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The Chimeran!

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9/10/2010 3:30:13   
Times Silent Keeper

The Chimeran

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Mastercraft Sets » Chimeran Set!

Which power Chimeran set do you wish to quest for?
  • Fight for the Noxious (Z-Token) Set (Requires L11)
  • Fight for the Noxious Set (Requires L45 to purchase)
  • Fight for the Baneful Set (Requires L60 to purchase)
  • Fight for the Venomous Set (Requires L75 to purchase)
  • Fight for the Poisonous (Z-Token) Set (Requires L80 to purchase)
  • Fight for the Poisonous Set (Requires L90 to purchase)
  • Fight for the Toxic Set (Requires L105 to purchase)
  • Fight for the Virulent Set (Requires L120 to purchase)
  • Fight for the Deadly Set (Requires L135 to purchase)
  • Fight for the Fatal Set (Requires L150 to purchase)

  • If you do not meet the level requirement stated, clicking it reveals the message "You must be at least level «» to quest for this set."
    Regardless of choice

    «Scene: Isle d'Oriens courtyard»

    «A Drakel in metallic armor is in Isle d'Oriens. He approaches you as you enter the scene.»

    «You»: Hello there! I haven't seen you around here before. My name is «You».
    Jra'Kalos: How nice for you. I'm Jra'Kalos. You haven't seen me on the Isle before because I don't live here... thank the Creator.
    Jra'Kalos: I couldn't imagine living in such a place. If it wasn't for the horror that is science it wouldn't even be here!

    «Vince enters the scene.»

    Vince: What's wrong with SCIENCE, cousin?
    «You»: You know this guy, Vince?
    Vince: I thought I did... until he showed up asking me to help him capture an adult Chimera.
    Vince: Maybe if you had a good reason to, Jra'.... But no. All you want is to enslave it to your will.
    «You»: What is this all about?
    Jra'Kalos: Ah, my good Vince. It makes me cringe how you changed your name from Vin'Zika just so you could fit in better among the humans.
    Vince: Vince is just a nickname, Jra', and humans are fond of nicknames. Nothing wrong with that.
    Jra'Kalos: Why don't you follow me? Stop embracing technology and trying to use it to control MAGIC. Nature demands that magic prevail in all things.
    Vince: Our basic Drakel beliefs say that magic and science should work together in all things, in harmony.
    «You»: What is it you're trying to do, Jra'Kalos?
    Jra'Kalos: The Chimera is one of the purest magical creatures in existence. I have created an armor, weapon and shield that will draw from the beast's powers!
    Jra'Kalos: This will make me a perfect warrior, able to both overpower my enemies with many attacks and see every attack incoming.
    Jra'Kalos: But most of all, the magical POISON of the chimera will turn all who face me into whimpering weaklings!
    Vince: You were always so smart, Jra'. What happened to you? Why did you abandon science??
    Jra'Kalos: You were always so much better at understanding than I was, Vin'Zika. Perhaps YOU can tell ME. But first, I need to complete my plan and harness a Chimera!
    Jra'Kalos: When you next see me, you will respect me more than ever before! Hahaha!!

    «Jra'Kalos leaves the scene.»

    «You»: Weird guy. ...But at least he doesn't want to take over the world. I'm kinda sick of that.
    Vince: He's far from harmless. If what he says is true, he will be able to build a following that could create a rift in Drakel society.
    Vince: We need to stop him before others find out, and before the balance between science and magic is upset.
    «You»: Okay, so maybe not so harmless after all. Let's get him!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Aria's Pet Shop»

    Aria: «You»! Vince! I'm so happy to see you! I had such a terrible morning!
    «You»: Oh no! What happened?
    Aria: Well, it all started at dawn when I heard a really weird animal sound just outside behind my shop...

    «A flashback begins. A weird looking animal can be seen beside the counter where Aria is standing at.»

    Aria: Hey little guy, you can calm down. You don't need to worry about a thing! Miss Aria will take good care of you.
    Chimera Cub: .....flurrrrp!

    «After a short pause»

    ???: Ahh!! THERE you are!!

    «Jra'Kalos swings across the ceiling of the shop, snatching the Chimera Cub in the process.»

    Aria: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    «The flashback ends.»

