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Monster Zoo

Access Point: Falconreach (Books 1 and 2 Day Time) -> Down -> Left -> Irwin Dundee -> Talk -> Zoo!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 20th, 2013

Quests Available
Zoo Breakout

Farmer Rowan
Flitter Flier
Guardian Cris
Guardian Selesma

Zoo Shop


Maddy: Hello, <Character>! Welcome to the Zoo! Please feel free to look around and learn more about the many creatures that inhabit Lore!

  • Talk
    Maddy: We have monsters, elementals, statues, insects and more from all over the world!
    Maddy: You really should see the Sandstorm in the Light section, or the Sea Monkey in the Water section!
    Maddy: If you want to know more about Gorillaphants, Anoril, our Zookeeper, can be found in the Forest section to the northeast!

  • Quest
    Maddy: Irwin Dundee, the famous Zardhunter, volunteers here to help keep the monsters in shape! Do you want to help him monstercize?
    • Monstercize
    • Back

  • Souvenir Belts
  • Souvenir Helms


    Lavender and Lis

    Lavender: Help me up! I wanna see the Spiketoad!
    Lis: I've got you! He's a beautiful shade of purple too, just like you!

    Guardian Selesma

    Guardian Selesma: Ohhh, the Trumpeter Flamingo is so beautiful!
    Guardian Selesma: Look at how well it balances!
    Guardian Selesma: And the Lava Daver! Isn't it adorable?



    Catlyn: Shh, the Golden Cabit is sleeping.


    Anoril: The mighty Gorillaphant! Have you ever seen a more glorious creature? Such strength, grace, such... pungency!
    Anoril: They are my favorite of all the animals that I care for in the Zoo!

  • Gorillaphi Facts
    Anoril: Their favorite food is the bananut!
    Anoril: The official plural of gorillaphant is Gorillaphi, many people don't know this and say "gorillaphants".
    Anoril: A group of gorillaphi is called a Schnozz.
    Anoril: They're scared to death of Furrmen, one furrmen can make an entire Schnozz of gorillaphi go on a rampage.
    Anoril: They can't jump, however legend tells that once gorillaphi could fly using their ears! what? The ears were bigger at that time!
    Anoril: They're known to take the nests of vultragons, harpies and even dragons to sleep in them for the night.
    Anoril: Gorillaphi are normally very gentle creatures, but if you enter its territory or try to use it as a rug it will try to hurt you!
    Anoril: It can use its muscular arms to sling its own stool with an amazing speed, it usually does this to mark its territory by hitting unaware heroes!
    Anoril: A baby gorillaphant is called an Apecalf.

  • Quests
    Anoril: Hero, there have been reports of the elemental runes failing in some parts of the zoo... I need your help to stop the breakouts!

    Farmer Rowan

    Farmer Rowan: Hmph. Those Mushrooms are a pain in my patoot, not a Zoo exhibit!
    Farmer Rowan: Have you ever tried to get one of them out of your way? They're so darn wily!


    Lark: I'm gonna ask for a Snuffleant for Frostval!



    Wren: That mummy is hypnotic!

    Aoife and Flitter Flier

    Aoife: I want to have wings and fly too!
    Flitter Flier: Maybe one day! There's always magic!


    Chainsword: Don't get too close, <Character>. You know exactly how dangerous these Zards can be!



    Sage: The sea monkey is my favorite!


    Ironeye: A Nautilus... and a Unicoral... just out of reach....
    Ironeye: Look at the size of them!
    Ironeye: I just imagine what they'd pay for them in Hunter's Paradise....



    Mizandeous: Wait... shouldn't the Paindeer be with the other undead monsters?

    Ethan and Alison

    Ethan: Ohohoh, Mooooooooom! Can I get a yeti! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeee! I promise to take care of it!
    Alison: For the last time, Snowshaper Yeti works in the Ice Exhibit. He is not a pet.
    Ethan: Awwwwwwwwww! Can I get a snow tog then?!

