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Khimera -> (AQ) [Quest] The Demon Realm (9/17/2010 21:15:04)

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The Demon Realm, Pt. 1

SCENE 1: Warlic's Shop

Scene Opening: You are in Warlic's Shop, as though you had entered via BattleOn. This scene is purely dialogue.

Warlic: Greetings, <You>. Your timing, as always, is suspiciously impeccable.
You: Yeah, I've noticed how I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. What is it that you need?
Warlic: I have been conducting some research into Heck, the realm of the demon Stragath, and I have come across some... curious circumstances.
You: How alliterative. But where do I come into this?
Warlic: Firstly, I must warn you; Prepare for some relentless exposition. You could almost call it... demonic... *chuckles*
You: That... that was... *headdesk*
Warlic: *ahem* Anyway, yes... I detected a strange energy spike in Heck, something which seemed very out of place with its surroundings. After hours of careful psychic probing and deliberation I realised, rather embarrassingly, that it was just a common portal.
You: You spent all that time looking for a zebra when it was a horse all along?
Warlic: What on Lore is a zebra?
You: It's... never mind, please continue.
Warlic: Yes, well, at first I assumed Stragath had somehow opened a portal to Battleon and was planning another invasion... but it turned out not to be the case. The portal does not lead to anywhere on Lore that I know of... it leads to somewhere else entirely.
You: You don't know where it goes to?
Warlic: My psychic scrying abilities have their limits. And that's where you come in.
You: You want me to travel into Heck and find out where the portal leads to, risking my own life against hordes of demons just to sate your curiosity?
Warlic: I figured you already do that on a daily basis anyway.
You: Touché, Warlic. Touché.
Warlic: I can open up a secure portal into Heck from here, but I'll have to remain on this side to ensure no demons get through. Do you think you can handle it?
You: Just another day at the office...
<Warlic's eyes glow blue and the portal materialises, slowly fading in above the scene>

SCENE 2: Heck

Scene opening: You are in Heck, as in the first scene of Heck in Infernal Inferno. A small band of demons (A Hoof Soldier, a Hellhound and a Brimstone Demon) come in from the right-hand side.

Brimstone Demon: Ahh... a humannn... fressshh meeeat... get him boyssss!
You: *sigh* For once, I'd like to meet a pacifistic demon.

Hoof Soldier
Hoof Soldier
Brimstone Demon

<You are at the portal, a large swirling mass of dark colours set into a brimstone wall (The wall uses the Heck colour palette). Stragath enters from the right>

You: Stragath! Don't suppose you're here to tell me exactly what this portal is for so I can tell Warlic and avoid risking my neck?
Stragath: Not quite, human. I'm here to offer you a choice, and perhaps some gratuitous exposition as well.
You: Well, that doesn't sound too bad. If I can handle Warlic, I can handle you.
Stragath: Hahahaha, we'll see about that! Do you know what this portal is?
You: It's... big and swirly?
Stragath: Yes. Yes it is. It's also a connection to a civilisation... a place full of demons, just like me!
You: Are they all melodramatic, or is that just one of your quirks?
Stragath: No... wait, what? I'm not melodramatic! Hahahaha!
You: ...
Stragath: I'm really not... am I? I shall have to think about this...
You: Yeah, you do that. Now, back to the demons?
Stragath: Heck is but a small plane over which I rule, directly connected to Lore. But Lore has its own hidden mysteries... and below the surface of your precious town lies a horde of bloodthirsty demons!
You: That doesn't sound good.
Stragath: I must admit, I was wary at first. It all seemed too perfect! Which is why I decided to boost the power of the portal until some meddling mage noticed.
You: Makes sense. I'm guessing you want me to go in there and risk my life just to sate your curiosity?
Stragath: Isn't that the entire reason you came in the first place?
You: *sigh* I'd love to settle down and raise a family some day...
Stragath: Haha... now isn't the time to get existential. Go in there and get yourself killed, before I kill you right here!
<Your character moves into the portal, flashing before disappearing and the screen goes black>

SCENE 3: The Demon Realm - Swamp

Scene opening: The screen starts off black, slowly fading in to give the effect of eyes adjusting to the dark. You are in a large, dark cave, with lots of small red dots on the walls, blinking like eyes. To the right of the screen is what appears to be the edge of a large swamp

You: Well, this is pleasant... and my voice echoes! Echo... cho...
<Hissing noises come from the right side of the screen>
Cave Demon: Hsss! Food!

