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2/11/2023 14:55:45   

ArchKnight DragonFable


Location: Book of Lore -> Lovesick,
Location: Hero's Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 14 -> Lovesick
Requirements: None
Release Date: February 10th, 2023

Objective: The Forest of Infinite Terror just isn't the same without Big Daddy... And, like usual, it looks like you're the only one who can help.
Objective completed: And so, Hero's Heart Day was saved, and love can be spread to all once more!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(6) Activated Entropic Microbe
(6) White Blood Cell
(1) Bane of Harmony - Boss

Big Daddy

Battle Syringe Type W (I-IX)
Battle Syringe Type T (I-IX)
Battle Syringe Type D (I-IX)

Access to LS Loot for DCs.


*Upon arriving at the Forest of Infinite Terror in a rainy day, you find out that the mood there is grimmer than usual as Missy is on knees while Lola covers her eyes.*

Missy: Oh. Hey, <Character>. Welcome to the Forest of Infinite Terror.
<Character>: Hi! I got a letter from Big Daddy about another experiment trial but...
<Character>: I can't help but notice things are a bit less... Infinite Terror than usual.
<Character>: There also appears to be a significant lack of Big Daddy.
Missy: That's just the thing, <Character>! Big Daddy... He's...
Missy: He's fallen deathly ill!
<Character>: ...I see.
Missy: At first, he was just a little bit sluggish. His "Oh Yeah"s weren't as "Oh Yeah" as they used to be...
Missy: Then... he... he just collapsed! We've been trying to take care of him, but nothing's working to wake him!
<Character>: I'll... just come back when he feels better then.
<Character>: Shame about the Snuggle-grams and the potion experiments, but you know, his health comes firstó
Missy: Oh, <Character>! Without Big Daddy, there's just... there's no love! There's no heart!
<Character>: Wait, what aboutó
Missy: Oh, Love's around, but they're simply refusing to do anything while Big Daddy's indisposed!
Missy: <Character>, if he doesn't get better soon, the Forest of Infinite Terror may decay past saving!
<Character>: What a tragedy that would be.
Missy: Truly! Please, <Character>! You're our only hope!
Missy: We need your help.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Right, then. I'll just scoot on back to Falconreach, stop by the potion shops, see if there's anything Alina and Reens mightó
Missy: No, no, there's no time for that!
<Character>: Of course there isn't.
Missy: Big Daddy's been prepared for a situation like this for years and years!
<Character>: You don't say.
Missy: What we're going to do is have you drink a potion, shrink down, and then we'll inject you into his veins to fight the infection!
<Character>: ...
Missy: It's something wrong with his heart, <Character>! The most important organ in his body!
<Character>: I'm getting the feeling I'm not going to be given a choice.
Missy: Here, drink this!

*Missy gives you a Big Daddy's Heart Helper #9 potion, which has been aged for an unknown amount of years.*

<Character>: Um. How many years has he prepared for this, again?

*Missy refuses to answer your question.*

<Character>: ...Is this safe?
Missy: Absolutely not! Now, ingest it however you see fit, quickly! There's no time to lose!
<Character>: ...Big Daddy's going to owe me big time for this.

*You drink Big Daddy's Heart Helper #9 potion.*

<Character>: Hmm... That was actually rather pleasant. Smooth finish.
<Character>: Wait, what about my weapons andó

*As you are about to finish your sentence, you shrink down to microscopic level due to the potion's effects; Missy and Lola look at you as you shrink.*

<Character>: Ah.
<Character>: Magic.

*Missy injects you in a syringe.*

Missy: Alright! Now let's get you into Big Daddy!

*Using her syringe, Missy injects you to Big Daddy's veins; you fight various cell monsters until you come across a black and gold arrowhead, which seems to be the center of Big Daddy's infection; after defeating the Bane of Harmony, you assess your options of getting out of Big Daddy's body.*

<Character>: That should do it. Now, how do I get out of here...?

*With a bright light and a Big Daddy's "Oh Yeah" sound, you appear to be purged from Big Daddy's body; you landed back to the Forest of Infinite Terror, standing before a healthy Big Daddy, Missy, and Lola.*

<Character>: Right.
<Character>: Magic.
Big Daddy: Magic, baby!
Big Daddy: You've done it, <Character>! You've saved Hero's Heart Day once again!
Missy: Oh, Big Daddy, we missed you so much!
Big Daddy: There, there. It's all going to be okay!
<Character>: So... are we going to talk about what that was? Inside you?
Big Daddy: The what? Oh! It must have been a... remnant of when I first took down Odium.
Big Daddy: Love stitched me up afterward, fixed me up real good. But...
Big Daddy: Well, some things just must have been missed.
<Character>: ...Like an entire arrowhead in your heart?!
Big Daddy: Indeed! Who knows what else might be rattling around in there!
Big Daddy: And I know just who to call if something decides to start causing trouble again!
<Character>: ...
Big Daddy: I truly can't thank you enough, <Character>.
Big Daddy: You've been a spectacular test subject, and a wonderful savior.
Big Daddy: Without you, there would simply not be enough LOVE to go around!
<Character>: I'm... glad to help.
<Character>: Now, assuming there isn't a Snugglebear costume with my name on it... I think I need some rest.
Big Daddy: Never fear! It's always a voluntary position!
<Character>: Thanks, Big Daddy. I'll see you again next time.
Big Daddy: Take care, baby!

*As you leave the Forest of Infinite Terror, you think that Big Daddy will stop you for leaving.*

<Character>: I don't suppose you're going to stop me before I go, to name-drop some ancient deity or concept?
Big Daddy: You know, now that you mention it, I think we have some prototype Snugglemech suits that need testing...
<Character>: Er. Right. Um. Gotta go. I need to go, um, water my dragon. Bye!

*You run off from the Forest of Infinite Terror to water your dragon; scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens LS Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headline during the quest:

  • ...Yeah, that's probably not supposed to be in here. Might as well try hitting it!

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