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Peachii -> ChaosWeaver Champion (2/11/2011 20:11:21)

ChaosWeaver Champion

Location: Ravenloss War -> Tomix -> War Rewards -> More Rewards -> ChaosWeaver Champion -> ChaosWeaver Defender Story
Level/Quest/Items required: 15 ChaosWeaver Runes in your inventory
Release Date: February 11th, 2011

Objective: You love those bugs!
Objective completed: You did a very good thing!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0




At the end of the quest, you can access to BabyWeaver Pet Shop

Chaosweaver: Djou are now a friend to the ChaosWeaver Nation!
Chaosweaver: Ve are much diminissshed in numbersss, but ve VILL triumph!
Chaosweaver: Ve vill NOT be exterminated, no matter how many varriorsss try!
Chaosweaver: And ve vill not forget that djou fought for usss ven no one elssse vould!
Chaosweaver: I ssshould not tell djou this, but there are divisssionsss in the Nation.
Chaosweaver: Sssome of usss vant PEACCCE!
Chaosweaver: And djou... djou ve vill call <Character> Peacccemaker, the TRUE Hero of Ravenlosss, Saviour of the ChaosssWeaversss!
Chaosweaver: Our future, the children of Ravenlosss! They might be our resssponsibility...
Chaosweaver: But it iz thanksss to djou that ve HAVE them to raissse.
<Character>: I could not imagine killing your people, let alone the babyweavers!
<Character>: I am glad to be of service.
<Character>: But... your... children. They are different.
Chaosweaver: Sssomething about our fair cccity changesss humansss if they ssstay here too long.
Chaosweaver: Ve do not know why that isss.
Chaosweaver: But they are ALL children of Ravenlosss, our own AND the orphaned humans, and they will be ChaosssWeaversss at heart.
Chaosweaver: Ssso we will raissse them asss sssuch.
Chaosweaver: Djou have sssaved our future, <Character>.
Chaosweaver: From thossse of usss who wisssh to vow peaccce...
Chaosweaver: Djou have our thanksss!

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