    Aria: It was just so terrible. And I was just about to NAME the little guy, too. Maybe Jasper. Or Vernon.
    «You»: Hmm... We'll take care of this, Aria. We know who did it. He wants to capture a fully grown Chimera, though. Using the cub makes sense. But where would he go--?
    Aria: Oh my-- An adult Chimera? He would probably go to the nearest nesting area. But that's quite a journey, and it's fraught with many aggressive creatures.
    «You»: Just point us in the right direction, Aria, and we'll get that cub back.
  • Go!

  • Battle with Vince's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice
      8 BATTLES
      Refer to Monster List below

      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    You know you're in the right area, but a Chimera nest is hard to spot. Look closely!
    Difficulty: 61
    Stat Used: Intelligence

    «Failing the roll gives you two choices - to 'Defy it!' or just continue 'Next'.»

      «If you failed the roll, had insufficient SP to defy the roll, or chose 'No' when having enough SP to defy the roll...»

    • You don't see it... Look again!!

      2 BATTLES
      Refer to Monster List below

      Full Heal after battle #2

      Repeat Int Stat roll

    • Leave
    «Succeeding the roll through any method leads to the following dialogue.»

    Vince: You've got some good eyes! I missed that. So here we are... but where are the --
    «You»: --Don't say it!
    Vince: -- chimeras?
    ???: GRAAAWWWRRRRR!!!!
    «You»: eepVince: Only one... And the cub is nowhere in sight.
    «You»: I'm guessing that Jra'Kalos was already here. That parent was probably out hunting, and he used the cub to lure the OTHER parent away.
    Vince: Now that we've come into contact with a chimera, I can build a tracking device quickly that will be able to lock on to the precise magical emanations of the beast.
    «You»: We'll be able to track Jra' right back to his lair??
    Vince: I had hoped we could get the drop on him somewhere first... Facing him in his lair, especially now that he'll have fully-powered Chimeran armor, will be very, very dangerous.
    «You»: We're assuming he can actually convince a Chimera to let him ride it.
    Vince: I'm not assuming it. I'm EXPECTING it....

    «Scene: Cave»

    «Jra'Kalos enters the scene, along with the Chimeran Cub.»

    Jra'Kalos: Come out of the shadows, my dear...
    Jra'Kalos: You needn't be afraid of me. You can be reunited with your child here. All I want in return is some of your POWER.

    «A Chimera enters the scene.»

    ???: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
    Jra'Kalos: Good, goooood...
    Jra'Kalos: I see you understand.
    Jra'Kalos: I made this armor for YOU, my dear. It will draw from your might. Together we will show the world what MAGIC can do that science cannot!

  • Battle with Vince's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice
      8 BATTLES
      Refer to Monster List below

      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    Open the door!
    You have found the lair of Jra'Kalos! Can you move the massive door out of the way?
    Difficulty: 61
    Stat Used: Strength

    «Failing the roll gives you two choices - to 'Defy it!' or just continue 'Next'.»

      «If you failed the roll, had insufficient SP to defy the roll, or chose 'No' when having enough SP to defy the roll...»

    • You didn't budge it... Try again!

      2 BATTLES
      Refer to Monster List below

      Full Heal after battle #2

      Repeat Str Stat roll

    • Leave
    «Succeeding the roll through any method causes the giant rock blocking the lair to tumble. The dialogue continues.»

    Vince: Nice work! I'm sure Jra' has some sort of alarm...
    «You»: Let's find out!
  • Enter!Vince: Okay... I suppose a HYDRA does indeed make a good alarm system.
    «You»: It definitely has built-in failsafes.

    «Jra'Kalos enters the scene, riding the Chimera he encountered previously.»

