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Stephen Nix -> Lady Ravenwing (10/27/2010 19:00:18)

Lady Ravenwing

Location: MOP, 48 Weeks Later, Amityvale (Books 1 and 2)

Quests given

Shops owned


Lady Ravenwing: -terrible monsters and/or warlords bent on world domination, right?

Lady Ravenwing: AHHH! Hey, watch it with that thing!

Lady Ravenwing: Yeah, what's gotten into you?

(Everyone): ...

48 Weeks Later

Lady Ravenwing: Terrible monsters?

Lady Ravenwing: It... It's just a child!

Lady Ravenwing: There has to be a safe spot to transfer him to. Someone guard the boy, we need a mage... or a hero.
Lady Ravenwing: What do you think <Character> is up to?


Also See: The Lady, Lady Greydawn (forum user)

Thanks to Jay for location link and additional dialogue information.

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