason.
          Cinquefoil: The Rose has been converting old Sneevil Treeforts into a massive garrison: The Rosewood.
          Cinquefoil: Orders are to stand by for now, but I worry for Falconreach's safety as Rose forces build up.
          Cinquefoil: Most are content to wait on orders, but there are definitely those that want to take a more... active stance against the city's magical populace.
          Cinquefoil: One of the leaders here is named Hansa. She is a Magus of The Rose, a magic user herself.
          Cinquefoil: She is an inspirational leader for many Rose members stationed here, but I can't help but wonder what her goal here is.
          Cinquefoil: I need you to enter the Rosewood, find evidence of what she may be planning, and return to me.
          Cinquefoil: If you do this, I think I can figure out a way to get your bounty dismissed.

          • Why should I trust you?
            Cinquefoil: I... I'm sorry. I'm not sure who I can trust, myself. The world's been turned upside down in your absence, <Character>.
            Cinquefoil: I need to find out why my... why King Alteon so readily acquiesced to Jaania's demands for The Rose.
            Cinquefoil: I suppose I can say that you knew me, once. Before you were frozen.
            Cinquefoil: If that's not enough, I can only beg for your help.

            • That won't be necessary.
              Cinquefoil: Do we have a deal, <Character>? Or do you have any more questions?

              • What do you want from me again? - see 'What do you want from me?' dialogue.

              • Who are you? - see 'Who are you?' dialogue.

              • Can I trust you? - see 'Why should I trust you?' dialogue.

              • How do you know my name? - see 'Wait, how do you know my name?' dialogue.

              • You can get my bounty dismissed? - see 'You can get my bounty dismissed?' dialogue.

              • Tell me more about The Rose.
                Cinquefoil: I will answer to the best of my ability.

                • What does The Rose want?
                  Cinquefoil: The stated goal of The Rose is to provide safety to the people of Lore from the unpredictability and chaos of magic.
                  Cinquefoil: To many, this is a noble goal. Jaania was certainly able to convince King Alteon, and as such, The Rose spreads and grows...
                  Cinquefoil: ...even with Jaania's few public appearances these days.
                  Cinquefoil: Rose Magi and generals are still getting their orders from Swordhaven, so I assume Jaania is still overseeing operations.
                  Cinquefoil: Jaania seems content to play protector, distributing her forces around the Kingdom, but for some that's not enough.

                  • I see.

                • Where did The Rose come from?
                  Cinquefoil: After you were frozen, Jaania took to being a hero.
                  Cinquefoil: She gathered many followers, and eventually, somehow, even the support of King Alteon.
                  Cinquefoil: Many in the Kingdom of Greenguard were dissatisfied with the lack of security from Swordhaven.
                  Cinquefoil: Now, for common folk, The Rose's authority likely even surpasses that of the knights.

                  • Wow.

                • Is The Rose really kidnapping people?
                  Cinquefoil: Many of The Rose are not kind to magical creatures. I do what I can, but I am limited in my abilities.
                  Cinquefoil: If there have been disappearances, it would not surprise me to learn that The Rose was behind them.
                  Cinquefoil: But as I mentioned before, even within The Rose there are many who would disagree with that sort of behavior.
                  Cinquefoil: Whether or not Jaania approves of such tactics, I do not know.

                  • Sounds quite disorganized.

                • Why did Jaania put a bounty on me?
                  Cinquefoil: I know as much as the next person about that.
                  Cinquefoil: The bounty is official, so it must have had approval from the King.
                  Cinquefoil: However, it's been so long that most people have forgotten about it.
                  Cinquefoil: It's certainly hard to say why Jaania felt it was necessary in the first place.
                  Cinquefoil: Perhaps she felt threatened by you, or maybe she wanted you to seek her out yourself as soon as possible after you thawed.

                  • Seems like only Jaania knows why.

                • Does the King really support The Rose?
                  Cinquefoil: The King... He does. I believe he trusts Jaania fully.
                  Cinquefoil: One of the Royal Princesses has fallen ill, and the King only allows those approved by Jaania to tend to her.
                  Cinquefoil: I've... heard that he has even given Jaania blanket approval for Rose operations.

                  • You know a lot about this.
                    Cinquefoil: I have my connections, after all.

                    • They must be very useful.

                • The Rose uses magic?
                  Cinquefoil: Seems weird, right?
                  Cinquefoil: As an organization with so many members opposed to the use of magic, it's strange how much it is embraced internally.
                  Cinquefoil: From what I've been able to gather, it's more of a sentiment that "our" magic is safe and controlled, while "their" magic is unruly.
                  Cinquefoil: I find myself constantly surprised by what people choose to do and look past in search of their goals.
                  Cinquefoil: But they are still people. I am not above them, even if they may be misguided.