    Jra'Kalos: So good to see you again «You»! And cousin... What a surprise. I thought you wouldn't want to get your HAND dirty.
    Vince: Technically I don't even have ONE hand.
    Jra'Kalos: Did you ever tell your friend here how that happened to you?
    Vince: No, and I don't think «You» would be all that interested.
    Jra'Kalos: Really? I think you're just embarrassed.
    Vince: Heh... No. No, I'm not.
    «You»: Don't let this guy get to you, Vince!
    Vince: He isn't. My arms, you see, were lost in an explosion when I was tinkering with the energy tethers that anchor Isle d'Oriens to the Ethereal Realm.
    Vince: I was studying how they mix magic and ancient Drakel technology, upgrading them based on some of our more recent advances in dimensional sciences.
    Vince: Something backfired. *shrug*
    Jra'Kalos: Hehehe... One of your greatest achievements relied on MAGIC. Without it, none of your technology would have sufficed alone. And you paid dearly for thinking it could.
    Vince: You're missing the point of the lesson I learned, cousin. There must be a balance. Neither is greater than the other, and both need the other to reach their full potentials.
    Jra'Kalos: Bah! Shut up and fight me!!
    «You»: Let's give him what he wants.... Ready when you are!!
  • Fight!!«Jra'Kalos lies defeated on the floor, the Chimera having abandoned him.»

    «You»: See what that got you, Jra'? You can't just abandon every other way of looking at the world. You have to take everything into account.
    Jra'Kalos: ......................
    Vince: What will it be, cousin? If you don't come back to the Isle with me, where I can help you and keep an eye on you, you'll have to be locked up in Battleon.
    Jra'Kalos: I--- I--- will go with you, Vin'Zika.

    «Scene: Aria's Pet Shop»

    «The Chimera Cub stands beside Aria's counter.»

    Aria: Thank you so much, «You»! I'm going to take such good care of little Fritter!
    «You»: You named him Fritter?
    Aria: Yep!
    Fritter: Fluuurrrrpp!
    Aria: See?? He loves it!
    «You»: Oh, be sure to thank Vince when you see him, too. If it wasn't for him, Fritter would probably grow up to lead a life of crime.
    Aria: I will! Okay, Fritter, follow me! We need to figure out what your favorite food is!
    «You»: I imagine his tastes will change as he grows up and his other two heads come in...
    The Chimeran - Reward Shop

    Each shop sells only one particular weapon, armor, shield and pet. Depending on what you chose at the start, you will enter a different reward shop.

    Shop Titles
  • Noxious Chimeran Squire Z
  • Noxious Chimeran Squire
  • Baneful Chimeran Outrider
  • Venomous Chimeran Knight
  • Poisonous Chimeran Defender Z
  • Poisonous Chimeran Defender
  • Toxic Chimeran Cavalier
  • Virulent Chimeran Champion
  • Deadly Chimeran Conqueror
  • Fatal Chimeran Vindicator

  • Noxious Chimeran Spear Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Noxious Chimeran Spear [L. 45]
  • Baneful Chimeran Spear [L. 60]
  • Venomous Chimeran Spear [L. 75]
  • Poisonous Chimeran Spear Z [L. 80 Z]
  • Poisonous Chimeran Spear [L. 90]
  • Toxic Chimeran Spear [L. 105]
  • Virulent Chimeran Spear [L. 120]
  • Deadly Chimeran Spear [L. 135]
  • Fatal Chimeran Spear [L. 150 G]

  • Noxious Chimeran Squire Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Noxious Chimeran Squire [L. 45]
  • Baneful Chimeran Outrider [L. 60]
  • Venomous Chimeran Knight [L. 75]
  • Poisonous Chimeran Defender Z [L. 80 Z]
  • Poisonous Chimeran Defender [L. 90]
  • Toxic Chimeran Cavalier [L. 105]
  • Virulent Chimeran Champion [L. 120]
  • Deadly Chimeran Conqueror [L. 135]
  • Fatal Chimeran Vindicator [L. 150 G]

  • Chimeran Squire Shield Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Chimeran Squire Shield [L. 45]
  • Chimeran Outrider Shield [L. 60]
  • Chimeran Knight Shield [L. 75]
  • Chimeran Defender Shield Z [L. 80 Z]
  • Chimeran Defender Shield [L. 90]
  • Chimeran Cavalier Shield [L. 105]
  • Chimeran Champion Shield [L. 120]
  • Chimeran Conqueror Shield [L. 135]
  • Chimeran Vindicator Shield [L. 150 G]