Cave Demon
Cave Demon

You: Press forward into uncertain danger, or go back to certain melodrama? I guess I'll have to find a way to cross this swamp. Is... is that a bridge going through the swamp?
<Screen change to the centre of the bridge. The bridge is directly through the swamp, with the bottom of the bridge in the swamp and the top barely above the surface. It's made of a dark material and appears congealed>


<The screen shakes slightly and tentacles wrap around the bridge from the right side>

Keeper of the Swamp

You: This place is starting to scare me... I should head back
???: Not so fast, human.


Keeper's Tentacle
Demon Eye Shield

Khimera -> RE: (AQ) [Quest] The Demon Realm (9/17/2010 21:36:08)

The Demon Realm Pt. 2 or The Not-So-Nasty Demon

SCENE 1: The Demon Realm - Swamp

Scene Opening: Picking up immediately where the previous quest left off, a nightmare-ish demon with distorted features, a dark red/black colour palette, and incredibly large muscles comes in from the right-hand side

???: Not so fast, human.
You: Another demon! Attack!


Nax: Ow! What did you do that for?
You: It says to battle you right here in the "Adventurer's Guide to Lore: Demon Edition"!
Nax: No, see, look at the small print there, right under my combat defences; "Only attack for large amounts of EXP regardless of morality"
You: How was I supposed to see the small text in the dark? And in my defence, you're very scary.
Nax: I have to be, how else would I survive? I... don't like fighting.
You: But you're all deformed and bulky!
Nax: I have a glandular problem!
You: Well... I'm sorry for hurting you. Happy?
Nax: Mhmm. What are you doing here?
You: It's a long story... a wizard and a demon got curious.
Nax: Story of my life. Literally. You shouldn't be here, it's dangerous. Most demons have very strong feelings about humans and their purpose as food.
You: I can handle demons. The strategy guide says I don't encounter any hostile demons until two scenes after this one.
Nax: No, you're on the wrong page... See, more small text, if you attack me the noise disturbs some nearby demons...
You: Oh no...

FIGHT (You can choose to equip Nax as a guest)
Cave Demon
Cave Demon

Nax: Come on, let's get to somewhere safe.

SCENE 2: The Demon Realm - Travelling to Nax's Lair

Scene opening: You are in a different part of the cave-like area, so the scene is very similar to previous except for the lack of swamp.

You: Where are we going?
Nax: My lair. It's the nearest safe place
You: Safe? Haven't I made it obvious that I can handle demons?
Nax: These cave demons... they're the lowest form of demon, reduced to hiding in the dark and living off scraps. But there are more dangers lurking in the darkness...
You: And why is your lair safe?
Nax: Because I'm scawy! Rawr!
You: ...
Nax: It's also further up the mountain.
You: Ah, that explai--Wait, we're in a mountain!
Nax: Yes, we are currently in Citadel Mountain. Do you actually have any idea what you are doing?
You: Not really. I just go along with what everybody else says, and occasionally whack things with big sticks. It's what I do.
Nax: I'll have to explain later, after you've told me why you're here.
You: (A small, faint light appears to the right side of the screen) Sounds goo--What's that?
Nax: I was worried this would happen. They have spies everywhere. The walls have eyes you know.
<A female human, tall and muscular with fair hair and features - almost angelic - wearing very detailed armour - Black, with golden trim - with exquisite golden wings flies in, illuminating the area. She is carrying a large BFS.>
Nax: Human, we must run. That is Khimera, one of the Demon Lord's most feared generals!
You: Hold on... you're a Lorian human! What are you doing here?
Khimera: Another human? This complicates matters considerably. Well, what a predicament this is.
You: Come again?
Khimera: I have no quarrel with you, human, and do not wish to harm you. But I have specific instructions to kill anybody in this passage.
You: Firstly, my name is <<You>>. I wish everybody would stop referring to me as human! Now then, Khimera, it's awfully polite of you to not kill us. Perhaps you could go further and explain the situation to me?
Khimera: Hmm... I could always... no, that wouldn't work...
You: Hello? Anybody?
Nax: Shush. You are the first person I have seen who Khimera has not cut down instantly. Don't tempt fate.
Khimera: Yes, that would work. Okay human, I'm going to leave you at the mercy of these fine light demons here, and assume they get the job done. If you manage to survive, I will be none the wiser, and Monik will not know anything.
You: Sorry, but who's Monik? What are you talking about?
CKhimera: And now, <<You>>, I must bid you farewell.
You: You have no idea how frustrating this whole ordeal is.