                  • They must have their reasons.

                • I have no more questions. - see 'That won't be necessary.' dialogue.

              • I'll help you out!
                Cinquefoil: Thank you, <Character>!

              • Maybe another time...
                Cinquefoil: I... I see. If you change your mind, I'll be waiting here.

          • You can get my bounty dismissed?
            Cinquefoil: I have my connections. A lot of this depends on Magus Hansa's intentions, however.
            Cinquefoil: If you are forced to defend Falconreach from a Rose siege, I don't know if even my influence can protect you.
            Cinquefoil: Magus Hansa's orders have mostly been passive so far. I am still holding on to hope that she can be reasoned with...
            Cinquefoil: ...before tensions rise even further.

            • Sounds like a dire situation. - see 'That won't be necessary.' dialogue.

      • Why are you telling me this? - see 'So... are you going to turn me in?' second dialogue.

    • Wait, how do you know my name?
      Cinquefoil: Um. Lucky guess? Er, I mean, you have a bounty on you. Of course I know your name!
      Cinquefoil: Look, it's not really that important. What matters is that you're here.

      • Are you a member of the Rose? - see 'Are you a member of the Rose?' dialogue.

      • What do you want from me? - see 'What do you want from me?' dialogue.

    • Who are you?
      Cinquefoil: Oh! Pardon my manners. My name is Cinquefoil. Cin for short. I'm a scout for The Rose.
      Cinquefoil: At least, that's my cover.

      • What do you want from me? - see 'What do you want from me?' dialogue.

      • How did you know my name? - see 'Wait, how do you know my name?' dialogue.
    After selecting 'I'll help you out!':
    Cinquefoil: It's good to see you again, <Character>. Let's get to work, shall we?
    • Quests
      Cinquefoil: You've seen what The Rose wants you to see. Maybe you should seek out another perspective.

      • The Rosewood
        Cinquefoil: The Rose has been converting old Sneevil Treeforts into one giant garrison. You must go in and see what you can find about Magus Hansa.
        Cinquefoil: Her motives may seem pure for now... but I want you to find her records of correspondence with Swordhaven.
        Cinquefoil: Return to me once you've found her papers and we can continue from there.
        Cinquefoil: The entrance to The Rosewood is just north of the old Bandit Camp. Hansa's documents should be there somewhere.

        • Select 'Read Correspondence' in Rose Tree quest to proceed.

      • Rose Fortress
        Cinquefoil: I see. So The Rose is truly just building this garrison for Falconreach's protection.
        Cinquefoil: Magus Hansa seems reasonable, if somewhat zealous. Perhaps if you can speak with her, she would be willing to share more.
        Cinquefoil: You should be able to find her in the stone Rose Fort. Be careful, this could potentially be incredibly dangerous.
        Cinquefoil: Once you've spoken with her, just make your way out the fort the same way you came in.

        • Your hood? - talk with Magus Hansa in Rose Fort to unlock this option.
          Cinquefoil: Ah, yes. It was getting stuffy in there.
          Cinquefoil: I'm kidding. To be honest, I wasn't sure how much I could trust you before. You've been frozen for so long, what if you'd changed?
          Cinquefoil: But I can see that you're still the <Character> I remember.
          <Character>: I... Who are you?
          Cinquefoil: Wow, I cut my hair and put on a hat and you don't recognize your old friend, Robina?
          Cinquefoil: That's probably a good thing, actually. The Rose has no idea who I really am, either!

          • I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?
            Cinquefoil: My name is Robina! You... you really don't remember me? Green tunic, bow, sneevil in a trap?
            Cinquefoil: I was the one who gave you back your Black Dragon Box when you were looking for your dragon egg.
            Cinquefoil: We had a few other adventures together too. But that was so long ago now...
            Cinquefoil: If you're curious, I'm sure you can find out more by reading the Dragon Egg Saga in your Book of Lore.
            Cinquefoil: You also learned about my... true identity as Princess Victoria when you helped Sir Ano outside of Oaklore back then.
            Cinquefoil: If you can find a way to relive those adventures, I'm sure your memory will come back!
            Cinquefoil: But if not... well, we were pretty good friends once. And you owe me a lot of gold.
            Cinquefoil: I'm just kidding about the gold. Or am I?

            • Oh, I remember now! - see 'It's good to see you again!' dialogue.

            • Do I really owe you?
              Cinquefoil: No, you don't. There was a time when I'd give gold out to the creatures of the forest, but well, there aren't too many of them around these days.
              Cinquefoil: The Rose moves in, and times change.
              Cinquefoil: And so do you and I. I really hope your memory returns soon.
              Cinquefoil: Maybe we can find someone to hit you over the head with a hammer. You know, there've been rumors out of Oaklore...
              Cinquefoil: Er... sorry, that probably wouldn't actually help. But I look forward to working with you once again, <Character>!