  • Poison Arrow [L. 11 Z]
  • Volatile Poison Arrow [L. 40 Z]
  • Guardian Volatile Poison Arrow [L. 56 G]
  • Penetrating Poison Arrow [L. 62 Z]
  • Violent Poison Arrow [L. 80 Z]
  • Piercing Poison Arrow [L. 95 Z]
  • Cure Toxic Poisons [L. 105]
  • Vicious Poison Arrow [L. 110 Z]
  • Cure Virulent Poisons [L. 120]
  • Exploding Poison Arrow [L. 125 Z]
  • Cure Deadly Poisons [L. 135]
  • Cruel Poison Arrow [L. 143 Z]
  • Cure Fatal Poisons [L. 150 G]

  • Noxious Baby Z Chimeran [L. 11 Z]
  • Noxious Baby Chimeran [L. 45]
  • Baneful Baby Chimeran [L. 60]
  • Venomous Baby Chimeran [L. 75]
  • [url=]Poisonous Baby Z Chimeran[/url] [L. 80 Z]
  • Poisonous Baby Chimeran [L. 90]
  • Toxic Baby Chimeran [L. 105]
  • Virulent Baby Chimeran [L. 120]
  • [url=]Deadly Baby Chimeran[/url] [L. 135]
  • [url=]Fatal Baby Chimeran[/url] [L. 150 G]

  • Play Again!
  • Leave

    Quest information by Archmagus Orodalf.
    Monster List
    Noxious Z
    BURP (10)
    Bigfoot (10)
    Bun-Bard (15)
    Bun-Bully (15)
    Deery (12)
    Driftwood Golem (12)
    Flee Hatchling (10)
    FunGuy (7)
    Gnarl (8)
    Mud Golem (6)
    Orc Bandit (10)
    Orc Mage (12)
    Pandumo (8)
    Razorweed (15)
    Ruffian (12)
    Sneak (15)
    Wolverine (8)

    Bashing Ogre (47)
    Elfephant (48)
    FunGuy (46)
    Gizzard (45)
    Irenste Snargle (46)
    Iron Golem (42)
    Rogue (45)
    ScarZard (42)
    Wood Golem (48)

    Centaurion (51)
    Creech (57)
    Earth Dragon (39)
    Elfephant (48)
    Gatta Soldier (55)
    Greater WarBeast (50)
    Heavy Plodd (40)
    Iron Golem (42)
    Minotaur (40)
    Tonpay Ape (58)

    Am-Bush (80)
    Battle Troll (82)
    Beetle Zard (71)
    Bigfoot (80)
    Deery (82)
    Enchanting Sphinx (67)
    Fiery Phoenix (66)
    Forest Demon (80)
    Giant Deadwood (80)
    Grand Griffin Queen (74)
    Harpy Warrior (65)
    Minotaur Adventurer (80)
    Mondrogor (82)
    Owl (78)
    Rabid BURP (80)
    Scorpion Zard (71)
    Sneak (75)
    The Roc (72)
    Wasp Zards (71)
    Wind Wasp Defenders (81)
    Woodland Pack (85)
    Woodland Pack (65)

    Am-Bush (100)
    Beetle Zard (91)
    Flame-kissed Phoenix (86)
    Grand Sphinx (87)
    Great Grand Griffin Queen (94)
    Harpy Warrior (85)
    Mega BURP (100)
    Minotaur Elder (100)
    Scorpion Zard (91)
    Soralag, Drakel/Dragon Hybrid (90)
    Thunder Troll (92) [Dream Version]
    Wasp Zards (91)
    Woodland Pack (85)

    Am-Bush (100)
    Beetle Zard (111)
    Great Grand Sphinx (107)
    Harpy Warleader (105)
    Hunting Roc (110)
    Magnificent Griffin Queen (114)
    Mega BURP (100)
    Minotaur Elder (100)
    Phoenix Mother (106)
    Scorpion Zard (111)
    Wasp Zards (111)

    Beetle Zard (111)
    Bruce the Soralag (118)
    Harpy Queen (120)
    Hunting Roc (110)
    Magnificent Griffin Queen (114)
    Minotaur Chieftain (120)
    Phoenix Rising (130)
    Scorpion Zard (111)
    Wasp Zards (111)

    Correction from Windy, Archlist and Pink_Star. Location update thanks to Chii. Location correction thanks to lh47.

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