Dazzling Scouter
Luminous Mercenary
Dazzling Scouter
Luminous Mercenary

Nax: That was close... Khimera never leaves survivors! Come, <<You>>, let's get back to my lair and I'll explain everything.
You: Finally!

SCENE 3: The Demon Realm - Nax's Lair

Scene opening: You are stood on the left side, facing right, with Nax on the right side facing left. His lair has the same colour palette as the previous sections of the cave, but without the eyes, and with a warm orange-y glow in the atmosphere.

<Several hours later>

You: So, to summarise your excruciatingly long and detailed account of events, you're one of the few civilised demons in this corner of the realm, and Monik is the Demon Lord who claims ownership of this land and everybody in it?
Nax: Wow, I didn't realise it could be compressed into such a short explanation.
You: The diagrams and mathematical proofs also weren't necessary.
Nax: Hmph. If you say so.
You: I do. Now, who is this Khimera person? And please, keep it brief.
Nax: Khimera is a traveller, from the Overworld - The surface of Lore. She arrived at the citadel a few months ago, looking for someone. She left again soon after, and Monik's demons attacked her. We found some of the pieces, but... most of the demons were blown to bits. Monik took Khimera on as his general, and she does the job ruthlessly.
You: When you say Citadel... you mean the mountain? And who do you mean by "we"?
Nax: I told you, there are more civilised demons like me. You missed a lot of the explanation while you were napping.
You: You didn't stop while I was sleeping?!
Nax: I was in my stride, and you looked so peaceful. Do you always talk about PonyZards in your sleep?
You: ... so, tell me more about these civilised demons.
Nax: There are a few hundred of us, living in this mountain. Most live in the Citadel at the top, but some, like me, prefer to live down here. Monik attacks the citadel often, often sending small brigades of demons, but some of the strongest demon warlocks protect the citadel. I still feel safer down here though... I really hate fighting
You: Powerful warlocks? Perhaps they could open a portal to Lore... can you take me to the Citadel?
Nax: Why not? It's not like I have anything else to do down here. You're the most exciting thing that's happened to me since I found a small Luminopede in my ear a few weeks ago
You: What an interesting life you lead. Shall we be going?
<Scene change to the same background as Scene 2>

Cave Demon
Luminous Mercenary
Cave Demon
Luminous Mercenary (This battle has an altered background, with a cave opening to outside on the right hand side)

SCENE 4: The Demon Realm - The Citadel

Scene opening: You and Nax move in from the left side, coming out of the cave and into a clear red sky, with a slightly worn bronze gate on the right side of the screen.

Nax: We're here!

INTERLUDE: The Demon Realm - Monik's Castle

Scene opening: Monik (A Crimson Wolf-man wearing black leathers with pieces of plate metal covering certain parts of his body, thus appearing mis-matched) is sat in the centre of the screen on a giant, blood red throne made of stone, his prized sword Ragnarok (A long, blood-red broadsword with a curved tip and golden edges on the blade, and a golden, demon-esque hilt) hanging behind him. The walls are made of dark green and black emerald to compliment the red. Khimera enters the screen from the left hand side and dialogue begins.

Khimera: You called, Monik?
Monik: Yes, Khimera... my spies tell me that you let one live. Is this true?
Khimera: I hoped it wouldn't come to this... the deal was, I kill demons for you, and you tell me where my brother is. This was a human, from Lore.
Monik: If I tell you to do something, Khimera, you do it. That's how things work, and if you don't comply... then you'll never find your brother.
Khimera: You want me to go back and finish the job?
Monik: No... no, I have greater plans. It's about time we squashed their little civilisation once and for all. Khimera, lead my troops into battle and destroy the citadel.
Khimera: I can't do that Monik. Either you tell me where my brother is, or I'll blast you right off that throne.
Monik: You defy me?
<Monik stands up, and the screen tremors slightly.>
Monik: You have served me well, human, and for that I shall let you live. For now...
<Khimera flies off the screen to the left>
Monik: Fly away... fly, while you still have wings.