              • Likewise!
              • Likewise! I... think.

          • It's good to see you again!
            Cinquefoil: Thank goodness! I was hoping your brain would have started to thaw out by now.
            Cinquefoil: Maybe we can find someone to hit you over the head with a hammer. You know, there've been rumors out of Oaklore...
            Cinquefoil: Er... sorry, that probably wouldn't actually help. But I look forward to working with you once again, <Character>!

            • Likewise!
            • Likewise! I... think.

      • Life Finds A Way
        Cinquefoil: I've done some digging of my own. Apparently, The Rose has come across something new in their search for Sek Duat's remains.
        Cinquefoil: Do you remember Sek Duat? The ancient emperor of the Sandsea who once held the Light Orb?
        Cinquefoil: Well, it turns out, after you took the Light Orb, he still maintained a sizable portion of his power.
        <Character>: I...
        Cinquefoil: You had other Orbs to find. Other enemies to fight. I know, <Character>.
        Cinquefoil: Your involvement in the Sandsea, taking the Orb, did help reinvigorate the revolution though.
        Cinquefoil: In time, The Rose joined with the rebels and, together, they overthrew Sek Duat. But he escaped. He was never brought to justice.
        Cinquefoil: The Rose has been searching for him ever since, and if Hansa has been tasked with the job... It's likely something has been discovered.
        Cinquefoil: I wasn't chosen to go... so you'll have to follow Hansa on your own.
        <Character>: The Rose is... welcome in the Sandsea?
        Cinquefoil: The Rose is welcome in many places.
        Cinquefoil: For all the good that can be accomplished with magic... all the beauty it creates... a lot of Greenguard has only seen the evil it can do.
        Cinquefoil: It's obviously a much more complex issue, but it explains why many accept them with open arms.
        <Character>: What do you think?
        Cinquefoil: My... my father, the king, supports Lady Jaania almost unquestioningly. I want to understand why.
        Cinquefoil: After all I've experienced, all the good that I know magic brings with it... and with what I know has been done in the name of The Rose...
        Cinquefoil: I cannot find myself agreeing with The Rose.
        Cinquefoil: But you should head to the Sandsea. See how The Rose operates with your own eyes.

      • Face of Death
        Cinquefoil: Whatever the Rose is looking for... I have a feeling it's dangerous.

      • Sands of Eternity
        Cinquefoil: Be very careful, <Character>. If something is happening with the involvement of Sek Duat, there's sure to be trouble.

        • Quest! - begins Sands of Eternity quest.

        • What's next? - complete Sands of Eternity to unlock this option.
          Cinquefoil: I just heard the report from the Sandsea.
          Cinquefoil: It sounds like they found Sek Duat's remains and neutralized him. There wasn't any mention of your involvement though.
          Cinquefoil: However, with Magus Hansa's absence from the Rosewood fortifications, tensions have increased with Falconreach.
          Cinquefoil: I'm sure Magus Hansa downplayed the awful things that members of The Rose have been doing, so you may have to find a new source.
          Cinquefoil: What if... Hmm. Yes, you could try to locate the Vind!
          Cinquefoil: They're a secretive resistance group of magical creatures who have been opposing The Rose for some time now.
          Cinquefoil: I'm not sure where their headquarters are located, though.
          Cinquefoil: Maybe you could ask your friend Ash back in Falconreach if he has any ideas.
          Cinquefoil: Seek out the Vind and find the truth. Learn what The Rose is hiding behind their flowery words and idealism.

    • Replay Introduction - see initial dialogue when approaching Cinquefoil for the first time.

    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    Near the Sneevil Box Fort

    Traviata: When I get in there... you little green thieves are done for.

    Other information
  • Surewould Forest (Book 3) has been modified during various Reimagined releases; any retired content has been archived here.
  • You must traverse the Surewould Forest in order to access the Rose garrison, an area now known as Rosewood.
  • Cinquefoil's dialogue was reworked on February 28th, 2020, April 24th, 2020, and May 8th, 2020; more information can be found in the February 28th, 2020, April 24th, 2020, and May 8th, 2020 Design Notes.

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    ArchKnight DragonFable

    Surewould Forest (Books 1 and 2)
    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for current entry reformat and corrections.
  • DragonBlade for initial entry reformat.
  • Peachii for corrections.
  • dragonman66 for additional dialogue.

    Surewould Forest (Book 3)
    Thanks to
  • Jay for additional dialogue, other information, and corrections.
  • Niki for additional dialogues.
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