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pokepwner -> Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/29/2011 18:25:55)

Well since the last arcade battle thread was more of a question.I made this to disuss the game of roulette call the arcade battle, do you do it often? What prizes have you won? Do you think you'll ever get to win one of those rare prizes?

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Personally, i do it for the chance of getting an assualt bot(which is reeeaaaallly low), besides that it just for the chance to get an extra 50 credits.

Digital X -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/29/2011 18:45:52)

I do it daily in the hopes for the 10K prize, i often get the 50 credits though, small but appreciated. I doubt i'll get the super rare/ultra rare prizes though but i have to keep trying :)

T.600 -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/29/2011 18:51:53)

I won an assault bot

Rush -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/29/2011 18:52:35)

I've won 10k 3 times.

Thats my most won

RandomForumer -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/29/2011 19:39:55)

Well, Arcade has pretty Poor prize rate e.e..

SMGS -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/29/2011 19:52:31)

I usually play when I have enough Battle Tokens to do so. (usually everyday)
I've won a few credits and the Hoverbike.

Nebula -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/29/2011 20:00:43)

I never really done the arcade all that often. The most I've won is 1000 credits and that was during the time that everyone was crazy about getting the Hoverbike.
Besides, would rather save my tokens for achievements and what not.

Mecha Mario -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/29/2011 20:04:12)

I don't do it often, because I have won all the very rare prizes at least once with about 200 tokens for each prize.

My Main BH: The Hoverbike in the first 36 hours of its release.
My Alt TM: Assault Bot and 10K credits.
My Alt Merc: Junkyard Crawler house.

Larcell -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/30/2011 21:36:44)

Wait, there's prizes??? I only thought you get "Sorry, try again!" Man, my luck.... [&:]

Just kidding....

I won 10k one time, lots of 50s, and a few 100s. I would like to win the bike.

Ashari -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 1:16:12)

I don't do it much anymore, but it was big thrill to win the house and the hoverbike. It took me a long time though with my horrible luck. I still think my Battle Tokens could've been better spent, but at least I got something out of it. ^_^

B9000 -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 1:29:28)

I've spent probably around 8k or so tokens on the arcade between my main & alts with a pretty good winning% and all I can get is the bike. I've won the bike 3 times (for 2 seperate characters, one won it twice before they changed that to give you 10k if you already own it). I also won the 10k jackpot once.

I've tried for so long to get that assault bot, but have had no luck on that or even the house.

Drianx -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 2:33:31)

I've got the Hoverbike when it was the best prize - no house or bot at that time. Oh, and it took me 2.5k tokens for it.
Apart from it I've won credits several times, but the most I got once was 1k.

OverweightMan -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 2:37:37)

I won 10k prize and a junkyard crawler both on the same day[:D]

Polandor -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 7:43:25)

From my experience you need about 500-1000 token to win a single jackpot.

I have won all jackpot except the assault bot.

You need to be lv 32 (varium) and win most of your battle 90% +
If not your win % will be lower, and you will need more token.
But it should not be a problem if you put all your token in the arcade, why buy meaningless achievement ?

5rr5 -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 11:17:52)

arcade is just fake never giving something
im sure i did it over 1000 times and i didn't get anything!

Crovile V2 -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 11:41:28)

6k tokens wasted !....... Grrrrrrrr......... I WANT MY TOKENS BACK. [:'(]

Cookielord12 -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 11:48:20)

over 6 account ive wasted probably around 10k tokens. when it first came out i had like 600 tokens stacked and i spent them all and only got a few 50s. that was the first time i quit ED

i eventually got the hoverbike (for my main account thank god) and nothing else. i hope to get assault bot because it will work well with my battle strategy. i usually do it when i have around 100 tokens

8x -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 12:14:32)

I got Hoverbike the first week arcade was out (400+ tokens). Then I bought assault bot before it was available in arcade... Now I don't fight in arcade anymore because I won't waste tokens for a house or 10k credits.

@Cookielord12: 10k tokens huh? I find that hard to believe.

Shadow Serpent -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 13:37:41)

I've never gotten a super rare prize :/ 500 tokens went to waste.

Kain Sariel -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 14:09:37)

I haven't played in a while, but while using aprox 5k tokens total while using batleboosts I've gotten all the rare prizes. Hover bike the day it first came out, when the house came out I won the assault bot twice, 10k twice and just b4 I was about to smash my computer I finally won the house.
Now I'm a happy puppy =D

WhiteTiger -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 14:30:11)

After reading through this thread, it appears I have horrible luck.. Out of the 140 wins and the 1000 tokens I have spent in the arcade, the biggest prize I've won is... 50 credits! I've given up on the arcade ages ago. I'll just wait for a non-varium house or robot to come out and buy it. There are much better ways to waste my tokens -.-"

Matgon -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 15:12:11)

3k tokens never have gotten a big price, so I decided to leave the arcade alone, like for ever....

Raph21 -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 15:25:09)

After 2k tokens, no major prizes YET.[:'(][:@]

Digital X -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 15:27:19)

Heaven knows how many Tokens i've spent, but it must be close to a few thousand.

Cookielord12 -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 15:32:42)

dude its 6 accounts expect it to be like 10k

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