SCENE 4 (cont.)

<Khimera flies in from the left hand side and lands next to your character and Nax>

Khimera: I suspected you'd be here by now, <You>.
You: Did... did you just fly up a mountain?
Nax: It's complicated, <You>. We're only at ground level... the mountain goes deep underground, and there are many layers of terrain.
Khimera: We don't have time for talk. Monik is sending an army to take the Citadel.
You: Why have you come to warn us? You're his prized general.
Khimera: I have my reasons. Let's just say he didn't uphold his end of the bargain.
Nax: We can't hold off an entire army. We'll be slaughtered.
You: Not if one of your warlocks can open a portal to Lore so that I can bring reinforcements.
Khimera: That just might work. He will be amassing his troops ready to march, I'd say we have a few days until they get here.
You: Well in that case... we'd best start preparing.


Summon Nax
Luminous Battle Armour

Khimera -> RE: (AQ) [Quest] The Demon Realm (9/17/2010 22:03:15)

The Demon Realm Pt. 3 or Attack on the Citadel

SCENE 1: The Demon Realm - Citadel

Scene opening: You, Khimera, Nax and Jahr (Demon warlock, similar to Nax in appearance but blue and far less scary - much less muscle-y and distorted) are standing in the Citadel, in front of some poorly constructed buildings.

Nax: ... and that's why we need you to open a portal to Lore for us, Jahr.
Jahr: But you didn't explain anything! You just brought me here along with the human and the Demonslayer!
Nax: Oh... sorry, I thought this was supposed to be a flash forward scene to avoid repeating things.
You: *sigh* Basically, Jahr, Monik is on his way with an army, Khimera has switched allegiance, and I must go back to Lore to bring reinforcements.
Jahr: Thank you, <You>. In that case, there's no time to lose. First though, <You>, how did you get here?
You: I got here via a portal from Heck, courtesy of Stragath.
Jahr: Hmm... our lands have remained isolated from the Overworld for many thousands of years. Many strange occurances have taken place recently, and the demon lords are planning something. That Stragath could have discovered us now is surely not a coincidence...
You: The reason I came here was to investigate for Warlic, a powerful mage from Lore.
Jahr: I know of Warlic. I think it would be best if he were to take part in this conversation.
<Jahr closes his eyes and starts to glow blue. A portal opens next to him. He reaches through, and the scene changes to Warlic's Shop. Warlic is stood facing the right, where a portal is open into Heck>
Warlic: I wonder what could be taking <You> so long...
<A portal opens behind Warlic and a blue hand reaches in and grabs him, pulling him through. Scene change back to the Citadel.>
Warlic: What on Lore... Oh, <You>, I've been waiting for you! I think some explanation is required.
You: I'll fill you in now, but it could take a while...
Warlic: Hmm... I shall have to consider things in more detail later. But for now, I suggest you go to Battleon and request assistance.
<Jahr glows again and opens another portal, which you step through>
Warlic: I can't help but feel I'm forgetting something...
<Scene change to Warlic's shop, where the portal to Heck is still open. A hoof soldier's head appears through the portal.>


War Camp

After his general deserted him, Monik's patience finally ran out and he decided to send his armies to destroy the demons' citadel.
  • To Battle!
  • Mid-Way Cutscene (Unlocks when the war meter hits 50% and is re-named Stragath on Lore)
  • Special Mission (Guardian only, unlocks when Stragath on Lore becomes available)
  • Back to Lore

Guests available: Nax, Jahr, Khimera, Warlic, Artix, Twilly, Yulgar, Aria


Scene opening: You are stood in the Citadel, in front of the portal to Lore. Artix comes through the portal.