    Draniv and Vic

    Draniv: Do you really think these runes will keep all these creatures in their pens....
    Vic: What are ya? Scared?

    Guardian Cris

    Guardian Cris: Hail, <Character>! Careful of the Draydenfish... he likes to spit!

    Other Information
  • You must complete Resident Sneevil: Zemesis to access the Zard pens.
  • You must complete 2 Leagues Under the Sea to access the aquarium section.

    Thanks to Dwelling Dragonlord for additional dialogue.

  • Peachii -> RE: Monster Zoo (All Versions) (4/20/2013 2:04:35)

    Monster Zoo

    Access Point: FalconsNest > Monster Zoo, Falconreach (Books 1 and 2 Day Time) -> Down -> Left -> Irwin Dundee -> Talk -> Zoo!
    Level/Quest/Items required: None
    Release Date: May 28th, 2010

    Quests Available
    Breakout At the Zoo!



    Irwin Dundee: 'Oy there! <Character>! Crikey! Want to find out about rare and elusive monsters?!

  • Talk
    Irwin Dundee: Have you seen the fantastic FalconsNest Monster Zoo? They have turducken!

    Anoril: Aren't they glorious? Gorillaphants. Simply magnificent!

    Welcome to the Monster Zoo!
    Founded due to the efforts of the heroes of Falconreach, the monster zoo is a place for you to peacefully observe the monsters you face every day in battle with zero chance of getting eaten!


    Lavagoblin and Drake
    Lavagoblins originated on the sun. They came to Lore during an fiery invasion. They're a hot species to watch! Drakes were discovered by a knight named Sir Francis while exploring.

    Turducken and Flamewing
    Turduckens were created when Dr. Voltabolt overclocked Gretel's oven in the bakery. Flamewings are bats loosely related to their cousins, the Darkwing species of duck.

    Underachnid and Shoggoth
    The Underachnids are the newest addition to the zoo, coming from Ravenloss! Shoggoths were created in Bioengineering 101 by an Elder Student named Yuggoth.

    Squeg and Boardrake
    Squegs are creations of necromancers at Necromancy. The student got an A+ on them! Boardrakes are peaceful creatures. Unless you threaten a mother boardrake's nest!

    Thisslock grew from a seed which fell into a pile of goo left from one of Cysero's experiments. They are aggressive when surprised in the wild, caution is recommended.

    Seeing Eye Sluggy and Flying Eyeball
    Baby Sluggies' eyes aren't fully developed. They have googly eyes. Flying Eyeballs have excellent vision; the best way to disable them is to poke them. In the eye.

    Gorillaphants are common in the forests of Lore. Their increased size makes it hard for them to find enough food, leading to them attacking heroes.

    Jungle Fury and Paindeer
    Jungle Furies populate the jungle in the island region. They are vicious fighters but have been known to take in orphans. Paindeers are savage; zoologists think this is because they're in constant pain.

    Tog and Unicougar
    Togs are a newly endangered species thanks to increased attacks aimed at them. Unicougars prowl the forests of Lore hunting for fresh meat that they can spear with their horns.


    Oogabooga and Shellack
    Oogaboogas are made of jelly inside living sacks. They are a shy race, so constantly wear masks. Shellacks are usually peaceful creatures, often found as pets. When one goes rogue, though, watch out!

    Spiketoad and Sunspike
    Very distant cousins, these two monsters diverged on the evolutionary path millions of years ago, but each retained the distinctive spike weapons/armor!

    Ribalds have a very complex society. They dance to convey messages and information. Zoologists are still trying to codify this dance language.

    Slimes and Golem
    The slime is a very basic monster, but older slimes can do much damage, so heroes should still be wary! The golem was created recently by Zadd, a Golemancer. We were lucky to save one for the exhibit!

    Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth Elementals are on display. Rarely we will host Heart Elementals, but they do not do well in captivity.

    Thanks to Voodoo Master for correction.

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