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Billowing Biology Blast

Also see: Caustic Calculus Cloud Z, Caustic Calculus Cloud, History's Guardian Chalk of Chagrin, Deadly Dunce Dust.

Level: 30
Power Level: 30
MP Level: 30
Price: 2,200 107
Sellback: 1,100 53
Location: Truphma Saga 3 - Truphma World Jumping!

Element: Wind
Cost: 118 MP

Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Wind
Damage: 12-34 plus 132% Stats each
BTH: 7 plus Stats each

If either hit connects, the spell attempts to Blind* the monster. The duration of the Blindness is equal to the number of hits connected, and the monster takes -10 BTH. Wind-element monsters are immune to this effect**. The monster takes -20 to its save***:
    Level: 30 vs MonsterLevel
    Major: YourINT vs MonsterEND
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

***Your foe gets chalk dust in its eyes!
***Creatures aligned with Wind are immune to this spell's effects!
***Your foe coughs and endures the cloud of chalk dust until it passes!

Prove you've learned your lessons and step up to the front of the classroom. Just be careful. The more you write on the blackboard, the more chalk dust you stir up. And if you decide that you need to erase your work at all... we pity you.


Image and basic stats thanks to Balu. Numbers thanks to In Media Res.


A standard Level 30 spell (26-77 damage plus 298% Stats, with 7 BTH). The spell deals 88.7% damage to compensate for the Blinding effect, and the damage is split evenly over the two hits.

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