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Location: Greatest Hug of All

Quests Given

Shops owned

Liam-Liam: Oh hoh! It's <Character>! In... is that a Snugglebear suit v4.0?
Liam-Liam: ... Your tracker is blinking.
Liam-Liam: Is THAT how you found your way here? That sneaky little cherub!
Liam-Liam: Master will NOT be pleased!
Liam-Liam: He HATES hearts! And cherubs!

Liam-Liam: Oh, I think my Master will be happy to see you, hero!
Liam-Liam: In fact, if you want to justify his love, let me hug you!

Liam-Liam: I wanna hug you. If you had my hugs-

Liam-Liam: Sad day! How am I supposed to hug without you?
Liam-Liam: Ah, well. If you want to see my Master, you'll have to FIGHT your way there!

Liam-Liam: It was trackers, Master. Dropped by the little love-cherub.

Liam-Liam: You do not even know what you have done, <Character>!
Liam-Liam: My Master was going to harness the power of hugs-

Liam-Liam: It would be the greatest hug of all, Master!
Liam-Liam: Please, oh please, let me hug him/her! For you, Master, all for you!

Liam-Liam: Master, I'm scared. Save me!

Liam-Liam: Eep!

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Also See: liamliam1234liam (forum user)

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