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Location: Hero's Heart Day Chapter 4, Lovesick

Quests Given

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Hero's Heart Day (Chapter 4)

Hero's Heart Day Chapter 4

Missy: *sob* We were in the back, applying more coats of pink polish to our boots with Beleen and Twig when everything went dark!

Missy: *sniffle* We heard a lot of "Arrroooo?"s and then a "Quiet you, you're not allowed to talk!" We were so scared, we stayed hidden till it was quiet!

Hero's Heart Day (Chapter 14)


Missy: Oh. Hey, <Character>. Welcome to the Forest of Infinite Terror.

Missy: That's just the thing, <Character>! Big Daddy... He's...
Missy: He's fallen deathly ill!

Missy: At first, he was just a little bit sluggish. His "Oh Yeah"s weren't as "Oh Yeah" as they used to be...
Missy: Then... he... he just collapsed! We've been trying to take care of him, but nothing's working to wake him!

Missy: Oh, <Character>! Without Big Daddy, there's just... there's no love! There's no heart!

Missy: Oh, Love's around, but they're simply refusing to do anything while Big Daddy's indisposed!
Missy: <Character>, if he doesn't get better soon, the Forest of Infinite Terror may decay past saving!

Missy: Truly! Please, <Character>! You're our only hope!
Missy: We need your help.

Missy: No, no, there's no time for that!

Missy: Big Daddy's been prepared for a situation like this for years and years!

Missy: What we're going to do is have you drink a potion, shrink down, and then we'll inject you into his veins to fight the infection!

Missy: It's something wrong with his heart, <Character>! The most important organ in his body!

Missy: Here, drink this!

Missy: Absolutely not! Now, ingest it however you see fit, quickly! There's no time to lose!

Missy: Alright! Now let's get you into Big Daddy!

Missy: Oh, Big Daddy, we missed you so much!

Lovesick Appearance

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