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Koree -> Baneful Chimeran Spear (9/21/2010 11:11:48)

Baneful Chimeran Spear

«Accurate 20% proc Ranged Earth spear. Mastercraft; does increased damage against poisoned monsters.»

Related items:Location: The Chimeran Set
Level	60
PowLvl	60 MC

Price	2047
Sell	1023
Type: Ranged
Element: Earth
Damage	8-30
Hits: 3
Type: Magic
Element: Earth
BR%	242.72
LS%	156.15
+BTH	31
Rate: 20%

  • All normal player attacks gain +3 BTH and deal *85/88 damage.
  • Against Poisoned monsters, all normal Player attacks and weapon Specials deal *1.1 damage.

  • If you have the weapon, armour and shield of the set equipped, then at the end of your turn, there's a (2.5/7) * [hits connected] / [hits attempted] chance of Paralysing* the monster on all normal player attacks and weapon specials. The monster can resist with a save at a +0 bonus**:
      Level: PowLvl vs MonsterLvl
      Major: YourDEX vs MonsterEND
      Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
    **The poison in your foe's veins intensifies, paralyzing them with Toxic Shock!
    **Your foe struggles against the poison surge and fights off the paralysis.

    Designed to be used by one who has tamed a chimera, this spear deals extra damage to those who have been poisoned - and may paralyze a poisoned foe when used with the Full Set!


    Old numbers from JMill. Status numbers thanks to Aelthai. Image thanks to balubamboto. Full set bonus details from nachoman. New numbers thanks to In Media Res.


    Special starts out with:
    Level	60
    PowLvl	60
    BR%	771
    LS%	496
    +BTH	26
    Special gains +5 BTH and deals *85/90 damage. With three equally powerful hits, each hit does *1/3 damage.

    All this has ALREADY been factored in to the above numbers.


    August 26, 2010: The weapon was released.
    June 8, 2012: Price and sellback were swept. Old values were:
    Price	33000
    Sell	22000
    February 20, 2014: Weapon was updated. Old stats were:
    Level	60
    PowLvl	60
    Price	2047
    Sell	1364
    Damage	8-31
    BTH	8
    Hits: 3
    Type: Magic
    Element: Earth
    BR%	257
    LS%	165
    +BTH	26
    While you have a weapon, shield, and armour of the Set, the monster is poisoned, and at least 2 hits of the Special connect, the Weapon attempts to Paralyze* the monster.
    The monster takes +10 to its save** (if all hits connect) or +15 to its save (if only two connect).
    Level: 60 vs MonsterLevel
    Major: 140 vs MonsterEND
    Minor: YourLuck vs MonsterLuck

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