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Stephen Nix -> Hero's Heart Day Chapter 4 (2/18/2011 20:52:09)

Hero's Heart Day Chapter 4

Other names: Hero's Heart Day 2011

Access Point: Opening Screen -> Heros' Heart Day! -> Chapter 4
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: February 18th, 2011

Quests Available
Big D.'s Missing!
Greatest Hug of All

Orb d'Amour

2011 HHD Shop
Daddy's DC Shop
Hero's Heart

Orb d'Amour: Happy Hero's Heart Day, <Character>! Cysero lent me to these LOVEly ladies because Big Daddy has gone missing! That's the way love goes.

  • Talk
    Orb d'Amour: From what I understand from Missy and Lola here...
    Missy: *sob* We were in the back, applying more coats of pink polish to our boots with Beleen and Twig when everything went dark!
    Beleen: I LOVE pink boot polish! Chongo prefers light-red, so we alternate colors each week. Big Daddy suggested it. Oh, I hope he's alright!
    Twig: An' Twig just WUVS painting things!
    Missy: *sniffle* We heard a lot of "Arrroooo?"s and then a "Quiet you, you're not allowed to talk!" We were so scared, we stayed hidden til it was quiet!
    Orb d'Amour: And when they came back to the front room of the Pad, someone had absconded with Big D. Leaving these darlings heartbroken...
    Orb d'Amour: And in need of a hero. Which is where YOU come in! So don those snazzy Snugglebear duds and get into a rescuin' grooooove!
    Twig: Twig will hewp howevah he can. If you need Twig, just wish WEAL hawd an' he'll come to hewp!

  • Special Armor
    Orb d'Amour: Big D. hid tracking units in the hearts he dropped as they carried him off. The Snugglebear suit can follow them. So get fuzzy already!
    Loads Snugglebear Armor

  • select a Quest!
    Orb d'Amour: Falconreach is over-run with undead, Big D. is missing, the girls are in tears... this is a Hero's Heart Day-SASTER!

  • Heal & potions
    Restore your health and potions

  • Shops
    Orb d'Amour: Have you gotten enough Tokens of Affection or Dragon Coins to buy a reward? If not, then you need to deliver some Snuggle-Grams baby!
    Takes you to Hero's Heart Shop, 2011 HHD Shop and Daddy's DC Shop

    Thanks to
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Mordred for corrections.
    -- Solanaceae for new title.

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