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Stephen Nix -> Welcomegiving War Waves (11/24/2010 15:51:23)

Welcomegiving War Waves

Location: Falconreach -> Thankstaking -> Welcomegiving!, Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 5 -> Oishii -> War!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 24th, 2010

Objective: Oishii's recipes are filled to the brim with monstrous ingredients! Can you go down in history as the savior of the feast, or will you go up in flames? Let's hope charbroiled hero isn't on the menu!
Objective completed: *burp* Now that's some GOOD battling!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

War Meter

Wave 1: (1) Cranbatty, (2) Chocolate Moose, (1) Turkeylime Pie, (1) Slimed Potatoes
Wave 2: (1) Chocolate Moose, (1) Slimed Potatoes, (1) Cranbatty, (2) Turkeylime Pie
Wave 3: (2) Turkeylime Pie, (1) Cranbatty, (1) Chocolate Moose, (1) Slimed Potatoes
Wave 4: (1) Slimed Potatoes, (2) Chocolate Moose, (1) Cranbatty, (1) Turkeylime Pie
Rare Wave: (1) Jellatinous Cube "I hope THAT wasn't going to be the main course!"


Defender's Medal
Corn Kernel
Turkey Tail Feather

Side Quests
Feast of Welcomegiving!
Nitroglycerin Sponge Catapault

  • Welcomegiving!
    Oishii: I was so excited to invite you to my feast of Welcomegiving! There's just a few... alterations we need to make to the ingredients.
    • Talk
      Oishii: I think that food is a wonderful way for people to come together!
      Oishii: That's why I imbue every recipe I make with love and a personality of its own.
      Oishii: I want the food I make to really speak to people.
      Oishii: But most time it just growls and tries to gnaw on the diners before they can bite into it!

    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    • Leave - returns to Introduction.
  • Shops!
    Oishii: That nice Dentizt opened these shops for you! He muttered about being so nice it made his teeth hurt.
    Battle Turkey Upgrade
    Thankstaking Weapons

    Boss Battle: JellaTON Mold

    Thanks to Peachii for reward information.

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