Artix: <You>, we have a problem! While we were busy fighting here, Stragath somehow managed to get through to Lore! He's attacking Battleon!
You: How did this happen?
<Scene change to Warlic's Shop, with Stagath standing on the left hand side and Hoof Demons streaming out of the portal>
Stragath: Haha... hahaha... HAHAHAHA!
<Scene reverts to citadel>
Artix: We are being bombarded by demons and melodrama, we can't hold the fight on both sides.
You: Somebody will have to close that portal. Then we can try to defeat both armies.
Artix: This will be a tough fight, <You>! Battle On!

Fight Monik's Army - 1,000,000 battles

Fight Stragath's Army - 500,000 battles (Unlocks when 50% of Monik's Army has been defeated)


    Scene opening: In the citadel, Warlic approaches you

    Warlic: I knew I'd forgotten something... you pulled me through here while I was maintaining the portal, and without me guarding it the demons slipped through to Lore.
    You: Come on, we have to fight our way through to your shop and close it.
    <Scene change to BattleOn>

    8 battles from the monster pool for Stagath's Army with a heal every 2 battles.

    <Scene change to Warlic's Shop. Big Red is in front of the portal.>
    You: Close the portal Warlic! I'll take Big Red here.

    Big Red

    Warlic: They've made a mess of my shop! Oh... my combustion potion... one of the demons must have fell in while it was fermenting. This is good news, <You>. It's now highly reactive to demons of any kind. We must get back to the Citadel, but take this with you and apply it to some weapons when you get the chance.

    Anti-Demon Dagger

END CUTSCENE (Unlocks when both armies are defeated)

Scene opening: You are in the Citadel, and proceed to fight as though fighting normal war battles

2 Battles
2 Battles
2 Battles
2 Battles

<You and Khimera enter the screen in front of the portal to Lore>
You: Looks like we got them all
Khimera: Not quite...
<Infusion enters the screen from the right>


<Stragath comes through the portal>

Stragath: You... you killed my army! AGAIN! I'm getting quite fed up of you thwarting my plans, <You>.
You: It's my job. Literally. I have "Plan Thwarter" down on my resume.
Khimera: *chuckles*
Monik (from off-screen to the right): And what are you laughing at, traitor?
<Monik enters from the right>
Stragath: You! You're a demon lord!
Stragath: ...
Stragath: I'm Stragath, the ruler of Heck, it's nice to meet you. Now, I was thinking we could go and discuss taking over Lore together somewhere... Wanna grab something to eat?
Monik: And what are you supposed to be? A pathetic excuse for a demon!
<Monik raises Ragnarok and blasts Stragath with energy, sending him off-screen>
Khimera: <You>, I think now would be a good time to get Warlic
Monik: Do not listen to the traitor. You defeated my army, and are a worthy opponent. We shall fight, one on one, and I shall show you true power.
  • Fight Monik (Challenge Battle)
  • Call Warlic

    If you defeat Monik
    Monik (kneeling and wounded): Gah... you defeated me... but I was just toying with you. Now I will burn your very soul.
    <Monik stands and enters Demonic Rage>
    [Cont. below]

    If you Call Warlic
    Monik: So be it. You will all perish here at my hand.
    <Monik enters Demonic Rage>
    [Cont. below]

<Stragath's Head flies in>
Stragath: I am NOT pathetic!
<Stragath's Head blasts Monik, causing him to revert to a wounded, kneeling position. Warlic enters>
Warlic: It's about time your deMonik reign ended.
<Warlic blasts Monik with a beam of energy, causing Monik to enter a death sequence; First, he casts a dark shadow on the floor. Then his entire body turns into shadow, and slowly fades away. Nax and Jahr enter the screen from the left.>
Stragath: The archmage scares me! Time to go, I think. Hahahaha!
<Stragath flies away.>
Nax: Is... is Monik gone?
You: We can only hope so.
Jahr: You have our thanks, humans. Perhaps now our citadel can flourish, and more demons will choose civilisation over barbarianism.
Khimera: ...
You: What is it, Khimera?
Khimera: Monik had information about my brother which could have proved vital to me finding him. And now he's gone...
You: I'll help you find your brother, Khimera. But first... isn't there a war chest to open?

Ragnarok - Only available if you defeat the challenge boss
Frozen Demon Blade
Demon Warlock Magic: Light

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