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Location: MOP, 48 Weeks Later, Catalytic Converter, Croftward Bound, Restore M.O.P.

Quests given

Shops owned

Mogloween 2010


Josh: You're under attack, right?

Josh: Kinda antsy there aren't ya?
Josh: ...
(Everyone): ...

Mogloween 2011

48 Weeks Later

Josh: What?! Are we under attack?

Josh: We can't risk keeping him here.
Josh: The virus is gone. Wiped out by the candy cure just in time.
Josh: The Cauldron Sisters aren't around right now if it breaks out again.

Josh: Right. If that kid is a carrier, we'd be overrun with zardbies.

Josh: Finally!

Mogloween 2012

Catalytic Converter

Josh: Shhhhh! You were told not to ask about the Minstrels!

Josh: You are a member of MOP helping to train the new guys.

Josh: What's this sticking into my back?

Croftward Bound

Josh: Not yet.

Josh: Not yet.

Mogloween 2015

Restore M.O.P.

Josh: MEOW!

Josh: Hey, we didn't have to pay gold for the room or the food or to do anything, anymore.

Josh: We got free food, Lucy played with us, we didn't have to fight monsters...

Josh: Yeah.

Alternative Image (as a cat)

Also See: pokewanderer (forum user)

Thanks to
-- Jay for location link and additional dialogue.
-- Peachii for also see link.
-- StealthMaster for alternative image.

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